Copify Alternatives

Copify Alternatives

Copify is a popular content marketing service, but it is positioned in a market that has stiff competition. For high quality content, it’s best to take a look at where the experienced, established writers are to see where your business can find top-quality written content, blog writing, article writing, and copywriting service. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of Copify’s service offerings, and also examine the top Copify alternatives for you to consider.

What is Copify?


Copify’s business model is very similar to competing content services. They offer a variety of writing services, including blogs, web content, articles, newsletters, and so on. As a client, you select the type of work you want, provide a content brief (or work with Copify to create one), and then select whether you want a “standard” article or a “professional” article. Professional articles are written by a more experienced writer, and cost slightly more. From there, Copify sends the brief to one of their qualified writers, who usually turns it around in under 48-hours.

It’s all pretty standard stuff, but what sets Copify’s content strategy apart is its low, low prices. Copify’s rates vary depending on the work, but it starts at around $0.03/word. Needless to say, their writers get paid even less than that, which makes it difficult for Copify to attract talented writers. Because of this, quality can be somewhat shaky. So if you’re looking for a content writing service with a more consistent reputation, consider our alternatives below:

Copify Alternatives



Scripted has a similar business model to most of the content services on this list. The difference with Scripted is the quality of their writing team. Scripted accepts under 2% of writers who apply, and pays them above market rates, giving them a top-notch batch of writing talent.

Scripted also has a very intuitive platform. Clients sign up in a matter of minutes, outline the work they want done, and Scripted uses its SmartMatch system to match the work with a capable writer. Yes, all this means that Scripted is more expensive than most of its competitors. But if you want quality content, you need to pay for it. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes. Plus, Scripted is trusted by some pretty major brands, including Adidas, Adobe, L’Oreal, and Ticketmaster.

Content Refined


Content Refined offers content writing services with an extra emphasis on SEO. All of their work is optimized for keywords and relevance, which is a nice touch. Content Refined pairs you with a project manager, who works with you to craft a content brief that meets your content goals. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish during the process. From there, work is assigned to their team of writers, who will deliver the content based on your desired turnaround time. Content Refined has developed a reputation for high-quality content that converts. They are SEO experts, and you can expect them to deliver content to get your business noticed.



UpWork is much more than just a content writing service. On UpWork, you’ll find freelance professionals of all sorts. UpWork allows freelancers to create profiles showing off their work. After they complete jobs, clients can rate their work. The best freelancers naturally rise to the top on UpWork, which makes it easy for clients to find quality content writing. This being said, quality work on UpWork doesn’t come cheap. Professional writers know their value, and you’ll have to spend if you want to guarantee quality writing. But unlike many other content writing services, UpWork gives you a direct line of communication with the writer, and you can work together to craft a content brief that precisely meets your goals.

compose, like Scripted above, puts a special emphasis on retaining top-quality talent. boasts that they only accept the top 1% of writers who apply, indicating that they are picky about who gets to write for their clients. works with you to craft a content brief that meets your business goals, and also offers basic SEO services for all clients. As you might expect, is more expensive than your average content marketing service. But if you want top quality writing, you need to be willing to shell out a bit extra. is a trusted service, having worked with brands such as Pacific Life, Mail Chimp, and Avvo.

Content Fly


Content Fly is also positioned as a “premium” content writing service. Like certain competitors above, Content Fly accepts only the top 1% of writers who apply. Clients can review each writer’s content, and only writers with consistently high reviews will stay on the platform. It’s a cutthroat environment, but the writers are paid well, so those who stick around are happy to work. And as a client, you benefit from a team of writers with consistent success. Being a relatively new company, Content Fly offers pretty competitive rates. They aren’t the cheapest service, but it’s fair value for what is offered. They also offer free rewrites and touch-ups on all work.



Of all the services on our list, Verblio has the most unique approach. As a client, you submit a brief to Verblio outlining the work you want done. The brief is uploaded to a writer portal, where Verblio’s writers get the chance to write the content if it meets their expertise. Multiple writers can tackle the same project – essentially “competing” for the client’s business. Once completed, the client can review each piece, and accept the work they like best. If you’re willing to dig for it, Verblio offers potential to find consistently high-quality content.

Which Should I Choose?

