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Testzon is a discount website where sellers offer their products at a discount or totally free. It has a huge audience who regularly visits to check the products available and to purchase them. 

Why Customers use Testzon?

Customers or the regular visitors of Testzon consist of everyday people looking for discounted products. Usually, products are advertised at a heavy discount or totally free; customers are looking for these deals to save their money and benefit from the offer on testzon.

Why sellers use Testzon?

Amazon sellers who want to get reviews or improve their sales velocity advertise their products on Testzon. The purpose of increasing the sales velocity is to improve their ranking to get more organic orders.

Is it beneficial to use Testzon?

An Amazon seller who just started selling or does not have enough sales looks for ways to increase daily orders. On the other side, customers on Amazon focus on these two major factors for purchasing a product:

  1. Ranking of the Product
  2. Reviews of the Product 

Usually, the sellers with low sales lack in one of the above two or in both. You may ask how the ranking concerns the buyer; well, buyers can only purchase the products they can see. When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, hundreds of sellers offer it, but customers only check the top lists. So, until you have a good product ranking, your product listing is not visited many times, so you are getting low sales. No matter how much excellent quality or low-priced Product you are offering on Amazon, you will not be able to get good sales without a good product ranking. As far as the reviews are concerned, the customers on Amazon read those reviews to check if the previous customers liked or disliked the product. In other terms, the reviews reflect the customer experience and quality of the product. 

To improve your product ranking and get more reviews on Amazon, you need more sales. Since sellers can’t get these essentials sales, they offer their products for free or at heavy discounts on websites like Testzon. You can call sales obtained by this method Assisted sales. More are the assisted sales you get higher will be your sales velocity. Due to this increased sales velocity, Amazon will also improve your product ranking so that more customers can check your Product and purchase it.

How to get reviews from Testzon?

As per Amazon policy, you cannot offer an incentive or give a free Product in exchange for a review. So, it is not possible to ensure that all the buyers who purchased your product from Testzon, will also leave a review. However, you can request the buyers on Testzon to write an honest review about your Product (please note asking for an honest review is not against Amazon policies). 

While requesting the buyers make an emotional appeal, tell them that their review will benefit your business and help the other customers to know about this brand. Usually, the customers don’t want to waste time writing reviews; however, you can persuade them to write a review with an emotional message.

How to select the product testers?

Testers or customers interested in purchasing your Product will apply on your advertisement on Testzon, and then you have to decide who you want to allow for purchasing your Product. Check the Amazon profiles of these customers; check if they have left reviews previously or not. 

If it is a new profile or has not left any reviews, chances are that he/she will not write a review for you. If the buyer leaves detailed reviews with images and videos of the products they purchased, this means that the customer often writes reviews and will also leave a review for you. 

However, if a customer is writing reviews on every purchase made from Amazon, then there are high chances that Amazon may find this suspicious and block his/her account from writing more reviews. So, try to avoid such customers.

Offering discount coupons or refunding through PayPal?

Creating a discount coupon and letting your customers use it may seem easier as compared to asking them to purchase your product at full price and then sending them a refund through PayPal. But if we discuss this in terms of impact on ranking, the purchase done at full price has a higher impact than the purchase done with a discount code. Also, if a product is purchased using 50% or higher discount coupon, then the customer’s reviews are shown as non-verified reviews on Amazon.  If you don’t have PayPal, then you can also use Gift Cards or Stripe for refunding.

Don’t give the direct link of your Product

The customers on Testzon will need the link to your Product for purchasing it. Should you give the direct link or not? 

If you give your Product’s direct link, the customer will click on it, visit your product page, and check out immediately. In all of this, you have missed the keyword on which you wanted to improve your ranking. Instead of this direct link, you can use a super URL. 

Super URL

The Super URL has embedded your target keyword and your Product’s ASIN in it. If the customers click on the Super URL and go to your product listing, on the backend, it appears as if they have typed your target keyword on Amazon and then opened your Product. This will also improve your Product’s ranking on that keyword, and this has no difference in the customers’ purchase process.


Some people who purchased your Product (at a heavily discounted price) from these discount websites later may try to resell it by attaching with your listing. They are called hijackers. 

Since they are not selling a counterfeit but the original Product they initially purchased from you, you will not be able to knock them off from your listing. To avoid such a situation, don’t allow the customers from Testzon to purchase more than one unit of your Product. By limiting the number of units a customer can purchase, you will also save yourself from these hijackers.

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Is Testzon recommended?

This website is legit, and you can use it, but do not allow bulk purchasing of your Product because this will attract hijackers. Follow all the tips shared in this article, and you will not have any problem dealing with customers on Testzon. You can maximize testzon benefit with Samurai.Social by improving your influencer on amazon,.

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