10 Best Cloud Storage for Photos 2020

If you went on an amazing trip with your friends, you probably captured all those memorable images on your hard drive. Is there enough space to store all those great images? Or do you have any backup of all those captures just to make sure that you won’t lose them because of a hardware problem?

Well, if you have faced these kinds of problems previously, you should probably change your mind and start using online cloud storage. Do you have any idea what kind of cloud storage would be great for you?

Using Cloud Storage for Data

With technology moving steadily in a forward direction, we are putting more distance between local storage and remote storage and turning to more server-based storage processing, otherwise known as the Cloud.

With the Cloud, you will find fewer local storage requirements and a multitude of other benefits. From Word docs and spreadsheets to PDFs, photos, and other digital assets, you will have seamless access when you use Cloud storage. 

10 Best Cloud Storage for Photos In 2020

This list of top ten best cloud image storage contains the best place to keep your high resolution photos, encrypted security, including more advanced editing options. Also, you can easily access your images from anywhere and anytime you want.

#. Cloudinary: The Leading Image Cloud Storage

Cloudinary is one of the best cloud storage for photos with a large community. It works on image management as well as video management. It directly uploads your images from the browser to the cloud with secure API. You can also manually upload the images and resize them, optimize them, and a lot of other options are there.

See how to scale your page images with the help of GTmetrix and Cloudinary.

Cloudinary manages from Organizing to monitoring all the operations and manipulation as well. Image optimization can also be done with URL based API and SDK for easy integration. It delivers all kinds of image resolution and pixel density to the user.

It also efficiently maintains synchronization across different networks. There are some plugins available for WordPress. But I would like to suggest you not to use those plugins but do it manually with the help of media link.

Special Features:

  • Automatic Optimization
  • AI-based image moderation
  • Video transcription add-on
  • OCR text detection add-on


#. PCloud – Best Secure Online Cloud Storage

PCloud is another best cloud storage for photos that are available since 2013. PCloud provides high storage at a low cost with the highest encrypted security. Every online cloud storage provides free trial for their subscribers so that the user can get an experience of utilization before buying any subscription.


PCloud is also one of those best cloud storage, which provides a free trial to the user. With PCloud, you will get up to 20GB free space and 1GB for every friend if you refer any. After a free trial, you can go for annual and life plans. If you go for a lifetime, then it will give you discounts for using services for a long period of time.

If you don’t like their service, they also have a money-back guarantee plan for 10 days. The clients are also available from Linux, macOS, and Windows if you are setting up on a desktop. You can able to access and sync the images from any device you like to use.

For web clients, you will get to enjoy various tools of Pcloud such as image viewer, editing in just one place. If you are a WordPress user, then you can use the Pcloud plugin to backup the image files as well as edit them, format them. 

You can also get backup service from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, One Drive and Google drive. You can also easily generate a link and share it via Email.

Special Features:

  • Accessibility and multi-device usability
  • Collaboration businesses
  • Unbreakable security
  • Online Backup


#. Sync – Free Image Cloud Storage

Sync is also one of the best cloud storage which provides easy access, store, and shares files and images with the end to end encryption securely. You can also send files to anyone who doesn’t have an account on Sync.


The other features are the same such as file request, password, protection, notification, and permission, etc. It is available for 30 days free trial before moving to the premium plans.

There is an app that is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Androids, and Web as well. To use your images with WordPress, you can create an image link there and send/link it to the WordPress media gallery. Use this guide to know the procedure.

However, on Sync, you don’t have to pay for Zero-knowledge encryption like Pcloud. For those who always look for high security on images, they will go for Sync.com. But there is a disadvantage of Sync that you cannot preview the images through browsers.

Sync Features:

  • End to end encryption
  • Data protection and versioning
  • Sync Vault cloud and Backups


#. Google Photos – Google’s Online Image Cloud Storage

Well, almost all of you have used Google photos for storing your images. It gives unlimited image cloud storage for free, and you can access them from any device. If your mobile device is correctly configured with Google photos, then all the images will be stored there as well as the videos automatically.

