TextBroker VS Constant Content- Which Is a Better Content Writing Platform

Content is the key ingredient to successful marketing. Any business organization requires some sort of content to inform people about their offerings, products, and services.

Even a small offline business develops content in the form of templates and hoardings to promote their brand.

Online businesses need much more content to describe their offerings in detail as their customers are mostly behind screens.

Content development for a business website requires a certain level of expertise. The content has to be well optimized for popular search engines and, of course, well-written. 

For most small and medium scale businesses, hiring a full-time professional writer is not an option. However, they can always assign their projects to freelance writers within a friendly budget. 

You can find thousands of skilled writers at various content development platforms. In this article, we will compare two such websites where you can connect to a freelance writer.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a website where people search for content developers and possibly meet a suitable candidate for the job.

It is one of the most expensive content development platforms as its writers have the privilege to set the price for a project.

On top of that, Constant Content charges 35% of the cost, so the writers include that in their selling price.

There are mainly three categories of writers on this platform. Some freelancers upload their articles on a catalog and wait for interested buyers to contact them. You may rarely find a helpful blog in these catalogs.

You may also post your projects on this site and wait for a suitable freelance writer to respond, but they will decide your project’s fees.

There is a pool of writers where you can choose a skilled candidate based on what content you want. Here also, the writers can demand high compensation, but at least you get several options. 

What makes this site a formidable competitor in the industry is that each of its registered writers has impeccable grammar. 


  1. You can get content on just about any topic.
  1. This site offers you a pool of writers capable of developing concise content.
  1. You can place an order in multiple ways.
  1. You can get grammatically perfect content from this site.


  1. The writers get to decide the price of a project.
  1. It has a very lengthy review process.


TextBroker is a unique content development platform where you can meet connect to the best of writers. The writers’ pool of this site offers more than 100,000 professionals.

Although TextBroker does not categorize its writers, you can check their deliverability to some extent through the client ratings.

Most importantly, this content broker offers its services in 10 different languages. TextBroker ensures each writer on their platforms is from the respective country.

This site also offers management services at $25.00 per project.

You can see your content ready at a much lower price than Constant Content. The highest-tier writers charge up to 25 cents per word.


  1. You get to choose the perfect candidate from a pool of more than 100,00 writers.
  1.  It offers 10 different platforms. Each dedicated to a specific language.
  1. Best writers do not charge more than 25 cents per word on this platform.
  1. It allows you to place an open order and hire a suitable writer among those who are interested.


  1. It has a higher commission rate compared to its competitors.
  1. The project management services are priced too high.
  1. Very little information is available about the writers.


Everybody wants the best value for money. When you are paying for your business content, you expect that to be exceptionally well.

The last thing you want as a business owner is to hire an incompetent and inexperienced writer.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide which of these sites is a better choice.

After comparing both the sites’ pricing and offerings, we conclude that TextBroker is way cheaper than Constant Content. But, with the second option, you can get better quality content.

If either of these sites does not seem efficient to you, do not worry. There are lots of other content development platforms where you can find the right candidate.

Content Refined– A Better Alternative

Despite proving grammatically correct and well-structured content, there are several disadvantages of hiring a writer on Constant Content.

On the other hand, you may choose TextBroker as it suits your budget, but you will need to compromise with the quality.
You must check out our Content Refined Review to learn more about this better alternative to TextBroker and Constant Content. Besides providing complete development and management services, Content Refined is an expert in marketing your articles and blogs.

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Content Refined – One Year Anniversary – Acquisition and Raising Prices

Just about a year ago I sent you the first email about Content Refined, the content marketing company Maddie Taylor and I founded off of the back of my own content creation process for my money site portfolio. Happy Birthday Content Refined!

The company started with a tiny production team; a manager, two writers and a publisher. Our goals were to hit $10k monthly recurring revenue within 6 months. We quickly realized that this was a really cute goal. In January 2017, we started growing at a rate of 10% per week! This didn’t stop until we hit a bit of a plateau in July and August, but it has picked back up since, due to a few different marketing efforts, finding our ideal clients and word of mouth sales.


What makes Content Refined different from any other content marketing company is that we are very Data Driven!


Our mission at Content Refined is to push the science of Content Marketing forward by creating online content that is optimized to rank on search engines. We do extensive data analysis tests on the effect of different metrics on the performance of our articles in Google. This includes analyzing keyword metrics, word length and the use of various Content Marketing tools. Our tests continue to refine our Content Marketing strategies that will help you – and your business – succeed online.


Content Refined has grown into an agency of 4 full time Project Managers, and about 60 contractors! We’re publishing about 170 quality articles on a weekly basis!


With this being said, we have added a lot of value to Content Refined over the last year…. we’ve improved our systems,

  • Built a team of reliable, professional, experienced writers,
  • Manipulated and crunched data to help your content rank,
  • Hired dedicated management teams to personalize your experience,
  • Invested in a ton of content marketing tools
  • Just completed our first technology focused acquisition ferzy.com


We have done all this, having only raised our prices once over the last year, keeping it budget friendly for our clients.


In addition over the next months we will be rolling out a custom backend client dashboard that will allow allow all our customers to know exactly the status of all their orders at any point.


Well… we’ve made the business decision that we are at the point where we need to raise our prices in order to keep up this level of intensity across the board.

On Tuesday, we will be officially raising our prices, so if you would like to be grandfathered in to our current pricing structure, check out the prices and order before Tuesday!

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