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I have had a constant problem with my portfolio – monitoring all of them! 

There have been times where a solid money site has gone 6+ months with an important link that used to make money not working! 

Today I am introducing SiteBuddy for the first time. 

When I first used this tool I was shocked at how much work was needed to fix up even my most important(closely monitored) sites in my portfolio!

What is shocking is that NO ONE has run their site through and not had opportunities to fix things and make more money.  100% of sites that have been run through the tool had opportunities for making more money identified!

We have built a tool to help you monitor your money site for the things that matter…

  • Get notified if you are losing money
  • Make more money (as an amazon affiliate initially)
  • Stay compliant 

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Make More Money!

It is starting as a tool to help you make more money with your amazon affiliate site but has plans to grow into more! 

Your Money Site Is Losing Money… It Doesn’t Need To!

Monitoring your money sites is hard!  

You work your ass off to get traffic to your site and then end up not efficiently monetizing the traffic.  Here are just some of the problems we all experience…

  • Affiliate links break
  • You link to a product that is now out of stock
  • You link to a deleted product
  • Your affiliate link tag is missing or wrong
  • Sites go down
  • Your affiliate disclaimer is missing on pages

We are generally seeing 2.5-10% of links on quality sites are missing tags and up to 40% of the product people are linking to is out of stock!

See the case studies below for examples.

How Does SiteBuddy Make You More Money?

SiteBuddy monitors your site weekly (not just a one-off scan) to ensure all links to Amazon are…

  • Using the proper affiliate tags
  • Linking to a product in stock
  • Linking to a product that hasn’t been deleted
  • Each page that has an Amazon link also has an earnings disclaimer

See the case studies below for details on the increase in earnings some sites can achieve! 


The team behind SiteBuddy is worth introducing now. 

Conor – Co-Founder CTO – Conor identified the opportunity and has been building this tool. 

Brady – Co-Founder CMO – Brady is deep in the trenches of building Amazon Affiliate sites both at and for his own portfolio. He talks with more money site owners then anyone I know and deeply understands their pain points! 

See the SiteBuddy story here

Our Commitment to Transparency!

We are committed to sharing everything with an uncomfortable level of transparency as SiteBuddy gets built out!

  • Monthly Update – Brady will be sharing a monthly update, signup at to follow along on the journey
  • Real-Time Dashboard – We are all inspired by companies that share EVERYTHING… we will be doing the same here (coming soon)
  • Public Roadmap – Definitely has some downsides but we want to be sharing the vision for what SiteBuddy will become beyond just an amazon affiliate link monitoring tool. The entire team will be eager to receive feedback 
  • Public Objectives and Key Results – In the monthly update and on the website we will be 

Follow The SiteBuddy Journey – Signup Here

Our Commitment to Always Add Value

  • A Useful 100% Free Tool – Don’t you hate when there is a free tool that comes short of adding any value. If you have a smaller site the free tool will 100% be enough for you forever!  
  • Stupid Guarantee – For pro users, we guarantee you will make more money or its free!
  • Only Actionable Suggestions – Unlike the many tools we use that flood us with data… if there is a problem that SiteBuddy recommends you fix, you can be confident fixing it will result in your making more money!   

How Effective is SiteBuddy – Case Studies

Here are just a few examples. In 100% of the cases for sites we have scanned there have been opportunities for improved earnings. 

NO sites were error-free…see if yours will be the first at

Every site that has used SiteBuddy has been able to earn more money implementing the changes recommended! 

Case Study 1 – 30%+ Of Products Out of Stock and 7%+ Missing Tags!

  • URL – hidden
  • Affiliate Disclaimer – No Issues
  • Affiliate Links – 592 Missing Tags 
  • Products – 285 Out of Stock and 84 Deleted

Fixing these issues should immediately increase the monthly earnings of this site by 10-40% (depending on how much traffic each of the pages in question receives). 

Case Study 2 – 20% of Products Have Issues and 3% of Links Are Missing Tags

  • URL – hidden
  • Affiliate Disclaimer – No Issues
  • Affiliate Links – 592 Missing Tags
  • Products – 285 Out of Stock and 84 Deleted  

Case Study 3 – Spencer Haws Case Study – 27% of Products Have Issues

  • URL – (case study post)
  • Affiliate Disclaimer – No Issues
  • Affiliate Links – 86 Missing Tags
  • Products – 447 Out of Stock and 74 Deleted   

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How to Research, Create and Publish Compelling Infographics

Infographic. Business infographics. Infographics success. Business infographic template. Business concept. Modern infographic for business concept. Can be used for workflow layout, information, banner, diagram, web design. Vector illustration Eps10 file

Are you trying to find ways to increase your organic traffic and Google Rankings? Have you ever tried to do this with Infographics? If not- you should definitely give it a try! We use this strategy a lot on our own websites and it works!