However, if we talk about privacy, then Google photos will keep your images private until you share with others. You can even see images offline when network services are not available with you.

One amazing feature of Google Photos is that they can recognize the objects in your image. Whenever you type any keyword that matches your files or images, it will show those images on the top.

It automatically organizes your images according to date so that later you can search for any date you want. Well, there are no other features such as zero-knowledge encryption and client-side encryption like PCloud and Sync.com have.

Like other web-based image servers, you can serve images from Google Drive to your website. If you have a WordPress site, you can use the Google Photos Gallery with Shortcodes plugin to fetch and show your images on the website.

Special Features:

  • Power of search enhancement such as Google Al, ML-based, Quick Access
  • Third-party apps such as CloudLock
  • Migration tools and services

Google Photos

#. Egnyte Connect: Best Cloud Storage

It may be possible that individual users do not prefer this online cloud storage because they don’t give personal plans. The main advantage is that Egnyte Connect gives higher serving speed because it uses a Block-level file copying method in which only the changed/modified part of files are synced.

Their plans require a minimum of 5 users if you want to buy a Business plan or Team plans. As it has effective features for working on photos, you can easily preview and sort the photos from your gallery. It also uses Smartvid.io machine algorithms for recognition features similar to Google photos.

From Egnyte connect, you can open the photos in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and also in Adobe In-design. So far, if you have a business website related to the image or your business faster serving of images, then Egnyte Connect is one of the best options for you. Visit their website and ask for a free trial before getting into the premium plans.

Special Features:

  • Easy access and share with any business productivity app.
  • GDPR Compliances
  • Hybrid deployments
  • Partnership program (Reseller)


#. DropBox: Best Cloud Storage For Photos

We all want proper Synchronization and affordable plans with excellent features that allow us maximum operations with higher encryption security. Dropbox service is one we would like to choose, which is established after the mailbox and drop Carousel.


The features are combined and implemented in service. Along with another file format, you can store your images and share them anywhere you want. like Egnyte connects when users make any changes in files, it will only sync the piece of the file, which is changed and update it automatically.

Deleted files can be recovered in between 30 days, but if you are a Dropbox plus users, recovery time is extended. It has LAN sync features and an increased Synchronization speed. The service is expensive, but it provides pretty good features than other image cloud storage.

The drawback is, it only gives 2 GB free storage space for free trials, which is a little low if you don’t have plans to buy a premium plan. Plus plans offer 1 TB of storage for $10 per month. There are plenty of plugins to share Dropbox files with your WordPress but Dropbox Folder Share is one specific plugin that allows users to show images and thumbnails for preview images.

Special Features:

  • LAN sync features
  • Remote wipe
  • Third-party integration
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Increase Your Free Plan Space Up to 15 GB Using affiliate Program


#. Amazon Photos: Amazon Online Cloud Storage

Amazon Photos is free online photo storage to Amazon Prime members, who can save and share unlimited photos on the desktop, mobile, and Fire devices. The Prime members get unlimited photo storage + 5 GB of storage for videos, documents, and other files in Amazon’s cloud.


The prime member can also invite up to five friends or family members to receive unlimited photo storage and collect photos together in the Family Vault. Amazon Photos is accessible through the following devices:

Desktop Web Browser

  1. Windows or Mac desktop
  2. Fire devices
  3. iOS and Android mobile devices

You can create a shared album with groups, organize them by people, place, and thing. Even you can share your images with bigger screen devices like Amazon Fire TV and so on. If someone wants to print any images on a gift card or personalized gifts, then it can be easily done with Amazon Photos.

For WordPress users, there is another option to serve your images from Amazon S3. You can also move all the images from your WordPress account to the cloud with Amazon S3.

Amazon Photos

#. Onedrive: Microsoft File Hosting Service

OneDrive is published by Microsoft. The application is already built-in with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. The user can store and recover deleted files or images until they are purged from OneDrive. It uses Geo locations data for photo services.


