10 Best Copyscape Alternatives in 2022

It’s clear that as a blogger, content writer, instructor, or student, you know plagiarism is unacceptable. Google frowns upon it as well and may blacklist your website if they find duplicate text. That means fewer rankings, less traffic, and fewer sales and nobody wants that.

Luckily, Copyscape comes in to help you check your content against billions of similar pages on the internet. If there are any matching sources, the app will show you the matching text and the source it matches online.

The plagiarism tool offers a free service that allows you to paste a URL and check for any duplicate content online. A Copyscape Premium lets you paste text or upload a batch of files and check for plagiarism. Furthermore, you can create a private index to let you check new content against what’s in the private database.

The other product is Copysentry which protects your website against content theft. The tool monitors the internet for your content’s copies and emails you whenever new copies appear. I like Copyscape because it’s fast, easy to use, clean (no ads), supports the most popular languages and alphabets, and checks content against almost the entire internet.

However, there’s no way to verify whether the app has thoroughly checked all the revealed sources. Moreover, it can’t save plagiarism reports, doesn’t support cloud platforms like Google Drive, and its customer support is slow.

These shortcomings may prompt you to look for Copyscape alternatives. Keep reading to discover the best tool for your needs.

Best Copyscape Alternatives To Try

1. ProWritingAid


You might know ProWritingAid as one of the best grammar and proofreading checkers. But it also features a plagiarism checker that checks your content against over a billion web pages to ascertain its originality. While it doesn’t come with a free version, it’s an affordable Copyscape alternative.

This tool bills you based on the number of checks rather than the number of words. You can check high-volume texts like novels and eBooks without paying much.

You pay $10 for 10 checks, $40 for 100 checks, $120 for 500, and $200 for 1000 checks. As a premium user, you can generate plagiarism reports and access other tools, such as grammar checker, thesaurus, and readability reports.

2. Grammarly


Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker compares your content against more than 16 billion web pages plus academic papers within Proquest’s databases. When a section of your text matches the content on web pages or in a database, you’ll receive a plagiarism alert.

The free version displays the number of grammar issues in the content and whether it’s plagiarized or not. But it doesn’t show you where the issues are. The plagiarism checker in Grammarly Premium highlights the plagiarized sentences and displays the plagiarism percentage.

Besides, you can see the sources of matching content on the right panel in the form of web URLs. You can click those links to dig deeper and confirm the details. The highlighted sections will disappear as you rewrite the plagiarized content in the Grammarly interface.

In addition to checking for plagiarism, Grammarly is a grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker. So, while rewriting any unoriginal content, the tool also shows grammar errors in your content with suggestions on what to do. This is one of the features you won’t find on Copyscape.

You can use the free version to check for plagiarism, but it only says whether the text has plagiarism or not. It also displays the number of writing issues in it. To see the specific unoriginal text and other grammar errors, you may need to upgrade to the Premium Plan, which starts at $12 a month, or Business Plan, which starts at $12.50 monthly.

3. Copyleaks


Teachers, SEO writers, businesses, bloggers, students, and anyone else uses Copyleaks to check for duplicate content and plagiarism.

Copyleaks uses AI and machine learning technology to analyze manipulated text and spot identical, similar, and paraphrased content sections. This tool finds what other plagiarism-checking tools let slip through the cracks.

What I find impressive about Copyleaks is the ability to generate accurate and comprehensive results as PDF reports. This is a feature you’d be hard-pressed to find on Copyscape. The CheatSpot.AI feature allows teachers to receive alerts when there’s suspected cheating. This feature uses White Ink and Character Development methods that most plagiarism checkers lack.

Bloggers can use Copyleaks to compare individual webpages on two different websites to detect possible copyright infringement. But that’s not all. Online course instructors can integrate Copyleaks with their favorite learning management system (LMS) in less than 30 minutes to help check for plagiarism and duplicate text within the LMS.

Copyleaks offers a free limited trial that lets you check 20 pages monthly. The premium version targets two types of users. The Academia and Education version costs 10.99/month to check 100 pages or 25,000 words. On the other hand, the Business and Enterprise version goes for $9.99/month for checking 100 pages or 25,000 words.

4. Plagtracker

PLAGTRACKER provides an online plagiarism checker tool that would thoroughly scan your document and give a report by highlighting a number of the plagiarized text. Once you upload the content on the website or paste it into the text box, the tool compares it against all academic articles on the internet together with their database, which contains over 20 million documents.

This tool is best for students and teachers who handle academic content online. Plagiarism can get a student penalized for copying another person’s work. That’s why this tool will check all your essays thoroughly, making sure your work is entirely original.

PLAGTRACKER is free software. Besides checking for plagiarism, you get other features to proofread your text and fix grammar errors. When dealing with large documents, you will have to upgrade to a premium account since it provides you with the capacity to scan larger files more quickly.

