Review – Cheaper Alternative to ClickFunnels?

Launching an online business is a daunting task, and you’ll need to take into account many aspects before even thinking about your offer or marketing strategy. 

From choosing the right platform for your marketing to tools like analytics that will help you track sales and customer engagement, there are so many options that it can be hard to know where to start.

It’s not uncommon for people who have never started their own online business before, or those with experience in another field of work entirely, to feel overwhelmed by all the choices they need to make ahead of time. 

Some may also worry about how much money they’re going to need to get it all up and running.

Luckily, there is software like out there that offers all the services you need to start an online business at a fraction of the usual price.

Besides being a cheaper alternative to clickfunnels, has received really positive feedback from its users since its launch.

Just take a look at a few of the stellar testimonials that Aurelian Amacker, the founder of, has received recently:

In this post, I’m going to cover and review everything about, an all-in-one online business building platform that lets you launch, grow and scale your business in the ever-changing online market.

With, you can build sales funnels, send automated emails, create and manage online courses, run affiliate programs and evergreen webinars, sell products, and so much more.

Best of all, the platform has all of these features under the same roof! 

You won’t have to worry about managing and integrating countless software subscriptions, as gives you access to everything you need to run your online business.

With over 7,500 paying customers across the world, is definitely one of the top up-and-coming business tools in the industry.

Now, what does look like? What can it do for your business? Features

Sales Funnel Builder

As any online entrepreneur knows, if you’re going to make it in the current digital landscape, you’re going to need an excellent digital marketing strategy, and sales funnels are one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

With the funnel builder, you can create high-converting funnels in just 3 clicks.

It provides its users with a choice 4 categories of funnels that are tailored to suit every aspect of a conventional online business:

  • Build an audience” allows you to create a squeeze page to get people’s email addresses and grow your email list.
  • Sell your products” lets you create an order form and add a payment page.
  • Run an evergreen webinar” allows you to create an automated evergreen webinar that is released according to your specified automation.
  • Custom funnels” lets you build a funnel from scratch if you’re looking for something a little different.

You’ll be able to choose from close to 100 fully customizable templates when setting up your funnel.

Once you’ve decided on your template, you’ll be able to customize it to fit your exact specifications by tailoring your pages in the Editor.

The editor boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface with tons of features to add to your pages.

In the Editor you can:

  • Fully customize the layout of your page
  • Add forms and checkboxes
  • Add data from social platforms (Facebook comment boxes and a Twitter share button)
  • Add a fully customizable survey
  • Include fully customizable payment pages (we’ll get to that later)
  • Add raw HTML code straight onto your page
  • Upload video, audio and images

Analytical Features

Each of the stages in your sales funnel will require a different approach.

Understanding the inner workings of your funnel in action helps you find its weaknesses and helps you optimize it to generate the best results.’s funnel builder comes with integrated analytical features such as A/B tests, sales tracking, and traffic statistics that will help you optimize your sales funnel to get the most out of it.

Email Marketing

If you’re using funnels in your marketing strategy, you’ll most definitely be making use of email marketing.

Luckily, comes equipped with an all-in-one email feature that comes packed with everything that most independent email-marketing platforms provide.

And you’ll still be paying for just one subscription.

You can send email newsletters and set up email campaigns that can be triggered in whichever stage of your funnel you want. is all about automation, their email editor allows you to write emails and schedule them to be sent according to your specified time. 

You can even set up your email campaigns to be sent to your customers over time with the drip feature. You can literally make money while you sleep!

With’s unlimited email count,  you can send as many emails to a contact as you deem necessary.

Their text-orientated email editor prioritizes your copy to help you convert as many readers as possible.

You’ll also be able to view the open rate and click-through-rate of every email you send, as well as the average statistics of all the emails you’ve ever sent since you started using the platform.

Contact Management

As your business grows, you’ll start getting new customers through multiple channels. 

Here’s where’s all-in-one nature comes in handy.

You’ll be able to view the entire record of your contact’s history with your business.

You can easily view what funnel or email led them to your business, their purchase history, even the exact location where they opted-into your list or purchased your product!

You can even categorize your contacts using “Tags”, so you can target different customer groups by sending tailored emails to those who are assigned a specific tag.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the quickest and most inexpensive methods of making money without the hassle of actually selling a product.

It allows people who are part of your target audience to earn an affiliate commission by promoting your product or business to others. has a built-in referral management feature where all of your contacts are immediately assigned an affiliate ID that is connected to their email address. 

To earn commissions, all your contacts have to do is start sharing the link (which you can send to them using a newsletter or automated email) and they’ll start earning.

