10 Free Mailshake Alternatives for Automating Your Emails and Outreach Campaigns

Did you know that businesses using marketing automation can expect as high as a 451% increase in qualified leads?

If you’re looking to automate your email and outreach campaigns though, here is the thing – you need good lead generation software. Even if you are sending out mass emails, you need to have a personalized feel to them.

What is Mailshake?

Mailshake is an excellent sales engagement and email automation tool. You can certainly grow your business and nurture your customers the right way.


One thing about Mailshake prevents many people from using the tool. Mailshake is rather expensive and needs you to pay at least $59 per month, to begin with. You are looking at $99 per month for the sales engagement plan that comes with a demo. 

Not all businesses can afford to invest in a costly sales engagement tool, especially small businesses and startups. Plus, you may not even need all the features that come with Mailshake. A business that is starting out may be able to engage leads with a simple email automation tool.

Sending Email on Milkshake

Mailshake lets you automate your cold email outreach. You can personalize and send bulk emails with a few clicks. You can also use Gmail and Gsuite to send your emails.

Team management on Mailshake

You can easily add team members on Mailshake for easy collaboration and team management. The tool lets you create dedicated sales teams for individual clients and take advantage of team collaboration tools. Team members can track their campaigns and manage leads.

Prospects on Mailshake

Potential prospects are easy to engage on Mailshake. You can automate emails to prospects for vital steps of the buyer journey, like follow-up emails. Your dashboard also lets you track prospect engagements and take advantage of social media messaging.

User policies on Mailshake

Mailshake plans charge based on month per user. You need to pay for each user you add. Mailshake’s user policies are a reason people look for alternatives.

How to reply on Mailshake?

Mailshake lets you automate and personalize your replies. You can also retarget unopened emails and track your reply rates.

Using Google with Mailshake

Mailshake is compatible and easily connectable to Google apps. You can link your Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Calendar, and more for a connected ecosystem.

Recognizing Spam on Mailshake

Mailshake takes several steps to ensure your email campaigns bypass spam folders. From helping you distribute emails over days to spam warnings, you are more likely to bypass spam filters.

Integrating with Gmail on Mailshake

You can easily use Gmail to send your emails. Mailshake comes with GSuite Integration to help you connect your Google accounts. You can also set up other email providers, like Gmail and Outlook.

Other Mailshake Integration

Mailshake is ready for native integration with countless apps. LinkedIn, Pipedrive, Freshsales, HubSpot- the list of integration is endless.

Mailshake Pricing

If you’re wondering about Mailshake pricing plans, it starts from $55 a month. If you subscribe yearly, you pay less. The base plan can be as low as $44 a month, though higher plans are at $99 a month. Go for an annual plan if you want to save more.

Mailshake Integration

On the integration front, you can expect Mailshake to work with everything from Gmail to Outlook. You will love the powerful Gmail add-on, and the native integration. It’s easy to respond to A/B testing quickly, and you can view prospects in one page. Whether you are using Hubspot or Salesforce, you’ll love using it.

What is Mailshake Lacking?

You get the freedom to send up to 200 emails per day for free with Mailjet. You will also have to tolerate the Mailjet logo in all emails you send. Additionally, you won’t be able to enjoy priority support, multi-user access, dedicated IP, and more.

Mailjet is ideal if you don’t need many advanced options. You can keep sending 200 emails every day without ever paying a cent. It sure deserves a try.

The Top 10 Mailshake Alternative You Should Take a Look at Today

Today, we are going to explore some of the free Mailshake alternatives. You can use these tools free of charge and automate your marketing and outreach campaigns. Some of them even offer unbelievable perks, like unlimited contacts and unrestricted emails to send out.

Let’s start with one of the most popular options we got in the market.

1. Mailchimp vs. Mailshake

Mailchimp is certainly one of the most-used email automation tools. You can choose from several plans to engage potential customers and expand your outreach. Interestingly, Mailchimp also comes with a free plan with all the basic features. 


Why Use Mailchimp:

Let’s see what you can do with Mailchimp for free-

  • Manage up to 2,000 contacts
  • Send up to 10,000 emails per month
  • 1 audience included
  • Take advantage of CRM and segment your leads
  • Gather audience insight 
  • Target your customers in many ways
  • Basic templates for creating content
  • Create and publish websites
  • Create free domains
  • Outreach on social media
  • Promote landing pages 
  • Create custom automation in one step
  • Integrate your tool with more than 200 apps
  • Send custom product recommendations 

What’s Lacking:

Mailchimp is a great free tool for small businesses and startups. You get everything you need to start your outreach programs. However, you can’t perform A/B testing or create buyer journeys for optimized engagement. 

