Build a Six Figure Website Challenge – Announced

Today I have an exciting announcement!

But first a little history…

This website was started on the exact same day as the (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden) website and was created to document the creation of that Authority Site. That was Sep 2012 and my motivations remain the same…

  1. I know that by putting myself out here I will hold myself accountable to my goal of generating $15k/month in reliable income by the time I am 35!
  2. I  want to show other people who have large time commitments (father, full time job) that it is possible to make money online at the same time

From first ever post on AuthorityWebsiteIncome (Here)

To that end my big new project is…

I will build a six figure authority site in 2015 and more importantly for you I am looking to share this journey with 5-10 HIGHLY motivated/dedicated individuals looking to build six figure websites for themselves in 2015!

Apply Here

Accepting applications until Wed Dec 17 at 5pm EST!

Again this is 100% Free(except for your sweat)


Who Does this Apply To?

Anyone is welcome to apply but there are a few requirements…

  1. Willing to invest 4-16hrs/day over the next 30 days to get things moving
  2. Willing to invest 2hr/day/every-day + hire writers on an ongoing basis through 2015
  3. Willing to invest $1,000 – $5,000 into the site (this money does not go to me it goes to writers, VA’s and other services you hire directly)
  4. Some experience required but looking for people from all different backgrounds
  5. Have a GMail account and willing to use Google Docs and hangouts
  6. Willing to write and share your experiences, learnings and tips once per month with the AuthorityWebsiteIncome audience in a 1,000(word min) post including a picture in your bio
  7. Most Importantly – Ambitious, Hard Working and committed to this project and making 2015 a game changer of a year!

Apply Here

Accepting applications until Wed Dec 17 at 5pm EST!

Again this is 100% Free(except for your sweat)


What are We Going to Be Building?

Put simply – the goal is for each of us to build our own 6 figure website by the end of 2015!

A 5k/month net income website!

We are each (including myself) going to be building an authority site similar to (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden) but in different highly competitive niches with the aim of building it up to a 6 figure asset by the end of 2015…

  • $1,000/month (minimum success) = $20k asset
  • $5,000/month (THE GOAL) = $100,000 asset

Niche Selection – I have enough to choose from but if you bring another one to the table we can review it and see if it would be a fit. The key is that each niche will be highly highly competitive and the sites although general will focus on solving a central problem.


Where and When Will We Meet/Work?

This is a full year commitment with an initial sprint for 1 month to get the sites fully set up.

All meetings will be in a Google Hangout and will maintain a strict 1hr timeline.

At the start a detailed “attack plan” will be shared (including ALL my sites details and SOP’s)

Initial Phase (21 days):

Times will vary but over the next 21 days it will either be 2pm or 9pm daily meeting for 1hr (EST). We won’t meet on Holidays.

Ongoing (12 months in 2015):

After the initial phase we will pick 1 day a week to meet daily and help steward each other to build our assets.

There will be times I will not be able to make it to the meeting depending on my day job schedule and family situation (wife is VERY pregnant) but as a group all problems should be able to be solved.


Why Am I Doing This?

This is a great fit for a lot of reasons…

  1. There are few things more effective than a group of motivated/talented people pushing each other towards the same goal! It is fun to be a part of and I am looking forward to it!
  2. My goal is to build to $15k in reliable online income. The addition of a site contributing $5k to the bottom line by the end of 2015 will push me over the top of that goal.
  3. Showing other busy people that this is possible is very important to me. I have a 1.5year old, 1 on the way and a very demanding day job…proving this is possible with all the above going on is important to me.
  4. Building a site is not all about writing good content and waiting for Google to find you. I want to show what tactics can still be effective.
  5. I am only 1 voice and I am well aware my take on things is sometimes not normal so having other people share their views and tips will help even more people.


How Are We Going to Build a Six Figure Website in 2015?

We are going to follow a similar model to the one I followed first in 2012 and several times since but add in many tweaks mainly the scale we are going to be executing on!

  • Focus content creation on solving problems not on keywords
  • Content will go beyond just words and include video, infographics, images
  • Target HIGHLY competitive niches with lucrative monetization options
  • Get a LOT of content created, post daily
  • Promote site with outreach including relevant, value added blog commenting and relevant, quality guest posts
  • Promote site with the creation of EPIC posts and outreach asking for links after the post
  • Promote with other strategies as applicable (social, answer sites, relevant directories etc)
  • Promote site with a measured amount of relevant grey hat tactics including 5 site exclusive PBNs to the money site and select 301 redirects

If you are a fan of the tactics shared at the following sites,,, and this challenge will be in line with strategies you are familiar with.

A detailed document will be shared with the group showing exactly how I am going about each step and we will meet daily for the first 21 days to review the steps and answer any questions.

There is no magic in how we will be doing it….just relentless, prolonged execution of a VERY solid plan!

build a six figure website

We will all be there to support one another and make sure no one fails! There are few things more effective than a group of motivated/talented people working towards the same goal! It is fun to be a part of and I am looking forward to it!


Apply Here

Accepting applications until Wed Dec 17 at 5pm EST!

Again this is 100% Free(except for your sweat)



  • Do I need to buy any of your services? No, I will be using my services (domain finding, PBN building and LightningRank) for the challenge but you do not need to as long as you find a suitable alternative.
  • Do I need to share my URL? Only if you want to. You need to share as much information as you are comfortable with in your monthly post on AuthorityWebsiteIncome. The goal s
  • Is the work mandatory? YES – Failure to complete 3 days of work over the 21 days (not counting holidays) will result in you being replaced in the group. Tough but the group will be best with only incredibly dedicated people in it!
  • Do I need to produce a monthly article for AuthorityWebsiteIncome? Yes, this is the only request I have to this group and believe it will be the best way to have the biggest impact
  • Can I use a website I just started? No, the goal is for us all to start from scratch
  • Will this be a lot of work? Yes.
  • Can I do it and not have it cost me anything? No, this will not be possible as a minimum you will be needing at least $1,000 to pay contractors for content etc.

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