Invested $50k and 3.5 Months Later the Business is Worth $300k (400+% ROI)?

I started writing this post before I had finished the data analysis…the ROI is a little shocking! I want to make sure up front I say these numbers are still a little “fresh” and it would be stupid of me to consider these last two months as the basis moving forward.

Since my decision (when the wife was away and I had had a couple beer) to launch my can’t fail FBA business on a Friday night mid September I have been moving quickly (especially in the first two months).

This post is an update on my business and I share exactly how many of the assumptions I made have held up.

Apologies to those non data geeks as I share a LOT of data below!

In this post I am going to share…

  1. My Basic FBA Business Strategy (summary)
  2. Recent Success
    1. Increased Price!
    2. Keyword Ranking
    3. Reviews
  3. Recent Failures (plenty!)
    1. Lowered Price
    2. PPC (Amazon and Re-Targeting)
    3. Pushing the business forward
    4. Promo code (lost $1.5k)
  4. Sales and Traffic Numbers
    1. FBA
    2. Net Profit & How are my assumptions holding
    3. Path Forward – Revised FBA Goals
      1. Sell 50 units per day by the end of the year (Completed)
      2. Grow Business to $15k/month average for 6 months and sell for 30x
      3. Launch 2 new brands on the back of affiliate sites


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