PLAGTRACKER’s premium account isn’t pricey and has more features than Copyscape. The app’s excellent features include an instant report (online version), PDF report (offline version), grammar check, compatibility with multiple file formats, reference processing, unlimited checking volume, and more.

The billing is on a subscription model at $14.99 per month, but there’s a 50% discount for the first month, which means you pay $7.49.

5. SmallSEOTools


The Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools works by matching your content against billions of other pages on the web. It processes the results within seconds and generates a report. What gives the software an edge over Copyscape is the built-in rewriting feature. If your content contains unoriginal text, you simply need to click on the rewrite button, which will automatically rewrite the text, making it unique.

Plagiarism Checker also supports several document formats, including .docx, .pdf, .doc, .txt, .odt, .rtf, and more. Provided your document is in digital format, you can upload it and let the software do the rest. Want to check an entire web page? Well, this free tool gives you a feature that would allow you to paste a URL and check whether any of its content is copied elsewhere.

Did you run a plagiarism check and want a report to send to relevant parties as proof that they stole your content? No worries, as the tool generates a report that you can download and share with others. The sharing option is right there in the app.

Moreover, this excellent tool allows you to check for plagiarism in languages other than English. Hence whether your content has been written in Chinese, Italian, or French, the tool processes it trouble-free.

Interestingly, they have a WordPress plugin that lets you check for plagiarism within a post or page in WordPress without copy-pasting your entire post. Plagiarism Checker from SmallSEOTools has a Free Plan and four premium monthly plans. The Free Plan lets you run unlimited words for up to 20 queries.

The Basic Plan costs $4.99 per month for up to 500 queries. You can run 1000 queries for $9.99 in the Standard Plan, 3000 queries for $19.99 per month in the Business Plan, and 10000 queries for $49.99 per month in the Professional Plan. If you prefer an annual plan, you can buy it at $99.99, $199.99, and $399.99 for the Basic, Standard, and Business Plans.

6. CopyGator


CopyGator is an online tool that will help you detect any content copied from your posts. The application achieves this by monitoring your RSS feed and comparing them to data generated from other feeds.

The software will automatically update you if any of your feeds match other blogger feeds by sending a “collusion.” Depending on the similarity level, this feature will describe how much of your content has been copied, such that some are labeled “near” and others “exact.”

In addition, the online tool will provide you with more information concerning when, where, and how your content has been plagiarized. Guess what? All these services are provided to you for free. CopyGator works like Copyscape’s Copysentry, but it’s free.

7. Plagiarisma


Plagiarisma is a perfect plagiarism-checking tool for students and teachers. It scans essays, research papers, dissertations, and coursework and compares them to its massive database of internet sources, past essays, past examination papers, published journals, and old dissertations.

The tool also compares your text against the current and past published content on Google Scholar and Google Books. The software is fast and supports multiple formats, such as Docx, Doc, Txt, PDF, RTF, and HTML. The duplicate checker supports over 190 languages and can check text and URLs.

Plagiarisma isn’t limited to plagiarism detection; it also checks the text for grammar errors and has a synonymizer for rewriting content using synonyms. Besides, it has a similarity checker that compares two pieces of text using the Levenshtein method and Fuzzy logic. Copyscape doesn’t have these extra features, which is why Plagiarisma is its great alternative.

This tool is free but has four premium options, including $8 per day, $15 per month, $25 for three months, and $45 for six months.

8. Plagium


Plagium is owned by Septet Systems Inc., which provides advanced search solutions to the government, industry, and public. One of its unique features includes uploading any file, whether a PDF, word document, or text file. After uploading, Plagium scans the file and creates a report of any text duplicates.

The software offers a free quick search option that allows users to scan their documents quickly. But if you conduct many searches, you may be required to sign up and search for $0.04 per page. It also provides a deep search at $ 0.08 per page, which compares your text to more sources on the internet.

The third option is File Search which lets you compare various text documents and generate a visually friendly report that you can easily understand and work on. The cost is $0.005 per page. More importantly, Plagium integrates with Google Drive, allowing you to work hassle-free between Google drive and the tool. There’s also a Google Docs Plagium addon. The last three features aren’t available on Copyscape, making Plagium an ideal alternative.

9. EasyBib


EasyBib has the plagiarism checker and grammar checker working together to indicate duplicate text and grammar errors. Using the tool is easy: click on ‘check your paper,’ paste the text in the text box or import a file from the computer or Google Drive. The software will conduct plagiarism and grammar checks simultaneously and display the results.

The results come in three categories: grammar, plagiarism, and expert check. You can click on each option to see the errors and edit.

I uploaded a random file from my Google Drive and ran a check. The results appeared after a few seconds. I could only see part of the grammar errors and was prompted to sign up for a free trial to see all grammar and plagiarism errors.