As you can see, the content writing space is competitive. With so many services offering similar value offerings, the difference often comes down to execution. In this article, we examine some of our favorite alternatives to Copify. In fact, we’d recommend any of these services over Copify itself! To find success with a content writing service, you need to have an accurate understanding of your goals. Know your business, know your business goals, and know how content will help you achieve those goals. From there, you can work with one of these services to create exactly what you’re looking for.

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TextBroker vs. BlogMutt (VERBLIO)

TextBroker vs BlogMutt

In this article, we’re looking at two popular content writing services – TextBroker and Verblio (previously known as BlogMutt). They both offer their own team of freelance content writers that provide you with written content for blog writing, social media, article writing, and other services – and both promise high quality content. These two services are direct competitors, both firmly planted in the content marketing space, but which is best for your business? We’ll examine both services, give you the pros and cons of each, and help you decide which is best.



Verblio is a content writing service with a good reputation. Verblio offers services similar to most content writing services, with a few tweaks to the business model.

With Verblio, clients purchase content by length, with varying “tiers” for the complexity of the content. You can find the whole details here, but the prices are quite reasonable for a writing company.

Once a client has purchased content, they work with Verblio to outline their content goals. This includes providing details on brand voice, target audience, content goals, and more. From there, clients provide details on the type of content they require – including length, type, CTAs, keywords, etc. If clients are too busy for this, they can opt for Verblio Complete, and their content briefs will be created for them. Once the briefs are ready, they are uploaded to a portal where they can be accessed by Verblio’s writers, who have their own specific online writing skills and experience. The main difference with Verblio, as opposed to other content writing services, is that multiple writers can accept writing work simultaneously. Writers are essentially “competing” for the clients’ business. Once the writers submit their work, clients can review all pieces, and accept the one they like best. From there, they can leave reviews, and “bookmark” certain writers to work with in the future. Clients can find a group of writers they prefer, and (ideally) their work becomes more personalized as time goes on.

The Writers

A content writing service is only as good as the quality of its writers. Often, this is the “make or break” factor which determines whether a platform is recommendable. Verblio has an impressively extensive vetting process for its writers. Only 4% of applicants are accepted to become Verblio writers, which indicates a rigorous quality standard. The herd is further thinned as clients leave reviews on each writers’ submissions. Basically, the best writers naturally rise to the top, and those are the ones who will likely be tasked with the work.


  • Intuitive, streamlined platform.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Only 4% of applicants become writers. 
  • “Competitive” submissions process gives clients several options to choose from.


  • SEO tools are minimal.
  • Quality can be variable.



Next up, we have another content writing service that has gained some notoriety – TextBroker. TextBroker offers a service very similar in appearance to that offered by Verblio, but there are some very apparent differences that may affect your decision.

TextBroker, like Verblio, offers content of many types. You can order blog content, web content, newsletters, eBooks, and so on. Once a client has ordered content, they use TextBroker’s streamlined platform to create their content brief, and to let writers know what they are looking for. Clients can also note any keywords they want included. Once the brief is ready, TextBroker assigns it to a writer who has the expertise to match. It’s all quite straightforward, and TextBroker’s platform is quite intuitive. Ordering content and creating briefs is streamlined, and we’ve been impressed with the simplicity. Of course, before you consider any content writing service, you should have an idea of your content goals. If you can’t provide the service with an idea of what you want, then you’re bound to be disappointed regardless.

The Difference

The main difference with TextBroker is that it is much cheaper than Verblio. TextBroker’s content plans start at just 1.5 cents/word. For reference, that comes to $4.50 for 300 words of content, while Verblio charges $35. Pretty massive difference.

And while prices this low may sound appealing, it also leads us to that old saying – “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Because, if you thought TextBroker’s prices were low, consider that their writers are getting paid significantly less than that! And if you think it sounds difficult to attract and retain quality writing talent while paying rock bottom rates – that’s because it is.

Simply put, you can’t pay the bare minimum and expect quality work. And this isn’t to say that all of TextBroker’s writers are poor, because that’s certainly not the case, but it is to say that a business can’t expect a motivated workforce while not paying them even close to a market rate.

Herein lies the fundamental problem with services like TextBroker, and is also why they are so difficult to recommend.


