October Income Report 2016

In October the numbers are starting to feel a little different…what I mean is that as I have transitioned out of the day job and added additional staff the business is starting to continue to become more formalized. The added costs and effort we have been putting forward since leaving my day job seem to be starting to show results and there are plenty of growth projects which have taken a lot of time and money but have not added a dollar of revenue (yet) 🙂

The business has been very fun to operate lately with a lot of focus on taking care of the base systems by digging into every little failure and systematically improving the systems while at the same time putting a LOT of effort into new projects which I will be sure to share more about.  (more…)

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February Income – Worst Month

This monthly report hurt to write…a substantial down month in the services business hits the bottom line!

For 2015 I have set new goals and each months income/goals progress report will reflect my slightly adjusted focus.

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business and the progress towards each goal…

  1. Passive Income Website Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. Expired Domain Services:


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November Income and Traffic Report

November was a head down nose to the grindstone kind of month for me and my online business. My team has been busy building my sites and client sites for the done for you private blog network service. I was also deep diving into my standard operating documents to tweak my processes and resolve some problems. (more…)

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5 Free Plugins To Help You Monetize Your WordPress Site Without Pissing Off Your Visitors

Monetizing a site is something I have gotten a little crazy about over the last year. For a while I would just throw AdSense up or whatever was easy and never went back to test.

However there is a huge opportunity to take the traffic you are already getting and increase conversions to make a lot more!

In this post I will show you…

  • The super simple formula for making money from a website
  • The 5 FREE plugins I use to maximize the money I make from my websites
    • Showing exactly how I use them and how effective they are for me!
  • 2 final income earning tips you can make more money from your site with  (more…)

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4 Improvements to My Authority Website and 1 Failure

A few weeks ago Quinn from CubicleFree.com and I shared a public review of each other’s authority websites. These reviews included recommendations on how to improve our sites. (more…)

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