7 Best BuiltWith Alternatives

BuiltWith.com is the 21st-century business intelligence tool that tells its users which platforms have been used to develop/manage a particular website with its proprietary technology.

Moreover, Built With is responsible for managing contact details gathered from more than 300 million business websites. 

What is Built With Used For?

The marketing automation tool, Built With, is primarily used to find out the developing platforms for any website. All you need to do is paste the URL of the website whose details you want to extract, and this software will serve you with all the information.

It is also used to identify several technologies on webpages and detect all the integrated languages.

Most people prefer to use Built With because it has a simple interface and easy to use. You can quickly browse your lead’s sites to find out what platforms and tools they are using.

Best 7 BuiltWith Alternatives

Not just Built With, you can use several business intelligence tools to find out a website’s details

Check out the top seven free alternatives to Built With that we have shortlisted for you.

1. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo uses the most comprehensive business database along with the best technologies to apply your marketing strategies. The software offers an accurate all-around view of prospects, customers, and opportunities.

The robust features and seamless integrations make this tool capable of delivering more potential leads for sales and marketing teams.

ZoomInfo can significantly increase the number of closed deals, efficiency, and overall revenue.

Essential features of ZoomInfo:

  • The software focuses on data availability in terms of contacts, enterprises, and industry research.
  • ZoomInfo administrators emphasize communication and the company’s data accuracy.
  • It allows the users to generate leads, integrates marketing and CRM automation, data enrichment, and segmentation, and builds strong connections.

2. D&B Hoovers


D&B Hoovers is an efficient business intelligence tool that helps marketing professionals to turn their prospects into profitable connections by leveraging data and analytics.

A real-time business intelligence tool enriched with strong search abilities and detailed company profiles increases your chances of closing a deal.

Besides, it can automatically generate business reports based on the available data, saving a few minutes for you.

D&B Hoovers allows you to use the software on multiple devices, including mobiles and tablets.

D&B primary features:

  • It offers a chatbot to start and carry out engaging conversations with leads and prospects.
  • Identify the potential customers and make a list for them from your leads.
  • It is automated to contact all the leads.

3. Leadfeeder


The ultimate B2B lead generation solution, Leadfeeder, helps you identify your site visitors and find out their sources, behavior, and if they have any intention to purchase.

The business management tool has more than 45,000 users worldwide, which makes it one of the most popular choices for improvising leads generation.

The company offers integrations with leading business platforms like LinkedIn and Google Analytics

It is a great medium that helps you understand your site visitors’ behavior across all the webpages.

Main features of Leadfeeder:

  • The software is optimized for a quick response.
  • It offers automatic data segmentation and analysis.
  • Includes an efficient search tool to access necessary information quickly.

4. Lusha


Another business intelligence tool helps marketing professionals establish strong connections quickly with their prospects, leads, and customers.

As it is rightly said, B2B leads generation is based on engagement. Lusha allows building trust among your prospects to enhance engagement using simple tools.

Several advanced tools of this software are dedicated to verify and enrich business profiles.

Lusha has over 250,000 users, including recruitment managers, sales representatives, and marketers, who are evolving their engagement methods with candidates daily.

The best aspect of using Lusha is that it is suitable for enterprises of any scale. Small businesses to giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple use Lusha to enhance engagement with their prospects.

Lusha primary features:

  • Allows you to operate the tools across multiple currencies and languages.
  • Offers easy access to data, features, and objects based on its users.
  • The software is updated regularly to eliminate identified glitches.
  • Lusha can effectively deduplicate and verify lead data.

5. Lead411


Lead411 is the ultimate business solution that offers you accurate and comprehensive information about enterprises about companies and candidates available in the marketplace.

The designers believe in providing accurate and relatable information on customers, websites, and contact data profiles through sales intelligence data points and targeted filters.

The most significant features of Lead411 are:

  •  Offers prospects data including experience, contact details, company, and role.
  • Provides comprehensive and updated contact data.
  • Able to develop targeted contact lists.
  • Allows users to reach out to prospects directly through its portal.

6. Oceanos


Oceanos is a dedicated Tech Target business solution that has been operating for more than 15 years now.

Various B2B sales and marketing enterprises have relied on this software to develop, cleanse, and classify their contact lists.

Oceanos is beneficial for leveraging multiple sources, data, creativity, and strategic expertise.

Significant features of Oceanos:

  • The highest quality algorithms and inputs power the software.
  • Accessible data solution via MAPs and APIs.
  • It serves as a great resource for B2B lead generation.

7. LeadGnome


A modern business management tool, LeadGnome, is used to mine emails to connect with new contacts, existing leads, and current customers.

Moreover, this innovative web service tool helps deliver actionable sales and market intelligence.

LeadGnome is equally capable of account-based marketing and sales development by collecting crucial information about accounts that have been targeted.

LeadGnome exclusive features:

  • Allows you to penetrate targeted accounts.
  • Develops and maintains contact databases.
  • Attracts replacement connections for leads that have left.
  • Allows you to capture requests that have been opted-out.
  • It helps you to broaden account intelligence.
  • It helps you identify when a contact is in the office, resulting in an increased connection rate.


Lead generation has become a compulsory business management process for any enterprise. It is the quickest way to find potential customers and increase revenue.

Built With is a well-performing business intelligence tool that helps you learn about any website, company, or candidate, which comes at a low price.

Despite it being priced so low, many business owners will not invest in a paid lead generation tool. That is why we have come up with these seven best alternatives to Build With.

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