Jumpsend Vs FeedbackWhiz

Jumpsend Vs FeedbackWhiz

In this article, we will compare Jumpsend and FeedbachWhiz. 


Jumpsend is an Amazon deals site where customers regularly visit to find deals for purchasing discounted products

This Audience can be used by Amazon sellers who seek to improve their product ranking. For this purpose, you have to make discount coupons and advertise your product on Jumpsend. Customers from this platform will collect those coupons and purchase your product from Amazon. This, in turn, will increase your sales velocity giving you a better ranking, you also can boost your influencer with low cost tools such as samurai.social. As your product ranking improves, you will also start getting organic sales. You can stop the coupons whenever you want.

Email Campaigns

Jumpsend has been purchased by Jungle Scout (another company that offers tools/services for Amazon sellers). Since the official merging of Jumpsend in Jungle Scout, there are some new features that you can also use now.  With Jungle Scout Email Campaigns’ help, you can send emails to all of your customers and ask them to write a review. 

These are some great reviews about Jungle Scout & Jumpsend:


FeedbackWhiz, as the name suggests, helps you to take feedback/reviews for your product. The organic review rate on Amazon is very low. On average, after one hundred orders, you will get only one review. This is because the customers don’t bother to waste their time writing reviews. If the product is good, they will forget about giving a good review and start using it; however, if reminded about writing a review, customers don’t mind doing it. You can remind the customers by sending an email request to write a review about your product and increase the review rate.

On the other hand, if the customers don’t like the product and get angry, they will leave a negative review, mostly without contacting the seller or asking any questions. However, if they contact you, you can help them resolve the problem they might be facing and turn them into happy customers. This way, you can decrease the number of negative reviews you are getting.

What if you could automate the process of asking for reviews and also let the customer know if they are facing any issues, they should contact you to resolve the problem. FeedbackWhiz can help you automate this process by sending emails to ask the customers to write a review. Also, you can contact the customers who left the negative review to resolve the issues they might be facing to convert them into satisfied customers. 

Watch this video from Feedbackwhiz to have a better understanding of how this tool can help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk5wTtBQk90

Features offered by FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz is not limited to just the review tool, but it comes with a full package to support your Amazon journey. These are all the features they have to offer to you: 

Here is another introduction video to learn more about FeedbackWhiz:

These are some great reviews about FeedbackWhiz:




If you are looking for a tool to boost your sales velocity, then Jumpsend can help you better. But if you want a tool to get more reviews, manage your orders & profits, and get notifications for all the critical events on your product listing, FeedbackWhiz is the best tool for you.

Both these tools offer a free trial which you can use to check which better suits you.

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