Mailchimp paid plans are also affordable and not expensive, like Mailshake. You can give the free version a try and upgrade if you feel the need. 

 2. Sender vs. Mailshake

Sender is a great free alternative to Mailshake. You can enjoy all the features in the free plan to get your business more exposure. Sender only limits the number of contacts and emails and lets you enjoy everything else without spending anything. 

You can look forward to most of the features you find in Mailshake. We will explore them right now!

Why Use Sender:

How far can you go free of charge using Sender?

  • Expand your audience with custom subscription forms
  • Segment your leads and subscribers
  • Create newsletters with drag-and-drop features
  • Include images and videos in emails
  • Work with HTML codes if you want
  • Ensure deliverability of emails 
  • Automate emails easily
  • Analytics for better insights
  • API to connect your website or stores

What’s Lacking:

The free plan of Sender allows up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails each month. You will need to pay if you want to scale your marketing.

Sender is among the most comprehensive email automation and engagement tools. Best of all, you can enjoy all the features of the paid plans for free forever.

3. SendPulse vs. Mailshake

SendPulse is a wonderful tool to automate your email marketing. Not only that, but you can also send social media messages and push notifications. The tool also lets you create chatbots and engage your customers in optimum ways. 

SendPulse has a free plan that gives you the basic automation features. You can also do many things that are not possible for free with Mailshake.

Why Use SendPulse:

Here is what makes this email automation tool appealing-

  • Free templates, subscription forms, and email scheduler
  • Basic automation features from Automation360 suite
  • A/B testing to test your copies
  • Segmentation and personalization features
  • Drag-and-drop and HTML editors
  • Free limited storage for additional files
  • Basic reporting and statistics

What’s Lacking:

The free plan lets you send 15,000 emails and manage 500 subscribers. Plus, you can’t use all the automation features.

We think the free features are adequate for a small to medium business. You can, of course, upgrade and even take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing.

4. Sendinblue vs Mailshake

Sendinblue is a cool option if you want to enjoy unlimited contacts for free. You can manage endless subscribers and nurture them without any cost. Plus, the tool features some of the best marketing automation functions.

Sendinblue is available for free, albeit in a lightweight version. Let’s take a short tour of our chosen solution.

Why Use Sendinblue:

What makes Sendinblue an apt alternative to Mailshake?

  • Manage unlimited contacts and segmentation
  • Create custom signup forms
  • Sales CRM for free
  • Send transactional emails and SMSs
  • Page tracking and workflow editor
  • Real-time reporting for a better picture of your campaigns
  • Limited API integrations
  • Free email support

What’s Lacking:

You will get the most basic features and the ability to send 300 emails per day for free with Sendinblue. But you can’t get features like A/B testing, retargeting, creating landing pages, or multi-user access.

Sendinblue can fit your bill if email automation is all you need. You can keep sending 300 emails every day and handle endless contacts without spending anything.

5. Moosend vs Mailshake

“Moo”ve over Mailshake and send unlimited emails for free with Moosend. It’s one of the most popular email automation and marketing tools you have ever come across. Plus, the interface is highly visual and very easy to use. 

Moosend carries a free plan that unlocks all pro features except a few. It can be a great choice to grow your business if you can compromise a few advanced features.

Why Use Moosend:

Why should you switch from Mailshake to Moosend?

  • Create and deliver engaging emails and newsletters
  • Use drag-and-drop builder and email templates
  • Automate emails based on triggers and customer actions
  • Track behavior of visitors
  • Segment your leads for better targeting
  • Detailed reporting to manage your campaigns efficiently
  • Ecommerce AI for excellent customer experiences
  • Integrate with countless tools to connect your systems

What’s Lacking:

You can manage up to 1,000 subscribers with the free plan. Advanced options like landing page builder and transaction emails are also missing. 

Moosend will meet the requirements for most people. You can automate your emails and engage your leads at zero cost.

6. Is Omnisend as good as Mailshake?

Omnisend is a full-scale solution to grow your business. You can automate your emails, SMS, and tie everything with your online store. Advanced targeting, pre-built automation, split tests- you get a complete suite of tools to meet your marketing needs.

The free version of Omnisend lets you automate your email campaigns with limited restrictions. Let’s take a closer look to see what you can get. 