What are Infographics and Why do We Use them?

Infographics are a really great way to build solid links for any of your websites. Infographics take a slightly different approach to SEO and are solely focused on amazing content and really nice graphics and design. We like to try and make infographics as useful as possible so that other websites will want to link to your site in return.

Steps You Need to Take: Research

Like most projects, the initial planning and research phase for infographics creation is going to be the most important part of the process. The first thing you’re going to want to do is get to know your website and the niche it’s in. Figure out exactly what TOPICS are related to your niche, and what kind of information is going to be VALUABLE to your audience.

Make a LIST- This is is going to include a focus topics but also topics that are loosely associated with your niche. This is going to ensure that you can come up with different infographic ideas that might draw from different/closely related audiences.  

Go through your list and do some internet research to figure out what people like, link to, and share. The best methods to do this are the following:

1- Check out Pinterest:

Pinterest is going to be an amazing resource since they are so visually inclined. Search your Topic+ infographic and see what comes up. Then check how many shares it gets and look at who is sharing and linking to them

2- Google Images search is always a good option and you’ll be able to figure out pretty easily who is linking and sharing these as well

3- Another great resource is Buzzsumo– which is an amazing online tool that will help you figure out what content is getting a lot of traction by topic or website. You can sort by all sorts of metrics including social shares which is of huge value


Create your Titles:

Get creative! Your titles are the biggest piece of marketing that you’re going to do so this is going to need to be eye-catching to the reader. Some examples

  • 15 Fun Facts about Canada
  • Keto diets: What Foods to Eat and what Foods to Avoid?
  • 7 Essential Oils to Help Depression
  • The world’s weirdest music festivals
  • Meditation in 12 steps
  • Wedding Budget 101

The general rule of thumb for article titles are that they shouldn’t be longer than 150 words. They should be attention grabbers and pose some sort of question o r fun fact or statement.

Create Your Content

If you don’t have a writer already, use this SOP that we use internally to hire a writer

Please see the Step by Step guide on how to hire and assess writers via Upwork

Part A: Posting your job post

Step 1. Log in to your upwork account


Step 2. Go to the Jobs tab and click on “post a job”

Step 3: Select “part time”  


Step 4: Then- describe the job with the requirements for how to write your infographic – The infographic title should suffice.


Step 5: Select “ Pay a fixed price” and make your budget $10. You should be able to get a really good quality infographic for $10.


Step 6: Generally with our screening questions, we ask them to fix a sentence that is grammatically incorrect so that you can just skip over their profile and application if they answer badly.



Step 7: Click “ post job”. Don’t worry about cover letter


Yay! You’ve posted your job!

Part B: Hiring your writer


Step 1: Wait 12 hours and check your job posting, you should have a few freelancers on the list at this point when you check your job posting

Step 2: Click “Review proposals” and you will get to a list of those who have applied

Step 3: Things we look for

  1. Budget: Does the bid fall within the budget?
  2. What have other clients said about this freelancer? We look for 80% job success minimum
  3. How much they’ve made on upwork so far? Usually those who have made more than $1000 are legitimate freelancers and will be more committed to your project.

Step 4: If you find one you like and meets the metrics, click “ hire freelancer”

You’re DONE!

Hire Your Designer

Once you get the Copy created for your infographic, you’re going to want to think about the DESIGN work for it. Now this is probably the part that is the most fun because you get to work with some pretty creative people. This is the Job posting we put on upwork for this.

Job Description:

We’re looking for an infographic designer to make great looking charts, graphs, and other infographics to go along with informative blog articles.

Ideal applicant must be:

– experienced and skilled in graphic design (please provide examples)

– experienced with Canva or another infographic creation program

– experienced with Photoshop

– available to work 15-20 hours per week


$10-$15 per infographic.

Applicant must be willing to perform a test assignment.

Now all you have to do is provide them with the COPY and let their creative side take over. I’ve always been happy with the different iterations I’ve received and designers are usually really great and taking your feedback.

Publishing your Infographic

What I usually like to do it make sure that I have a blog post or article that can support my infographic. Here is a list of tips about publishing:

1- Posting an infographic should happen at the beginning of the week ( on a Monday or Tuesday) A typical infographic life cycle is about 1 business week

2- If you’re doing an outreach effort with a vendor, make sure that  you coordinate with them properly

3- To get more traction to your infographic, it can be worth buying paid traffic from sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon etc.. to get more social shares and links

4- Make sure that each infographic has Social Share Icons to make it easy for people to share. It will also help you measure what platforms are working best for you. For WordPress- use ShareBar which is a plugin that will give you advanced sharing options.

If you have any other tips with regards to the use of Infographics- feel free to share in the comments!

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