  • Rock bottom prices.
  • Intuitive, streamlined process.
  • Content is delivered in a timely fashion.


Rock bottom prices – difficult to expect quality work.

Which Should You Choose?

Based on the above information, our choice should be pretty obvious. One content writing service delivers consistent, quality content that you can depend on. With the other, the quality of content is, well, what you paid for. Of the two, our recommendation goes to Verblio. 

We will say that we were impressed with both service’s platforms. They both provide an easy, intuitive method of signing up & creating a content brief. And as far as we can tell, the work is delivered in a timely, orderly fashion.

Sure, you can roll the dice and order content from TextBroker. There is certainly the chance that you will receive content from a motivated, talented writer. But it’s simply too difficult to depend on quality work when you aren’t paying the going rate. If you don’t feel like risking it, order from Verblio or from a vast selection of quality content writing services. Content marketing shouldn’t be a race to the bottom, and we’re glad that services like Verblio are committed to upholding the integrity of the industry. 

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Alternatives to iWriter

Alternatives to iWriter

iWriter is a popular content writing service Using this freelance platform, iWriter advertises premium writing skill and service for rock-bottom prices. However, as is the case with many service offerings of this nature, some have found it too good to be true. In this article, we’ll examine whether it lives up to these lofty claims, and also give you several iWriter alternatives to consider.

What is iWriter?


iWriter, at first glance, is your standard content writing service. They work with thousands of writers to mass-produce written content pieces, and offer their service at very competitive prices. iWriter allows clients to purchase different ”tiers” of website content, depending on how much work, research, and SEO optimization they require. That being said, even at the ”Elite Plus” tier, iWriter’s prices are very low. The most you can spend for 1000 words of content is $72.

Of course, working backwards, lower priced content means lower paid writers. Therefore, it’s not reasonable to expect that iWriter’s writer base is comparable to what you’d expect from a more expensive service. That’s not to say that you can’t find talented writers on the platform, just that top quality writers know their worth. All this being said, if you’re looking for a more reliable content writing service, let’s check out some alternatives:

Alternatives to iWriter



UpWork is less of a content writing service and more of a ”freelance marketplace.” On UpWork, freelancers of any kind can create a profile, advertising their services to the world. Freelancers list their experience, list their expertise, and set their own prices. Clients can review their work, so the most talented freelancers rise to the top. As a client, you submit a proposal, and freelancers can contact you about the work (or vice versa). If you’re willing to put the time into building relationships on UpWork, there is fantastic content writing to be found. Just be sure to clearly outline your content goals in your proposal to increase your chances of finding the best match.

compose is quite similar in principle to iWriter. The main difference is in quality. iWriter carefully vets its writers, claiming to accept less than 1% of those who apply. iWriter also pays its writers much higher rates, which also means their service is quite a bit more expensive. But the level of quality tends to be much more reliable as well. Basically, you can expect high quality content from, but you can also expect to pay more for it. also offers basic SEO optimization for their writing services. performs keyword research, and optimizes content to help it rank on Google. positions themselves as a premium content writing service, and we’ve found that they uphold this reputation. They are more expensive than iWriter, but the difference is noticeable.



Verblio has a rather unique setup in managing proposals and assignments. As a client, you submit proposals to have content written. You have a chance to outline your brand voice, content goals, and content outlines. From there, the proposal is uploaded to a writer portal, where Verblio’s pre-vetted team of writers can access the work, and write the content if it matches their expertise. Essentially, multiple writers can “compete” for your proposal.

Once the work is completed, you are free to review it, and you can accept the content that you like best. As long as you are willing to put in the effort to review the work yourself, you are likely to find something you are happy with. Verblio is priced competitively, and their writing team is competent. If their unique business model sounds good to you, then give them a shot.

Content Fly


Content Fly is a new company, but they’ve developed a solid reputation. Similar to, Content Fly invests their efforts into hiring top writers, claiming to accept less than 1% of those who apply. Also similar to, they charge more than their competitors for content. In other words, you can expect quality content from Content Fly. Content Fly offers a streamlined platform. It only takes a few minutes to join and submit a proposal. Proposals can be as detailed or basic as you want, but we recommend you clearly lay out your goals so you’re happy with the work you receive. Once a proposal is submitted, you can expect your work within a few days.

