Can’t Fail FBA Business Plan for Amazon Affiliate Website Owners

One of the “hottest” topics over the last year has been Amazon FBA. Until I saw a competitive edge/unique angle I was not going to participate.

Today’s post is about the unique angle I am planning to take and how it can be replicated to unleash some pretty wild numbers! The best part is if you are reading this website than you likely possess the skills to execute this strategy.

What is Private Label FBA (Fullfillment by Amazon) – Very briefly private label FBA is purchasing products from Alibaba(or similar) putting your logo on them, shipping them to Amazon, and listing them for sale on Amazon at a healthy markup. There is a lot more to it than that but that’s the basic idea. The best source of information I have found (and by coincidence a former customer of mine) is Scott Voelker and a very cool tool for calculating freight costs is at Freightos. I will refer to his great 100+ podcasts and content throughout this post.

Basic FBA Idea:

So what is my unique angle? My strategy is to build/buy Amazon affiliate sites which are selling products that could be easily Private Labelled and become the seller of these products then rinse and repeat consistently.

Basic FBA Idea (more…)

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How to Systematically Build a Six Figure Website

Todays post is from Adam. He is an impressive guy who I have learned a bunch from on a topic I consider one of my strengths – systems! His focus on systematically building a six figure website in 2015 is fantastic. If you read this entire post you will get a good insight into the details of how the members of the six figure challenge are building profitable websites in 2015.

Get the free six figure attack plan we are following here & join the free public group here.

Adam so far has by far the most successful site…in a little over 1 month he has built a site in an extremely competitive niche that is generating HUNDREDs of visitors per day! He keeps sending the group success stories like this one…


Likely if you are on my site you either use systems or want to use systems to build a profitable website. Well todays post we can all learn a lot from!

Take it away Adam…

My name is Adam Trainor, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Six Figure Challenge. Of all the people in the group, I think I’m probably the least tech savvy, and probably the newest to Internet marketing. However, I do have a lot experience when it comes to building a business from the ground up. I managed to orchestrate my own escape from the 9-5 several years ago by building my own offline business, a private tutoring company based in Boston, MA. The formula is actually almost identical for building an on-line business: start as a freelancer, build a client base, hire other service providers as you scale, and then transition from being a service provider to managing other service providers as you continue to build out your business. (more…)

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