How to Get 1,000 Visitors Per Day – Six Figure Challenge Update

Today I have a quick update on my Six Figure Website Challenge website and the results over the last month. Would I hit the 1,000 visitors per day milestone?…

As I mentioned in my last update Mid Year Six Figure Challenge Update I was going to reduce my team working on the site and continue only what I thought were the critical activities…

  1. Consistently publishing quality content
  2. Building quality links via a relevant PBN and using my 301 building block strategy


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Mid Year – Six Figure Challenge Update

It has been a long time since I announced this challenge and too long since I have provided a detailed update on what I have been doing.

In this post I share exactly what I have been doing to date and the results I have achieved so far. Including what I have learned (good and bad), my path forward and many of the precise details of the site…

  1. Cost per article
  2. Monthly burn rate
  3. Income
  4. Traffic
  5. Org Chart etc

Like I talked about in my latest income post I have very clearly realized there were way too many goals for 2015 and my online business. I have not focused enough on this project to make it the massive success I was aiming to at the start of the year.

However the progress has been solid!

So far I have averaged triple digit % traffic growth month over month and the site is continuing to grow largely with organic traffic.

Picture1 (more…)

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November Income and Traffic Report

November was a head down nose to the grindstone kind of month for me and my online business. My team has been busy building my sites and client sites for the done for you private blog network service. I was also deep diving into my standard operating documents to tweak my processes and resolve some problems. (more…)

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How To Build a Website for One Dollar Guaranteed to Get Traffic and Why It Is a Bad Idea

Like most other internet marketers/online entrepreneurs I struggle with the curse of always thinking up new ideas even though I know I should be focusing on my primary business plan.

Well what I have today is a simple way to build a website “guaranteed” to get traffic for $1…along with an example of how I did it and why it is a bad idea!

What Was I Thinking – This plan was dreamt up and post created on a Saturday night after my baby boy and wife had fallen asleep. I was deep diving into my analytics enjoying a couple beer after my day having started with a teething baby/dirty diaper at 4:30am. So I am not surprised it was not my best idea! But I still find it interesting and hope you do to!  

I have come back and made some edits inputted the results but for the most part this is a pretty raw dump of me thinking through a potential online project and geeking out with Excel… (more…)

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5 Free Plugins To Help You Monetize Your WordPress Site Without Pissing Off Your Visitors

Monetizing a site is something I have gotten a little crazy about over the last year. For a while I would just throw AdSense up or whatever was easy and never went back to test.

However there is a huge opportunity to take the traffic you are already getting and increase conversions to make a lot more!

In this post I will show you…

  • The super simple formula for making money from a website
  • The 5 FREE plugins I use to maximize the money I make from my websites
    • Showing exactly how I use them and how effective they are for me!
  • 2 final income earning tips you can make more money from your site with  (more…)

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