Content Refined

Content Refined

Content Refined takes a bit more of a personal approach to content writing. From the outset, you’ll be paired with a project manager, who will work with you to outline your content goals, brand voice, and so on. From there, they’ll work with you to create a custom content plan, which includes SEO tactics to help content rank. From there, they’ll pass on the work to one of their pre-vetted writers, and the work will be completed according to the deadline. Content Refined works with a diverse group of writers, who have expertise on many different subjects and topics. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach, check them out!

The Bottom Line – Pick The Service Best For You

In this article, we’ve given you a wealth of options to choose from for your content writing needs. The best choice is just the choice that best matches your needs. Before you consider any content writing service, you need to consider what you are looking to achieve with your content. Examine your business, examine your goals, and decide how content will help you meet those goals. This way, you’ll be able to work with a content provider to create a proposal to help your business succeed.

There are many quality options above, but it will be difficult to be satisfied with any option if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We hope you’ve found our list helpful. We know it can be difficult to sift through the crowded content marketing space. Good luck in your next content endeavor!

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The Top 10 Content Writing Services You Can Go For

Well-developed content is the key to effective branding, but finding good content writing services for your business is harder than it seems.

Branding is the process of influencing customers to perceive your business in a particular way. It’s much more than catchy taglines and colorful logos. Engaging, consistent, and high-quality content impacts your audience much more than any other branding technique. 

Creating cohesive content as a way promote your company cannot be overlooked. In fact, 11.58% of marketers agree that creating original content is the most effective way to promote a brand, outperforming even videos and other graphics.

As a business owner, you may not have time to create original content. You have enough to do running the business. Even if you do have. some time to devote to content development, it’s not as easy as it looks. Creating effective, high-quality content requires expertise, including SEO knowledge, writing skills, and finding the right tone.

If you don’t have the time to create your own content or want something engaging and effective but aren’t sure how to get it, don’t worry. There are many content writing services out there with thousands of skilled writers who can deliver just what you need.

Your List of the Top 10 Content Writing Services 

Your search for the ideal content developer ends today. Here are ten of the best content writing services that can create the content you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Media Shower

Media Shower only hires professional journalists with extensive knowledge of a massive range of subjects to ensure they provide you with high-quality content every time. Their experts review each piece thoroughly before sending anything to clients. 

Unlike other content services, you do not have to hire an individual writer. When you place an order on Media Shower, you hire a group of qualified writers and a dedicated editor to work collaboratively on your project.

Media Shower offers custom pricing based on the content type and length, industry, and target audience.

Key Features:

  • All writers on Media Shower are experienced with excellent track records.
  • This service provides just about any type of content, including articles, blogs, brochures, and even social media posts.
  • They offer complete content development and management services. You just need to place an order, sit back, and wait.
  • Media Shower offers custom pricing and lets you know the cost of a project before confirming your order.


  • Media Shower offers full-service marketing, a valuable tool for business owners looking to outsource marketing.
  • You can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. The experienced pool of Media Shower writers ensures that each project meets the quality standards.
  • Expert editors review all the content developed at Media Shower.
  • It is the ultimate solution to all of your content marketing needs.


  • The overall cost of developing a project on this platform is pretty high. Considering the experienced associates and the quality of the content they deliver, we do not feel their pricing is reasonable.
  • You cannot contact any of the Media Shower writers directly or appoint them to your company. Instead, you have to pay the monthly fees to work with their writers.

2. Content Refined

Content Refined is a high-end content development solution and the toughest competitor to Media Shower in terms of quality. The platform offers standard packages for developing, editing, and releasing website content.

Jon Gillham, the author of Website Income, is the founder of this content writing platform. 

The best part about working with this company is that it has expert supervisors to monitor the production stage. Content Refined is the ultimate SEO solution for better search engine rankings.

Compared to Media Shower, Content Refined offers its services at a more reasonable price. It may be more expensive than regular content services, but you should expect to pay more for premium content. 

Key Features

  • Expert writers naturally integrate keywords in your project for better optimization.
  • Unlike Media Shower, registration with Content Refined is not limited to professional journalists. But dedicated editors ensure that each piece of content meets the same quality standards.
  • The platform includes extensive descriptions and portfolios in the writers’ profiles.
  • Content Refined has fixed rates per word. So, you do not have to pay extra for complex projects.
  • Besides offering full-time content production and management services, Content Refined offers effective marketing assistance to its clients.


