Content Fly Review

Content Fly Review

In this article, we’re taking a look at a popular new(ish) content writing service – Content Fly. Content Fly boasts on-brand, high quality content writing for your business needs. In this article, we’re examining whether the content creation service lives up to these claims.

What is Content Fly?

Content Fly is a content creation service that specializes in various types of content for businesses. They have a large network of writers with various disciplines and expertise, which allows Content Fly to create content for just about anyone. Compared to other content services on the market, Content Fly aims to separate themselves through a streamlined process and top-quality writers.


Content Fly Review

Let’s get right into – what do we think of Content Fly? For our review, we’ll examine the pros & cons of the service, and then give you our overall thoughts.


Writers Are Well Paid: It’s difficult to expect quality content without a satisfied freelance writer base. If a company doesn’t pay their writers well, it becomes difficult for them to attract quality writers, and the end work suffers. Fair wages are essentially a requirement for any professional writer delivering quality content orders. Luckily, Content Fly gives a large share of their profits to their writer base, ensuring consistent, quality work that isn’t exorbitantly priced on your end!

Content Fly claims that they vet their writers extremely diligently, and that less than 1% of writers are accepted onto the platform. We can’t verify these details, but they’re impressive if true.

Simple, Streamlined Platform: Requesting and receiving work with Content Fly is easy. As a customer, you can sign up for the platform in roughly 5 minutes. From there, they have a convenient dashboard for requesting content. You can be as detailed as you want. We recommend getting as specific as possible so the content you receive matches your requirements. Once you’ve submitted a request, Content Fly matches the request with one of their writers. In a few days, you’ll receive your content.

Up-Front Pricing Model: While Content Fly isn’t necessarily the “cheapest” content service around, we do appreciate their up-front pricing. Simply use their pricing slider to determine how much your content will cost. There are no contracts or commitments, and you can cancel your order at any time. We really appreciated the lack of hidden costs, fees, or sneaky commitments. 

Varied Content Possibilities: Due to their wide writer base, Content Fly is able to handle a large amount of business content types. Their primary focuses are blog articles, landing page copy, newsletters & emails, and social media posts. These pieces can all cover a large range of focus topics, and Content Fly assigns the work based on the expertise of the writer.


Writer Quality Varies: Although Content Fly’s writers tend to be pretty reliable, there’s really no escaping this factor with any content service. Some writers are better than others, it’s just a fact. Luckily, Content Fly does offer free revisions or touch-ups if you aren’t happy with your article. SEO is Lacking: Content Fly’s SEO appears to be pretty minimal compared to other content services. Their SEO strategy is barely touched on in their website, aside from certain buzzwords like “high-converting” and “ROI”. As far as we can tell, they don’t have a specific process to optimize an article for keywords, link-building, and other relevant SEO tactics.

What Do We Think of Content Fly?

Overall, we were pretty impressed with Content Fly. Finding a content service with reliable writers and consistent content is difficult in the age of “content mills” and Internet scams. Content Fly is a breath of fresh air in this regard, offering reliable content from a highly-vetted writer base. Their writers are well-paid, and have a diverse breadth of expertise, which ensures that Content Fly has a writer up to the task. And while we did find their SEO practices a little bit lacking, there are plenty of other options if this is your primary goal. Remember, as with any of these content services, you need to be sure to clearly outline your content goals from the outset. Work with Content Fly to clearly indicate your business goals, and what you hope to achieve with the content. The more direction, the better, because it increases the chance you’ll receive something satisfactory.

The Bottom Line

All that being said, we would recommend Content Fly if you are looking for high-quality, reliable content written for your business. The platform is simple & easy, and the prices are transparent. If you don’t want to overthink it, Content Fly is a great choice.

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