You can tag location from the map and people as well when the photo is uploaded.

However, it also uses PhotoDNA scanning tool, which keeps the users in control and identifies similar images, videos etc. It has concordance with other web services such as Outlook.com, Windows live groups. From which you can easily store directly to OneDrive and share it with your friends.

The drawback is that the folder should be located on NTFS. The service offers 5 GB of free cloud storage for new users. You can access OneDrive on Windows, Mac, Xbox, iOS, and Androids.

WP Media folders plugin allows you to access your OneDrive files directly from WordPress, and add, edit or remove media.

Special Features:

  • Advanced Sync Technology
  • API access
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Edit & annotate files

One Drive

#. 500px: Photography Community + Online Image Cloud Storage

If you are a photo enthusiast or want to make your photography the best, then 500px is the best option for you. As the service uses algorithm so that views, likes, comments are allowed and if you get more plus then your page will get one of the popular pages.


This makes the application more engaging. 500px is one of the best cloud storage that gives direct communication between photographers and clients by putting marketplace feature.

You can also add a watermark and license to your photos. You can also preview your photos in various categories, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. The encryption password can be used for security propose also.

To use 500px with WordPress, you can use these three plugins. All of them are great, so choose one of them considering your requirements. Here are the WordPress plugins Media Manager Plus500px WidgetWP 500px, jsGallery.

Special Features:

  • Marketplace
  • Various category options
  • Encryptions Password Protection for security


#. Flickr: Image Hosting Service

Flickr is another popular cloud image storage size of 1 TB, which offers free plans to the user. It also offers monthly plans of $5.99, and annual will be of $49.99 with amazing features added to it.


You can easily upload the photo by clicking on the upload icon, and then you can also make a tag on the photo. As like 500px, Flickr is also not accepting RAW files. You can also use Flickr in Android and iOS.

You can easily share your entire photostream folder. You can also generate a link and share them via Email. There are lots of plugins available to use flicker photos with WordPress. Install any one you like the most.



As we have mentioned the 10 best cloud storage for WordPress, you can easily choose which cloud storage will be best for you. We have also included the variously available plugins for each in the list of the best cloud storage.

You can add any of your choices. It is difficult to find all the functionality into one such as ease of use, speed, security, and best value, but here I have optimized the options for you from which you can choose what you want for storing your precious moment captured.

Do share if you have more information about any other good image cloud-based storage for WordPress. Also, I will definitely look for more updates, and if I manage to find one, I will update here on this list.

Cloud Storage FAQ

How do you choose the most secure cloud storage for photos on a budget?

When finding the best cloud storage for photos, you need to take into consideration why you need cloud photo storage. Do you need to make sure there is file sharing as well as storage options? Different models provide users with different benefits. Dropbox is probably the best cloud service for photos if you are a photographer looking for a more cost-effective storage solution.

What is the best cloud storage for photos?

Any of the cloud storage options for photos we have listed above are good. Amazon Photos provides you with unlimited storage, automatic photo uploading, a photo printing service and more. Apple iCloud offer free but limited storage services and automatic photo uploading. 

Is Amazon Prime Photo Storage really unlimited?

Each Amazon customer gets 5 GB of free storage to save, share, and access their photos on their desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Prime members, on the other hand, do receive unlimited photo storage services. In addition, they also receive 5 GB of storage for their videos, documents, and other files.

How secure are your photos in the cloud?

Using a cloud storage solution actually makes it much easier to safeguard your photos. However, there is no one size fits all option either. To really understand how secure your photos will be in the cloud, you need to look at which storage services you are using. Always read the privacy and data policies for whatever service you are going to use. This can help ensure that your images aren’t going to be used in any way you don’t want them to be used. Sometimes you can even create your own cloud storage options.

What can cloud storage do for you?

When you choose the cloud for photo storage, you can save on costs. You will not need to purchase hard disks, pay for the electricity to power storage devices, and there is no software that you will need to manage. It also offers you more in the way of protection because everything is going to be well protected.

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