There’s an option to choose the English language for checking your document. You can choose U.S. English, UK English, CA English, and AU English. While Copyscape only checks for plagiarism, EasyBib checks for plagiarism and grammar mistakes, making it an impressive alternative. EasyBib has a free account and two paid accounts at $9.95 per month and $19.95 per month.

10. Unicheck


Are you looking for more than just pointing out similarities? Unicheck is an online tool that will help you achieve authenticity. Trusted by over 1100 learning institutions globally, Unicheck provides a complete solution for academic institutions to detect duplicates and text modifiers and prevent content cheating.

The tool can unveil the manipulation of texts, and if detected, it will provide you with the details of the modification listed in the report. However, it only focuses on the crucial matches and will ignore common phrases. That means you get a report on the relevant information only.

Unicheck allows you to access its simple and easily understandable reports anytime, which are also available for download. This tool is a great Copyscape alternative, especially when dealing with academic content since an instructor can analyze a student’s progress by viewing the statistics accumulated over a period of time.


In my opinion, ProWritingAid’s Plagiarism Checker is the best Copyscape alternative because it scans your text against over a billion pages online, making it difficult for any duplicate content to be left out. It has many other features like grammar, style, diction, cliche, structure, transition, overused words, and more. So, it takes care of all your content needs.

Its pricing model is also reasonable; you pay according to the number of checks rather than words, making it an affordable option. The tool is user-friendly and integrates well with Google Docs and MS Word.

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5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools You Can Try

Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s work and presenting it as your own. There are serious consequences when you plagiarize not only in academics but also in the online world of content production, which means that if found guilty there will be negative effects both reputationally-and financially too!

To avoid plagiarized content you can utilize plagiarism checker software that will assist in identifying phrases in your work that matches & copied from another source. These tools can be useful for robust content production, students, and teachers to ensure the authenticity of the content. 

You can find plenty of plagiarism checker tools online, however, in this article, we have reviewed the 10 best plagiarism checker tools that offer great value and value for money options. These tools are listed based on their general features, the complexity of use, and pricing. 

Not all plagiarism checker tools are equally effective. To be sure your preferred tool can fulfill your requirements it’s important to look at the features carefully. You can also try out the demo version before purchasing. 

List of free plagiarism checker tools

1) Grammarly


Grammarly helps you proofread and enhance your writing to perfection. It not only spots errors in punctuation but also grammar mistakes like mixes up of verb tenses or subject/verb agreement problems that can be easily fixed with just a few clicks!

It features a robust plagiarism checking system that can cross-check and detect plagiarism as you focus on the content. Its plagiarism checker can detect matching text phrases from billions of pages on the web, as well as identify plagiarized content from ProQuest’s academic databases.

This is a freemium tool, which means the free plagiarism checker version can tell you whether or not your content contains duplicate sentences. To be able to know exactly which lines are plagiarized and to be able to edit right from the spot you must purchase a premium plan. 


  1. Plagiarism checker.
  2. Content tone, clarity, and engagement adjustments.
  3. Grammar check.
  4. Automatic spelling correction.
  5. Microsoft word and outlook add-on available.
  6. Browser extension available for Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Edge
  7. Instant word definitions and synonyms are available via the browser extension.

Usability: Grammarly is a polished and easy-to-use tool. It allows users to control and apply fixes to their work right from the spot. The ability to fix major grammatical issues and plagiarized phrases in a few clicks without switching to another platform makes it one of the most user-friendly tools on this list.

Pricing: Grammarly is quite affordable and the premium plans justify it. The free version will provide your basic features to proofread your content and find out duplicate phrases. You must purchase their premium plan to be able to edit plagiarized content and experience other advanced features. 

  • The premium plan costs $12 per month (includes the plagiarism checker)
  • The business plan costs $15 per member per month (includes the plagiarism checker)

Check Grammarly plagiarism checker 

2) Plagiarismdetector


This tool will help you find plagiarism for free up to 1000 words. To avoid this word limit you must buy the premium plan. 

This is a free online plagiarism checker tool that utilizes lexical frequencies, matching phrases, and word choice including other algorithms to find duplicate contents. 

They articulate that their advanced deep search mechanism will run the given text through millions of sites to detect identical contents. With Deep Search, users will get an extra level of plagiarism check to ensure their works are truly unique among billions of content available on the internet.


  • Deep search feature
  • Search by URL
  • Search by a file that includes target content
  • Full data encryption. 
  • Supports multiple file uploads
  • Users can download plagiarism reports in PDF

Usability: Since this is an online tool means you will have to visit their site for plagiarism checks. For the word limit, longer contents might require multiple checks which can be avoided with a premium plan. Unlike Grammarly, the free plan will highlight the plagiarized content. Multiple users from your organization can work at the same time as well.