  • Content Refined is a complete content solution that will help you grow your business.
  • You can easily contact their project managers to place an order or inquiry.
  • It offers additional services for keyword research and usage.
  • The company has a fixed rate per word and offers custom pricing for interested clients.


  • There aren’t many disadvantages of using Content Refined. They might charge more than other platforms, but they deliver way better content.
  • If you want mediocre content at a cheaper price, then you might choose other alternatives. 

3. Upwork

Upwork is a massive worldwide platform where you can hire all types of freelancers, not just writers.

There are skilled writers on UpWork, and you may find one – if you’re lucky. The sheer number of freelancers registered on this site makes it hard to find the right fit.

As this is not a dedicated content writing platform, all it does is match you with a writer. You and your freelancer have to work together to develop a content plan. 

When you hire a writer on Upwork, you can pay them at an hourly or per-project rate. Upwork charges you 2.5% on each transaction. 

As a client, you need to be practical about the pricing. UpWork might seem like a cheaper solution since you’re working one-on-one with a writer and can negotiate your rates. But remember, you get what you pay for. You cannot expect high-quality content when paying $2 to $5 per hour or when you’re only offering $10 for 1,000 words. If you offer too little for a project, it attracts low-end writers and even spambots.


  • Compared to the exclusive content services, the processing fee is low.
  • You can hire a good writer at an affordable rate, but it can take weeks to find the right one.
  • You can contact the writers directly. 


  • Finding a suitable candidate may be a tedious job since so many freelancers are registered on the platform.
  • You have to vet the writers yourself, and you cannot be sure what candidates are competent.
  • You have to monitor and manage the project yourself or hire another freelancer to help.

4. TextBroker

TextBroker is a unique content service platform where you can find thousands of professional writers. Client reviews and ratings on each writer’s profile help you get some insight into their skills and competency.

What is unique about this platform is that it offers original content in ten different languages. TextBroker also offers complete content management services at $25.00 per project.


  • It offers a massive pool of writers with more than 100,000 available.
  • TextBroker has ten different platforms, each dedicated to a particular language.
  • You can hire the best writers on this platform at an astonishing 25 cents per word rate.


  • TextBroker charges higher processing fees than other content services.
  • Its project management services are expensive as well.
  • The writer profiles do not have enough room for sufficient information, making it difficult to determine their skill level.

5. Writer Access

Writer Access is an intuitive and user-friendly platform where you can find competent writers for your business. It has a relatively small writers’ pool with approximately 15,000 writers.

Writer Access has categorized its writers into six groups based on their experience, skills, and subject of expertise, and you can access them for a meager processing fee. Each category also has a fixed hourly rate; however, you may offer a flat rate and wait for interested candidates to contact you.

This site allows you to search profiles for the skillsets you need. Writers can add more than 300 skillsets to their bio.

You can subscribe to their premium plan at $39 per month with no minimum commitment; however, you can try out this platform with a 14-day free trial membership to determine if it’s right for you.

Writer Access also offers project management services at an additional cost of $349.


  • This platform allows you to take as much time as you need to locate the perfect candidate for your project.
  • Its management services cover all your requirements.
  • You can post an open project where writers bid to claim it and hire a freelancer from the interested candidates. 


  •  There are a limited group of writers to choose from.
  • Its pricing is set way too high considering sites like Content Refined offer more advanced services at lower rates.
  • Mixed customer reviews create confusion regarding the accuracy and quality of the content. We recommend hiring a writer from the top category for a better experience.  

6. Constant Content

Constant Content is a paradise for those looking for freelance writers, and you can connect to an experienced content developer in no time.

This content writing service is one of the most expensive for business owners. We call it the writers’ paradise because a writer can demand any amount they please for a project.

Moreover, the website charges a whopping 35% processing fee from its writers per project, adding to the total cost.

Constant Content is one of the most reliable writing platforms. It tests the competency and grammar skills of each writer before they can register on the site. But we’re not sure this justified the expense.