This feature eliminates the additional step where contacts have to register for a separate affiliate program. In other words, your contacts immediately become affiliates without even knowing it!

Plus, you’ll be able to integrate your affiliate commissions with your offers.

You can choose the exact amount of commission your affiliates will earn when they successfully promote a product, as well as the number of days before their commissions are paid out. 

You’ll also be able to add a second tier of commission to your affiliate program. 

This means that your affiliates will not only receive commissions on the sales of those they refer but also commissions on the referrals of their referrals!

With other platforms, you’d usually have to pay your affiliates separately, which can take quite some time.

With the help of Transferwise integration, allows you to set up automated payments to your affiliates via Paypal, Stripe, or a good ol’ direct wire transfer.

In their Affiliate Dashboard, you’ll be able to manage your affiliates by viewing the exact amount of leads they’ve garnered as well the amount of commissions they’ve earned.

If you want to make your affiliate program available to the 7,500 users out there, you can also publish your offers on their Marketplace at no extra cost!

You can also use the marketplace as an affiliate to find offers to promote.


If you’re a course creator, you can use to set up a funnel to sell your course. Plus, you’ll be able to host your entire course on the platform itself!’s course feature lets you:

  1. Set up the content of the course within the platform (including videos, images, text)
  1. Design the enrollment and payment page, where students/participants can register and pay for the course
  1. Manage students and communicate with them via emails or automated newsletters has been designed to sell paid courses, but it will also let you set up a funnel that provides access to free resources.

After a student has enrolled, they’re added to your contact list, letting you easily manage your course participants.

With the email feature, you’ll be able to create a custom newsletter that can be sent to your students.

You can easily add new courses, manage student payments, send emails to students and monitor the statistics of your course on the dashboard.

The content of each lecture in a course can be customized using the Editor. 

You get freedom and control over the design of your lecture pages, allowing you to create the exact experience you want for your students.

So you can add videos, images, and text to your online course as part of your curriculum.

If you don’t want to upload your course videos straight to, you can just use YouTube, a custom embed or link directly to a video anywhere else on the internet.

Sell products

With, all you have to do to create a product to sell is give it a name and add it to your product list. In an instant, you can start selling the product immediately.

From there, you can add it to any funnel you’ve created with, as well as decide on what happens after a customer makes a purchase.

Want them to get access to a course? Just choose the desired course from the drop-down menu.

Should they get a file download right away? Add a tag that sends an automated email with the link.

You can even offer a coupon or a payment plan with just a few clicks. also currently works with 22 currencies, so you can sell your products in countries like France, The United States, India or even Thailand.


We all know how content marketing has become one of the most powerful long-term strategies to grow a business.

A powerful blog allows you to generate free traffic organically, without spending too much of your hard-earned revenue on ad services.

Normally you’d have to set up a WordPress account to create a functioning blog, set up your hosting, and design the layout – all of this coming at an extra cost to you. 

With, however, you can easily create and host your blog within the platform. You can create separate blog posts, pages, and categories for your blog and customize them in the Editor.

Cheaper Alternative to ClickFunnels – Pricing:

When it comes to price, is definitely one of the most affordable funnel builders out there.

There are 3 payment plans that you can choose from when signing up to

  • Startup ($27/month): Launch your business with’s most basic plan, 3 membership sites, and 5,000 maximum contacts.
  • Webinar ($47/month): Increase your capacity to 10,000 contacts and 5 membership sites. Plus, you’ll gain access to 2 domains and the ability to host 3 webinars.
  • Enterprise ($97/month): Get unlimited membership sites and webinars and increase your capacity to 15,000 contacts and 5 personalized domains.

Don’t worry about making any commitments, as offers a free 14-day trial that you can use to test the waters, no credit card required!

This is an extremely affordable deal, just look at Clickfunnels’ prices, one of’s biggest competitors:

Clickfunnels most basic plan costs the same as’s Enterprise plan. And with the Startup Plan, you can get unlimited sales funnels (and it’s only $27 per month), compared to 20 funnels with Clickfunnels’ most basic plan.

Conclusion is a great online marketing tool for those looking to start an online business. With their simplified interface, you can finally focus on what’s important: your company’s success and growth.

They offer an efficient and affordable software that takes care of all the integrations and complicated tech aspects.

Whether you’re looking to build the next million-dollar e-commerce business and you’re just getting started or if you’ve already got a product and business model down, can help you with everything from funnel building to email marketing.

Plus, they offer a free 14-day trial, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try! Who knows, it might change the way you look at digital marketing forever.

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