Vipon vs Snagshout

Are you an Amazon seller looking to drive sales? Considering to Vipon or Snagshout to help? If yes, then you should know that after listing your product on Amazon, the customers will not start purchasing.

Why do I say this?

The answer is that most of the customers, when searching for a product on Amazon, don’t go beyond the first and second page of the search result. On the other side when your product becomes live on Amazon, it is not even close to the first two pages. Due to this, those customers are not able to see your product and hence make a purchase. In short, to get discovered by the customers and sell your product, you have to rank it to the top. The better the ranking, the more your product will be seen by the customers, and the higher are the chances to get more sales.

If you are comparing snagshout and jumpsend I compare these tools here.

How to Rank on Amazon?

The primary goal of Amazon is to provide a fantastic customer experience and to make money. For doing this, they award the products that sell well by giving them a higher product ranking so that more customers can purchase them. In other words, the core factor in obtaining a better ranking on Amazon is having a high sales velocity.

Since you are not getting enough sales organically, you will now have to get sales artificially to improve your sales velocity. To get these artificial sales, you can offer your product on discount websites that have a large customer base who regularly visit those websites and make purchases from them.

How the discount website work?

You create discount coupons for your product and then advertise it at the discounted price on those discount websites. Customers from that particular website will use that coupon to purchase your product from Amazon; this way, you will have a better sales velocity, improving your ranking.

In this article, you will learn about two famous discount websites and the difference between them. These websites (as you may already have guessed from the title) are:

1.       Vipon

2.       Snagshout

There are many similar services like ExtremeRebate, Samurai.Social, FullyRebate etc 


Vipon has a vast audience, and its customer engagement is also good. This audience regularly visits to find new deals and make a purchase.


Vipon has shoppers not only from the United States ( but  from these other marketplaces too:

·          UK ( 

·          Canada ( 

·          Germany ( 

·          France ( 

·          Japan ( 

·          Italy ( 

·          Spain (

·          India (



Advertising your products on Vipon is not free, and you have to pay their monthly fee. Their monthly plans start from a minimum of $100 & $200, which is ideal for a new seller.

Once subscribed, you will be charged every month. If you don’t want to be charged automatically, you will have to cancel the subscription.

Promotion Code

You have to offer at least a 50% discount promotion for using Vipon. This is because they want more customers to get attracted and purchase your product.

Advertisement types

Apart from the regular deals, Vipon offers two more advertising types for you: Banner and Featured Deals

1.       Banner

The banner advertising type shows on the top of the Vipon Homepage. You don’t have any minimum discount requirement to advertise here and it is not limited to Amazon products only. However, they charge $1000 for 4 days of banner advertisement.

2.       Featured Deals

Featured deals are also pinned to the homepage on Vipon, but the duration is of one day only, and the charges for this are $200 if you are a paid member (US site) and $300 if you are a regular seller (US site).

Here are a couple great Vipon reviews:


Snagshout also gives you the benefit of putting your product in front of their large audience.


Snagshout is only available in the US. You can use it only if you are selling on


Snagshout offers a 7-day free trial; after which you have to choose your plan from these:

Promotion Code

The promotion code on Snagshout should be at least 20% off. Apart from the discount coupons, you can also offer cash back.

Cash Back Promotion

Cash Back is a promotion in which instead of using a coupon code, the customer purchases your product at full price, and then the discount amount is sent to the customer’s PayPal or Stripe account by Snagshout. Since the customer has purchased at full price, this type of customer order creates a higher impact on your ranking. You can also ask the customer to perform some actions to obtain the cash back. These actions are listed below:

1.       Lifestyle Photo

You can ask the customer to send a photo while using the product.

2.       Video Review

The customer will have to make a video while using the product or explaining his thoughts about the product in the video.

3.       Social Action

You can ask the customer to perform some social actions.

4.       Survey Action

You ask the customer to perform a survey and provide feedback about the product.

You can use these actions to improve your product and build social proof of your brand.

Setting the Coupon Codes

While creating your coupon codes for any of these platforms, make sure that one code can only be used to make only one purchase. Otherwise, they will be able to purchase your heavily discounted product multiple times, due to which you may run out of stock without making any profit from those sales.

Here are a couple SnagShout reviews:


Both Vipon and Snagshout are legit and great platforms to use for improving your ranking.

Snagshout is only limited to the US, and if you are selling in some other marketplace, then Vipon is the better option for you. Vipon has a very largest customer base that can be used to get sales quickly, but you have to offer your product at a heavily discounted price in order to use Vipon.

If you are a US seller, then why not use the trial period of Snagshout and see if it is beneficial for you or not. Snagshout has better customer quality, and their action cashback promotions can build social proof and create more awareness about your product.

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