July 2019 Income Report Roundup

When I started my online entrepreneurship journey I took a lot of inspiration from others that were sharing everything they did online.

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September Income Report

Well right now I am getting the opportunity to test out just how robust my systems really are!

Between my day job (busiest time of the year for me), 1.5year old son and my 7 months pregnant wife my plate has never been this full.

So I ask you to bear with me over the next couple months…customers will come first and I will aim to continue to produce some quality posts as well (but it won’t be as regular!)

The good news is that I saw this time crunch coming and put systems in place to ensure my business can continue to hum along without me.

Although I am still needed to write the posts (sorry for the delay in posting…expect less frequent posts for 2 months).

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business… (more…)

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August Income Report

Any income is great but like a lot of you I am sure passive income is the dream.

This month saw my passive income portfolio have a record month. With strong performance from my case study site and increased earnings from other sites it was a very solid month which was great to see!

UPDATE – Have my team create articles and publish them on my POWERFUL Private Blog Network!

But on the heels of last months expensive mistake I have made another which cost me $3k directly!

Gearing up for a very busy time period at my day job August was all about making sure my systems were running smoothly and I had the right team structure to carry on without my at times micro-managing presence.

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business… (more…)

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June Income Report – Passive Income Growth

Although this month represents a drop in net income for my overall business it was a strong month for my portfolio of websites.

My services business was flat out last month building sites that people ordered in the previous month that resulted in net income for May of over $20k.

For the first time in a couple months my Done For You PBN Service is open again for a limited number of spots. The majority of my teams increasing capacity continues to get swallowed up by returning customers, early notification people looking to increase the size of their PBNs and by larger SEO consultant orders. So after a great month last month from my team I have some spare capacity I am happy to offer to readers of my blog – Go Here to Sign Up!

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business… (more…)

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January Income Report – 10k Target Reached

With a lot of aggressive goals in 2014 I really wanted to get the year started off with a bang. Although my costs started to grow a little too high overall it was a great month for all 3 parts of my business…

  1.  Passive Income Website Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3.  Expired Domain Services (Domain Finding Service,  Done for Your Private Blog Network)

One thing I have realized with my new format is that it provides more than vanity numbers and actually lets me make data driven decisions on what changes I should be making in my business! (more…)

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