  • You can order content in multiple ways, whichever suits you.
  • Although the writers have the privilege of deciding the price of a project, you get many options to choose from. Knowing that each writer can develop high-quality original content is reassuring.
  • Ordering on Constant Content ensures you grammatically perfect and well-structured content.


  • You can never get the upper hand in negotiation.
  • Its review process is too lengthy.
  • You cannot contact the writers directly. 
  • In addition to the high cost of content, this platform charges a 35% processing fee.

7. Zerys

Zerys is the go-to content writing platform for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers. Here, you can reach out to a writer at your convenience, or you may post an open project for writers to bid on.

Zerys offers excellent customer support and allows you to request a revision if you are not satisfied with a delivered project. You only pay for the content after you get a well-structured project that you’re happy with.

This service is the bridge that connects business owners like you to skilled content developers, and it also offers content management and marketing services at an additional cost.


  • You can check the client rating on the writers’ profiles to verify their competency before hiring them. 
  • You pay for a project only when you are 100% satisfied with its content. Otherwise, you may request revisions as many times as you want.
  • You can find writers with an hourly rate as low as $0.01, but you will mostly find amateur candidates at this rate.


  • Editing services are not included in the project fees.
  • You cannot hire management and marketing services, even if you are willing to make an additional payment.
  • The client rating system is often confusing, as the same writer may have five-star and two-star reviews.

8. iWriter is among the best content development platforms. It is a distinctive service provider designed by a former affiliate marketer and online business owner.’s interface may not be as sophisticated as other content services, but they offer experienced and skilled creators.

The web pages on the platform are simple and easy to navigate. You can quickly locate suitable candidates for your project, but you have to make an advance payment to prove your authenticity.

Many client reviews and writers’ feedback suggest that some of its web pages have technical glitches, and projects may often disappear.


  • iWriter has a lower commission rate compared to other alternatives.
  • Project submission is a simple process on this website, and you can add a lot of details.


  • It may take days for a writer to claim your project.
  • The website contains a few technical glitches.
  • You must make an advance payment for submitting a project.
  • There are not many details about the writers in their profiles.

9. WordAgents

WordAgents is an American content creation platform that offers SEO articles and blogs. You can order content from this site to scale a website at an affordable price and rest assured that the content is 100% original and written by an SEO expert. The ordering process is simple and allows you to send proper instructions and outlines to the writer. 

You can order individual projects, but WordAgents lets you order bulk content for fast delivery. The platform can deliver 10,000 words of content within 7 days, making it easy for business owners to develop all the content they require at once. Plus, you may enjoy significant discounts when ordering bulk content.


  • You can order content in bulk and save money.
  • Writers provide in-depth research and keyword optimization.
  • The content is developed by expert American writers.
  • It promises a proofreading and plagiarism check, fast delivery, and two rounds of revision.


  • Small orders can be expensive.
  • WordAgents offers content only in US English.
  • Management and marketing services are prices too high. 

 10. Verblio

The last content writing service provider on our list is Verblio. This platform has more than 3,000 US-based developers to offer you a diverse content production service for different industries. You are likely to find an experienced writer with extensive knowledge of your industry.

Verblio claims to be a content marketing enthusiast with its widespread network. It offers various content styles, including eBooks, product descriptions, social media captions, and even video content.

If you subscribe to its Pro services, you gain access to topic ideas, content strategies, and SEO assistance. Verblio also offers an easy-to-use dashboard to check the status of your order, history, and pending projects.

This site is different from the alternatives. Here, multiple writers pick a project and submit their content on Verblio. You can review each project and choose the best one to purchase.


  • You can order all types of content on this site, and it offers topic brainstorming and SEO assistance.
  • There are flexible subscription plans to choose from.
  • High-quality content is available from niche industry professionals.
  • Several writers create content for you, and you choose the best among them.


  • It is very rare, but sometimes you may not find a writer for your projects.
  • You get to choose the content, but the writer gets to decide the price.

Final Thoughts

When you need a cohesive content strategy, finding the right content writing company is the key to success, but that’s not always easy to do. The ten content creation services we mentioned are some of the best options out there, and each has something unique to offer.

Remember, choosing the least expensive company isn’t always the best option. When it comes to content creation, you get what you pay for. Some of the writers on these platforms may be unprofessional or inexperienced, so choosing a company with a reputation for quality is essential.

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