99+ Dofollow Backlinks List To Boost Traffic [Updated In 2021]

Dofollow Backlinks are the heart of SEO. It provides a way for users to find other sources of information on related topics.

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Best List Of Websites That Will Drive Traffic To Blog Post [2019]

We love sharing our thoughts in the form of article or blog post. After we create an article and publish it we share the URL on social media platforms.

First, we start with Facebook share. This social media platform restricts your friend list at 5k. Though, if you have been blogging since long, you might have created a Facebook page where you share your published posts.

Besides, some Facebook group with a huge member list allows you to share creative and relevant contents. So if your article carries great stuff and valuable information to the readers it worth a share among such a wide group of the targeted audience.

Previously, Moz examined whether Google uses Facebook shares to rank search results?

… and here what they have got.




So Facebook sharing is an essential part of doing good SEO.

In my case, Facebook sharing has been the biggest problem since I migrated this website from www.rankwordpress.in to www.rankwp.in. Facebook doesn’t allow the current domain to share anything inside it. I have never found any solution to this problem until now. If anyone is aware of any solution please let me know in the comment or you can contact me directly.

After sharing the article on Facebook we go to Instagram and let our followers know that our new post has been published and is live now on the website. There are two ways to do it. First, profile link mention and the second one is the “swipe up” feature. I like it very much, very powerful though.

We have other major social media platform like LinkedIn, Twitter to maximize the traffic. Until now, I keep on mentioning that social media can boost up your traffic stats to a great standard. But…

… what if we don’t have many followers in these social media platforms?



Increasing social media followers takes a decent amount of effort and SEO too. If we don’t have the huge following list, I have to say, getting a nice amount of traffic to the website is very hard.

So, in this article, I will mention a short list of websites where you can submit your blog post. One thing keeps them separate from previous social media sites is that you do not require a large follower base to get lots of traffic.

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Here’s List Of Websites To Submit Blog Posts Which You May Never Tried:

This list of all websites [6] already has a huge amount of traffic surfing them. All you need to do is create your content and publish in front of the wide audience. I’m sure you can drive a massive amount of traffic once you learn the trick on how to draw these readers mind.

Being said that let’s begin…

#1. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is a very easy to use platform where people can discover their favorite topics and hence the relevant blog posts. Since it’s a huge source of knowledge, often people visit Bloglovin‘ to find articles of their interest.

As a reader, you can organize your feed by picking up your favorite articles. On the top right corner, there is a link that will take you to an editor where you can write your post and publish.

Once you publish your post and set the category as well as the #hashtags so people can find it easily and consequently with the inverted guest post method you can drive a great amount of traffic to your website.

You will certainly love to see the traffic statistics of Bloglovin’ and drive some from it to your blog post.


#2. Mix

This list of websites won’t be complete if I do not mention Mix. You might have heard of a website called Stumble Upon, which recently ended their service. It’s not good news, especially for me and others who previously got lots of traffic from it.

However, Stumble Upon is now replaced by Mix. You can explore lots of interesting contents shared by the members and also you can sort them according to your need and priority.

Pretty slimier to Bloglovin’ this website also allows you to write and share your article to a wider audience, independent of the following algorithm.

I won’t suggest you expect too much traffic from Mix in the beginning. With the time and your published post, you might be able to receive a good chunk of traffic from this website.

The traffic statistics of Mix.com is added here, have a look.


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#3. Medium

Medium is already a very popular platform. A decent number of marvelous contents gets publish every day on medium. So you can be one of them too.

You can write about informative stuff, interesting about anything you know. The better your article the higher clap you will receive from the readers. Medium is also a high authority domain that has the ability to uplift your website too.

I started to write on Medium almost one year ago. What I believe now publishing a long-form article with additional resources [links back to your site] can get you a large number of visitors each and every day from this website.

The traffic stats say…


220M total visits in the last 6 months is an insane quantity containing 23.31% of US traffic.

#4. Quora

Well, mentioning Quora is essential in this list of websites. You might have already known about this website, it’s a very well organized forum especially for question & answer by various people all around the world. There are thousands of people looking for a high-quality answer to their particular questions.

Quora has a follower based model between the users, though it doesn’t matter a lot. All it matters the questions, answers and your frequent interests. Quora have an awesome algorithm to sort recommended stuff for you.

So if you take part in the people’s query and able to deliver working solutions and help them through your insights there’s a higher probability that you can get lot’s traffic from this website.

Good news is Quora has 93 domain authority that you will be so happy to get linked from it.

The traffic stats of Quora is given below…

Now, this is something almost 3 times more than Medium. 687M total visits in the last 6 months. Massive amount of traffic flow. I bet if you take this opportunity your monthly traffic increase a lot.

#5. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a little bit different from other sites mentioned earlier in this list of websites. This website allows people to view content that interests them and share it on social media [their] accounts.

Though, this is very impressive because more people will share more interest from the search engine will come towards that piece of content. Actually, you will get a great mass of traffic from this website and the external share.

I like this platform because of the passive off page SEO model. However, you might be disappointed if I mention that only a limited number of link a be added here.

To add unlimited article links in Scoop.it you need to pay for the packages. Let’s check the traffic stats of this website…


#6. Reddit

The last and the quickest one is Reddit. I already like it very much and use this website to drive lots of traffic to my blog post every single day. They are known as the front page of the internet.

If you have a great story and informative contents it can get viral on Reddit which have the ability to bring 1,000 to million traffic to one single page. Isn’t that amazing?

For me, sometimes only a link and a suitable headline drive more than 3,000 traffic per day. At the same time, you need to follow the rules and regulations of Reddit subdirectories before publishing your link or the link may end up removed by the moderators.

In Reddit, sub-directories are the best alternative of a huge follower base. Reddit also helps your domain to increase authority and Alexa rank so quickly.

Reddit has about 1.60 Billion traffic per 6 months and that’s why you should start using Reddit for publishing/sharing your contents.


Final Words:

So among this list of websites which one interests you the most?

Though they have different features and traffic data, your goal is to drive traffic from these awesome websites and benefit your domain strength as well.

I recommend you to try this list of websites and see your blog traffic grows every day. Also, I am excited to know how it works for you. If you believe this trick help you to drive more traffic to your blog please let me know here in the comment box.

For adding any such website, inform me in the comment section below.

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