Pricing: The basic version of this tool is free. Premium plans are classified into Student, Institute, and Enterprise. 

  • The student plan gives you up to 72,000 words limit for $20 (around $1 per 3600 words)
  • The Institute plan provides up to 2,10,000 words for $50 (around 4200 words per $1)
  • The Enterprise plan provides up to 5,40,000 words for $90 (cost you $1 per 6000 words)

Check plagiarismdetector

3) Dupli Checker


The Dupli Checker is a free tool that lets you inspect any kind of content for plagiarism. You can either copy & paste your content on their textbox, or provide website links and locally stored documents. 

Regardless of the input, this online plagiarism checker tool will provide immediate feedback about whether your text has been lifted from another source.

In addition, other utilities such as grammar checker, spelling checker, word counter, text case changer, and a lot more are included on the Dupali site. 


  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Grammar checker.
  • Support uploading of multiple file formats.
  • Support checking plagiarism via web URL.
  • Sync doc from cloud storage.

Usability: Similar to Plagiarismdetector, the Dupali checker offer basic free plagiarism checks under the limit of 1000 words. Plagiarised contents can’t be checked from the original doc, instead, you must provide texts, URLs, or file for the tool to detect duplicate phrases.

Pricing: The free plan allows up to 1000 words per search. The premium plans are divided into Basic, Pro, Institute, and Enterprise; each of them comes with sub-plans based on word limits. The pricing structure is identical to Plagiarismdetector as well as the overall UI.

  1. Basic plans (up to $50 with 2,10,000 word limit)
  2. Pro plans (up to $100 with 6,00,000 word limit)
  3. Institute plans (up to $150 with 9,00,000 word limit)
  4. Enterprise plans (up to $200 with 12,00,000 word limit)

Check Dupali plagiarism checker

4) SmallSEOTools


SmallSEOTools is a powerful and comprehensive tool that lets you perform various tasks to optimize your website. The utilities are targeted toward site owners, allowing them the opportunity of checking 1000 words per search for duplicate content on their site via text input, URL, or file uploading.

Users can upload files from drive and dropbox as well. They claim to have the fastest plagiarism scanner that automatically runs checks over billions of pages for duplicate content. 

In addition, it comes with an automatic rewriter for those who want to tweak the plagiarized phrases right away.


  • Plagiarism checker.
  • API and plugin available to integrate with websites.
  • Support multiple file formats
  • Plagiarism check via URL
  • Available on Google Play, App Store, and Mac store.

Usability: the plagiarism checker provided by small SEO tools allow you to check plagiarized content up to 1000 words per search. Unlike the previous two tools, it provides API support to integrate its plagiarism check feature into your tools or plugins. This tool is easy to use and comes with Android and iOS support making it multiple platforms compatible. 

Pricing: SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker is a freemium tool. While the basic 1000-word limit comes as free to use, users can upgrade their plan to Basic, Classic, Enterprise, and Institute. 

  • The Basic plan covers up to 1,60,000 words for $59.80 per month.
  • The Classic plan covers up to 2,50,000 words for $79.80 per month.
  • The Enterprise plan covers up to 5,10,000 words for $149.80 per month.
  • The institute plan covers up to 2,220,000 words for $599.80 per month.

Check SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker

5) Quetext Plagiarism Checker


Quetext is a great tool for students, teachers, and website content writers to use when they need help checking their work against other sources. This tool provides phrase matches along with a plagiarism report indicating where the duplicate content comes from or how much time has passed since the matching content has been created.

Quetext claims to be using deep search as a combination of contextual analysis, Fuzzy Matching, and word placement to develop this fast plagiarism software. The tool will provide you with a percentage score showing how much of your text was duplicated from online sources.


  • Ad free tool 
  • Fast Deepsearch Technology
  • ColorGrade Feedback 
  • Interactive Duplicate Text Snippet 

Usability: Quetext is unique and useful. Its simple and ad-free interface lets users input desired text for plagiarism check and verify instantly. The tool is fast to indicate the duplicate areas of a piece of content as well as create snippets for users to interact with and change the plagiarized content phrases.

Pricing: The basic version of Quetext comes for free that supports up to 2500 word checks or a 5-page document check. Additionally, it offers 3 plans PRO BASIC, PRO PLUS, and PRO ORGANIZATION accordingly.

  • 100k words for $9.99/month or $69/year
  • 250k words for $19.99/month or $129/year
  • 500k words for $49.99/month or $499/year

Check Quetext Plagiarism checker

Final words:

You can find various types of plagiarism checker tools online. These tools come with different features and suit different scenarios. We have listed these 5 tools that we find really helpful and can be used free of cost. 

Here you get tools like Grammarly useful for robust content production, and student teachers while other tools such as SmallSEOTools, and Quetext can be helpful for instant plagiarism checking.

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