Why Use Omnisend:

  • Send 15,000 emails every month (2,000 emails per day limit)
  • Manage a maximum of 3 active forms
  • Create emails using a drag-and-drop feature
  • Take advantage of scheduled campaigns
  • Mobile-friendly templates for emails
  • Segment your leads
  • Sales reports to assess your campaigns
  • Free website tracking with history for 1 month
  • Clickmap for understanding user behavior

What’s Lacking:

You can’t do anything other than managing email campaigns for free on Omnisend. You also miss out on features like A/B testing, SMS campaigns, live support, advanced workflow manager, and more.

You can use Omnisend for free if automating emails is all you want. If the limits suit you, the tool can turn out to be a big money-saver.

7. Mailshake vs. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email lets you focus on growing your business by making email automation a breeze. It’s a dedicated tool to manage email campaigns, so you get some really neat features.

Benchmark Email offers a free pack you can try without any credit card. The functionalities are limited but may suit new businesses and small entrepreneurs.

Why Use Benchmark Email?

Let’s explore what you can do with Benchmark Email without paying-

  • Create emails using drag-and-drop
  • Use engaging email templates
  • Enjoy basic segmentation
  • Manage signup forms and RSS campaigns
  • Perform drip campaigns
  • Manage email deliverability
  • Live reports and heatmaps
  • Add images and videos to emails
  • Integrate with over 1,500 apps

What’s Lacking:

You can send only 250 emails per month with the free plan of Benchmark Email. Features like marketing automation, website tracking, and landing page editors are also absent. Plus, you will not get any dedicated support. 

Benchmark Email can be good for a new business. You can send 250 emails every month and let your subscribers grow. If you need to scale further, you can pay for a pro version.

8. EmailOctopus vs Mailshake

EmailOctopus can be compared to the likes of Mailchimp. It’s full of features you need to attract leads and convert them into customers. You can create beautiful emails and put your campaigns on auto mode for extra convenience. 

Like other tools on our list, you get a free plant to start off. It can also turn out to be all you need and eliminate the need to pay again!

Why Use EmailOctopus:

How does EmailOctopus fare against Mailshake? Here is what you get for free-

  • Manage up to 2,500 subscribers
  • Send a maximum of 10,000 emails every month
  • Create appealing emails with an easy-to-use editor
  • Reports with 30-day availability
  • Connect with Amazon SES account
  • Limited support

What’s Lacking:

Paying for EmailOctopus gives you access to advanced features. You can enjoy advanced segmentation, more automation options, put campaigns on auto-pilot, and more. Going for a paid plan also lets you add more subscribers and send more emails.

EmailOctopus is a reliable tool and carries the assurance of being associated with Amazon. You can surely give it a try in place of Mailshake.

9. Mailerlite and Mailshake

Mailerlite is a great free alternative to Mailshake. It’s rich in features and lets you enjoy more functions for free than most tools. Mailerlite is also a lightweight tool, as the name suggests, and helps you boost your revenues.

The free plan can work for most businesses and startups. We will take a closer look at why it may suit your needs.

Why Use Mailerlite:

Why should you use Mailerlite for free?

  • Use drag-and-drop editors to create emails
  • In-built photo editor and rich text editor
  • Build landing pages and signup forms
  • Manage subscribers easily
  • Automate emails and segment leads
  • A/B testing and RSS campaigns
  • Surveys and campaign reports
  • Multiple user access
  • Free websites and landing pages
  • Unlimited traffic and analytics

What’s Lacking:

You can send 12,000 monthly emails and manage up to 1,000 subscribers without any charge. Plus, you miss out on priority support in the free version. 

Mailerlite is a perfect and free replacement for Mailshake. You can exploit endless features, including advanced ones that are generally paid. It’s a great tool to automate your emails and do more. 

10. Mailshake vs. Mailjet

Mailjet is a robust email automation, marketing, and management tool. You will never need anything else once you get used to the level of control and flexibility of the tool.

The free version is enough for even power users and helps them grow brand exposure.

Why Use Mailjet:

  • Mailjet offers a range of perks for free-
  • Manage endless subscribers 
  • Email templates and a powerful editor
  • Personalize your emails
  • Advanced statistics and campaign comparison
  • API and integrations with popular apps

Final Thoughts

We have presented 10 best free Mailshake alternatives to grow your business. You can pick any tool you want that meets your needs. We suggest trying any tool for free at first to determine they are right for you. If required, you can pay and scale any time you want. Let us know which email automation tool fits your bill in the comments to help our readers make up their minds.

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