AMZTracker Review and my Amazon FBA Product Launch Process

With the start of my new Amazon FBA business back in September I needed to add new tools into my toolkit and systems to my business.

In this post I am going to show you how I use of one of these tools to help run my FBA business.

This will be a review (and I am an affiliate) but more important I will share exactly how I have worked this tool into my business systems!

My unique FBA strategy includes driving traffic to my listing from my authority site and the tool AMZ Tracker has become an integral part of my overall Amazon FBA Business strategy.

My Amazon Product Launch Process & How I Use AMZ Tracker in my FBA Business

  1. When sourcing a product add competitors to AMZ Sales Tracker
    • This can be done while you are researching products and if you want very accurate sales tracking (assuming they have < 1,000 units in inventory).
    • Or the way I have done it is as soon as I decide I am going into a niche and start ordering samples I add the competitors I have identified into AMZTracker to get a historical graph of sales rank etc. This historical view will help me see how often people use promotions in this niche etc.
  2. As soon as listing is live add it to AMZ Tracker
    • As soon as you have created your listing add it to AMZTracker. Even if you don’t have any inventory in yet you can still add it in.
  3. Add keywords (I limit my focus to ONLY 10 keywords)
    • TIP – Although you can enter a TON of keywords I highly recommend you add only ~10 or so per listing so that you can optimize and focus your listing and other efforts around these. I learned this lesson the hard way bye adding in dozens and dozens of keywords for a listing and as a result spread my efforts too thin. I don’t know what the “right” number is to focus on but for me an initial focus on 10 seems to be the right manageable number to both optimize around and focus on.
    • One of the tools AMZTracker has that I am not a huge fan of is its keywords research tool. It simply doesn’t give me the data I want in the way I want it. Maybe I am too used to using Google Keyword Planner or LongTailPro to have given it a fair shot.
  4. Create a SuperURL that rotates through the 10 target keywords
    • One super URL link for my website that has my Affiliate ID
    • One link for promotions, emails, advertising that does not have my Affiliate ID
  5. Launch a ReviewClub promotion
    • Typically I do a 95% off 20 code promotion
    • Like everyone has told you a 100 times! DO NOT use a general Claim Code.
    • I do look at each reviewer and pick reviewers that seem to be in my buying demographic to both get a better review and ideally get a more genuine review.
  6. Track movement on 10 target keywords for one month
  7. Optimize listing to focus on the 5 leading keywords
    1. After 1 month I will see what I am ranking decently for and will focus my efforts on those keywords. I believe it is better to rank in the top few positions for a few keywords and let. To select these keywords I have essentially let Amazon tell me what they want to rank my listing for out of the 10 initial keywords I was targeting and then
      • Adjust my SuperURL that is driving traffic from my website to only focus on the 5 leading keywords
      • Adjust my listing based on the On Page Analyzer
    2. Ongoing Monitoring (daily or weekly)
      • Monitor Negative Reviews
      • Monitor Keyword Ranking
      • Monitor Sales Rank
        • My Listings
        • Competitor Listings

Review of AMZ Tracker Features

  • Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking – The keyword tracking tool is pretty straightforward and provides enough detail to show you how your keywords are performing.
Amazon FBA Keyword Tracker
  • Amazon FBA Sales Rank Tracking – I find this tool VERY useful. By adding in competitors you can really see how much they are doing promotions (high sales in 1-2 days) to determine the cost of buying the same organic sales they are experiencing. I don’t care much about the total inventory number shown but care more about the total sales. Again the best part of this tool is the ability to see on competitors if they are heavily using promotions to drive up their sales rank. This then gives a rough idea of how much you need to be prepared to drive to get equivalent sales rank.
Amazon Sales Rank Tracker
  • FBA Listing Negative Review Alerts – The negative review alerts is not overly helpful. Maybe I am missing the point but there is not a huge benefit I realize with this tool compared to simply logging into my Amazon Seller dashboard and reviewing all feedback both positive and negative to be able to make adjustments to the product.
  • Amazon Listing Search Optimizer – This tool is very handy especially when just starting out to get your listing decently set up. I have continued to use it as a double check to make sure I have my listing optimized. IMPORTAN – Although this tool is useful make sure that your first priority is creating a listing that flows well and converts a human. You can have a perfectly optimized listing according to this tool but if it is terribly written keyword stuffed garbage it won’t be helping you make sales. So first priority should be the “real” people visiting your listing and then you should also ensure you have done a sufficient job of including the components required for Amazons Search Algorithms and this tool is a great check for that second priority.
  • Amazon FBA Keyword Research - This feature I don’t find very useful, unless I am using it wrong it simply generates a TON of suggestions but gives no indication of volume or competition.
  • Super URLs - ONLY use super URLs with your affiliate ID on YOUR website. Do not email super URLs (with your affiliate ID),
  • AMZ Tracker Review Club – This was one of the main selling features for me. Having a review club tied in directly to a tool I already planned on using was a huge bonus. It allows me, as I showed above, to incorporate a large amount of the monitoring and promotions within 1 tool!

AMZ Shark vs AMZ Tracker


AMZ Shark

AMZ Tracker

Listing Keyword Tracking

150 keyword tracking

500 keyword tracking

FBA Sales Rank Tracking

300 listings for sales rank tracking

Unlimited keywords for rank tracking

Negative Review Alerts

300 products monitored for negative reviews

100 products monitored for negative reviews

Listing Optimizer


Yes – Useful one off optimizer to help especially new sellers create a well-optimized listing.

Amazon Keyword Research

Unlimited keyword explorer

Unlimited keyword explorer

Super URL Generator



Review Club

Not Included

Unlimited – Big differentiation for me!

Niche Research

Included – NicheScout

Not included but AMZTracker has a free stand-alone chrome extension “Unicorn-Smasher”


$100/month (with only more expensive options)

$100/month (with both less & more expensive options)

Free Trial



The reason why I went with AMZTracker (although I have only heard good things about AMZShark from experts like Scott from TheAmazingSeller and his detailed resources page) is because of the higher limits for the price as well as the review club.

The edge for AMZ Shark seems to be the niche research but I have been using JungleScout for that and very happy with it.

If you are already using another review club like SnagShout or similar and aren’t using JungleScout than potentially AMZShark would be the right solution to try.

If you don’t already have JungleScout (also highly recommend) than using AMZ Tracker and their Jungle Scout Alternative (Unicorn Smasher) would be a good “

If you would want to think AMZShark is a better fit but want to find an alternative to their review club you can checkout SnagShout.

Does AMZTracker Have a Discount or Free Trial?

I do not have a discount code for AMZ Tracker but as mentioned above there is a free trial for AMZ Tracker.

AMZ Tracker Free Trial

Final Comments

I don’t know about you but typical review articles which are re-hashes of a sales page frustrate me. What AuthorityWebsiteIncome and I stand for is providing useful/actionable/systematized information to help you build your successful online business. My hope is this article although a review of a tool that I am an affiliate for has achieved that…however, I always welcome feedback and if you didn’t find this useful/actionable please let me know!

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