How effective is a Private Blog Network – Actual Results Revealed

For all my talk about the effectiveness of expired domains and private blog networks there is little in the way of quantifiable proof showing just how effective it is.

Not just if it is effective but by how much can a private blog network improve your search engine rankings?

I will break this post into 2 parts…

  • Part 1 – By the numbers – We will deep dive looking at the search ranking movement of 13 sites who all had quality private blog networks built linking to them using this service. (more…)

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Top 10 Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

The popularity and demand of my done for you private blog network service has been great. One thing I have been having to do is add more and more hosting accounts to my network since no clients site is on the same hosting account. One exciting project I am working on is creating a very detailed comparison of all these hosting companies speed, support, etc and will share my finding in a couple months.

So Black Friday has offered a great opportunity to add accounts at steep discounts.

After my VA’s have done research these are the 10 accounts I added to my network today so I thought I would share that research with everyone…



The 10 Unlimited Hosting Accounts I Purchased on Black Friday 2013

All these hosts offer unlimited domains, CPanel or similar and are popular reliable hosting companies.

Each of these hosts I am now (or again) a customer of. I haven’t obviously had time to try them all out but my VA’s did a lot of research to recommend these 10 for adding to our network.


1. IPage – 88% Off – $1/month

This is a huge sale from a host that has been pretty solid to work with in the past.


2. WebHostingBuzz – 75% Off – $1.74/month

Quality CPanel hosting with good uptime and fast servers is the not so unique selling proposition of WebHostingBuzz. I will see how they perform.


3. HostGator – 75% Off – $1.98/month

Although the service has dropped their discount makes it hard to pass up – 75% OFF!


4. WebHostingPad – 80% Off – $0.99/month (UPDATED)

This hosting company has won a lot of awards, unfortunately they are all a few years old. I will have to see if some of the more recent reviews turn out to be true and they don’t have the best up time.


5. Eleven2 – 25% Off – $5.00/month (UPDATED)

I am excited to try this host. I have had them on my list to add after hearing about their high speed and their new age looking interface.


6. FatCow – 65% Off – 3.15/month

FatCow has been a solid host for me with great up time and limited other problems of any sort.


7. iPower – 65% Off – $3.25/month

iPower I am sure is another member of one of the larger hosting conglomerates. I expect reasonable service but I always like to try and get hosting companies outside of the conglomerates for data centre IP diversity.


8. MyHosting – 50% Off – 3.25/month

I am surprised I have never used this company before since it is a trusted name in the hosting world. Popular choice with good reviews and unlimited hosting.


9. Arvixe – 50% Off – $3.25/month

Arvixe has been getting pretty solid reviews for a number of years and so expect to get exactly what I am looking for out of them. I have little concern with Arvixe and think they will be a great new host.


10. BlueHost – 50% Off – $3.95/month

BlueHost has been really annoying lately for me, lots of too many file warnings etc but it is still a very popular service so hosting a small portion of my done for you clients sites on it just makes sense.


After my VA’s scoured the internet these were the 10 unlimited hosting accounts I decided to add to my network today.

Are there any better ones that I missed?


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September Income And Traffic Report

September was an exciting one! I saw a significant win with my purchased site turning it from making $0/month to almost $1k and my overall income for the September breaking some new records and coming so close to a huge milestone. The traffic to my case study site took a decline but analyzing all related Google trends that is to be expected (students are not looking for loans in September – they already have them). But, even with the decline some monetization changes I made after deep diving into my analytics last month have been paying off.  (more…)

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The #1 SEO Tactic Used in 3 Profitable Case Studies – Expired Domains

3 recent successful niche/authority site case studies have all had one “SEO secret” or “SEO tactic” in common. What is it? Well its pretty simple and I will show you below how to use it… Its using expired domains to improve search engine ranking for your main niche site.

This article will go into detail covering…

  • 3 Case Studies That Have Used Expired Domains
  • 3 Common Ways to Use Expired Domains
  • The Easiest & FREE Way to Find Relevant Expired Domains Free to Register with Backlinks in 10 Minutes (video instructions included)
  • This won’t cover the best way to find high PR expired domains…
    • For that visit – DomainSpoon (aff link) or the podcasts at Niche Pursuits – here
    • I plan to have a post showing how I have used this great tool developed by Brad


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Month 2 Update – Making Some Money and Lots of Mistakes

It has been a busy month and I have enjoyed a lot of the outreach work I have been doing in my niche.

The focus for month 2 of my authority site was to continue to produce a lot of content along with my main promotion strategy of guest posting.

I also started monetization of my site and have made some ok money for just starting out under 2 months ago. (more…)

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