How to Find Your Reviews on Amazon

How to Find Your Reviews on Amazon

Amazon makes it super easy to find some of your most coveted products from the latest technological devices to best-selling books to the coolest toys for your little ones.  

Better yet, they provide you with this Prime membership opportunity that has said items on your front step sometimes in a matter of just hours.

So why isn’t everything on Amazon’s site so readily accessible? Why are you possibly left wondering, “just where can I see my Amazon reviews?”

Your Amazon Account is Overflowing

Well, truth be told, your Amazon account has a LOT going on.  They have to make room for you to be able to check out your previous orders, check shipping, browse, erase your browsing history so your wife doesn’t see the golf clubs you were eyeing up, manage your subscriptions, become a seller, and more.  

Arguably, it can be concluded that you won’t want to reference your own published thoughts on a particular product since you already likely remember how you feel about it.  

But what if you want to double-check what you said?  Or what if you’ve changed your mind about a particular product, and you’d like to edit your review?

You could make it incredibly difficult on yourself and go access all of the items you’ve purchased over time individually and hunt for your review in the product review area, or you can find where your reviews are housed for your convenience within your account.  

The latter is a lot easier.

How to See Your Amazon Reviews on a Browser

In order to check out, edit, delete, or find the URL for any one of your Amazon reviews, follow these simple steps:

You’ll want to start on the Amazon homepage.  Make sure you’re logged in first.

From the homepage, you’ll want to click on “(your), which is located towards the top, and right in the center.


Here, you’ll find your recommended items based on previous purchases, browsing history, and other means of tracking your behavior online (but that’s for another article).

Once you enter your area, you’ll want to click on “Your Profile”.  


Alternatively, you can get to this same area by clicking on “Account & Lists” in the top right corner of the homepage when logged in, followed by “Your Amazon Profile” within the “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” section.

arrow left

Your profile area gives you the opportunity to edit your profile picture, your public information, your location, your interests, and more.  

It’s also where you can review your activity from posts to idea lists to– you guessed it– reviews.  Your profile zone not only provides you with your actual reviews but their stats as well, such as how many were voted as helpful by other shoppers.

To access your reviews, click on “All Activity” and select “Reviews” from the drop-down.

arrow left

Here, you’ll see all of the reviews that you have ever left for any of the products you have purchased within this account on Amazon.

By clicking on the three dots off to the right of any given review, you are given the option to either Edit or Delete each individual review.  This may come in handy if you wrote a rave review for a product that has since suddenly broken, or maybe you’ve come to realize the benefits of the back roller that you thought was a total waste of money.  This is also a great spot to land if your original review prompted a response from the seller who then rectified your situation.  Surely modifying your review to acknowledge how your situation was professionally handled would be extremely helpful and considerate to the seller’s line of business.

arrow left

While the list here only provides snippets of each review, you choose to expand each one by clicking on “See full review”.  

This will open the individual review into its own webpage with its own URL.

arrow left

The URL for the unique review can then be copied and pasted from the URL bar atop the review page. You can share this URL others, or simply save or bookmark it for your reference.

Sharing the URL to a specific review of yours is helpful when making recommendations to friends for useful products. 

How to Access Your Amazon Reviews on a Mobile Device

On Mobile, the process is similar:

Start by opening up the Amazon app.

Click on “Your Account”.

From there, scroll down to Profile (under Personalized Content).

arrow right
arrow left long

This is that same profile area where you can change your profile picture, alter your location, showcase your interests, etc. You can view your profile in private mode, or you can even opt to see it in a public fashion “how others” see it.

From there, scroll down to the Community Activity section.

Use the drop-down to select “Reviews”.

arrow bottom
arrow left

While you can also expand individual reviews on mobile the way you can on your browser, know that you are not able to see the review’s individual URL at this stage in the process.

So, if looking to share a specific review’s URL, this is best performed on a browser.

Final Thoughts

Though they’re not staring right back at you when you log in, there are a handful of different ways you can easily access your existing reviews on Amazon.  You no longer have to ask yourself whether or not there is some easy way to access a condensed version of all of the reviews you’ve ever left.  It exists and is accessible to you at any time. 

Whether you had a change of heart about your experience with a lamp, or you want to share your well-written thoughts with a friend who’s thinking of purchasing an item you already bought, it surely comes in handy to be able to grab one when necessary.

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