Rank In Google With Certainty – 2 Metrics Reveal That You Will Definitely Rank Well in Google!

Over the last few months we have published a LOT of GREAT content for customers in all industries at ContentRefined.com

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could say with statistically significant confidence what metrics an article needed to hit in order to perform well on Google?

See Inside Our Content Marketing Continuous Improvement Process! (more…)

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How to Scale Content Creation for an Authority Site Systematically

Useful content is the single most important factor in determining your websites success (but not the only) – This is nothing new to anyone!

But turning knowledge into practical application is not always simple!

When I talked about my simple 3 step authority website traffic growth plan I received comments about wanting to see more details specifically about how I go about getting quality/useful content published inexpensively. (more…)

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Cheap Article Writing That Doesn’t Suck – Where to Buy

Getting high quality articles written for a very low cost is a key strength for my online business. In this article and for the first time I share exactly how I get high quality articles created cheaply. Websites having good content has always been important and is only getting more important according to this Matt Cutts interview.

If you are looking for a complete done for you content marketing solution for any of your businesses I highly recommend checking out ContentRefined.com.

Content Refined provides a complete end-end content marketing service from Keyword Research to Content Publishing!

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