FullyRebate Review – Get 100% Free Stuff on Amazon

If you are not yet getting a full rebate for the products you’re already ordering on Amazon, you are sorely losing out. From RebateKey to ExtremeRebate to topcashback, rebate portals are popping up just about everywhere as sellers strive to get their products into the right hands in our digital era. 

One such portal is FullyRebate. Using FullyRebate, sellers list a certain amount of their products that are available for purchase and then redeemable for a full rebate or 100% cash back.

How Does FullyRebate Work?

While getting fully rebated products is a no-brainer, it’s even easier to get started.

  • Create an account
  • Complete a purchase of any of the items featured on the site
  • Take a screenshot of your order confirmation
  • Provide that order number and screenshot to FullyRebate
  • Earn points for items by promoting the platform on social media

That’s it. Your rebate arrives typically at the time of shipping, so, if you rush shipping, your rebate will arrive sooner than later, and vice versa. 

FullyRebate requires a certain amount of points from the user per weekly product redemption, which inspires the site’s promotion.

Do I Have to Write a Review?

No.  Reviews are typically encouraged on rebate platforms, but, if they were to require them, they would be going against Amazon’s TOS. 

Sites such as ExtremeRebate do not exactly require reviews, but they do have influential means of motivating you to leave positive reviews for your sellers.  

For one, they have a cap in place so that you cannot continue to acquire more than three products unless you have left a review. While they cannot insist that it be positive, your reviews generate a rating within the platform. If you review your sellers highly, your rating will reflect such.  Sellers are therefore more likely to want to work with you if you are likely to positively review their product(s). 

In order to continue to acquire products, then, it’s evident why you’d feel self-motivated to leave a plethora of positive reviews, no matter the actual product quality or outcome.

Competitors such as Samurai.Social set themselves apart by not even encouraging reviews. Instead, the campaigns and available partnerships on Samurai.Social are genuine, a characteristic that likely shines through in the products up for rebate.

What’s In It for the Seller?

Sellers are drawn to rebate portals because they theoretically help get products into the “right hands”. Some buyers are particularly good at promoting products of which they think highly, so, as these same buyers seek out opportunities on rebate portals, the sellers profit by being connected to those who are mostly likely to promote their product. 

Also, providing free products to consumers is an ideal way to introduce someone new to your brand at all. It’s a great way to solidify a return customer beyond the rebate potential. It’s also an effective means of driving new traffic to your Amazon store. 

What’s In It for the Buyer?

Did I mention free stuff? Obviously, the buyer makes out with either a partially or fully rebated product. The buyer also usually has no obligation to leave a review per Amazon’s TOS, so it’s a pretty simple, moral process.

The buyer also has the opportunity to check out new products they may have otherwise not taken a chance on if the product wasn’t going to be free to them.

What if I Don’t Get My Rebate?

You will! At least, you should. There have only been some instances online where users noted sellers claiming that purchases were canceled when in fact they had not been. For the most part, the portals are a safe and reliable means of acquiring cash back in exchange for a product.

Some rebate platforms use a third party to ensure that purchases occur and funds are released to the buyer once all terms have been met (I.e. no cancellation of the product purchased). Samurai.Social is one such performer of this practice. This unbiased system is a safe means of protecting both the buyer and the seller. In this case, there’s no concern on the seller’s behalf as to whether or not the buyer’s purchase went through, and the buyer can feel assured that the cash value of their product is being housed safely and it cannot be withheld by the seller for any unforeseeable issue. 

On the contrary, sites such as FullyRebate use payment systems like PayPal. While this is a safe, efficient idea, it may leave too much room for error. There is no housing of funds and it relies heavily on the seller coming through on their word following the product purchase. I suppose this is why cancellations are strictly prohibited on the site.

Is It Too Good to Be True?

Nope. It’s no different than walking past a promotional table at a festival and then telling your friends about the free bottle opener you got there and how convenient it’s been for you. Sellers are looking to introduce their products and have people talk about them positively, influencing and increasing their customer base. We live in a digital world, so look at rebate portals as this same vendor festival table, but in digital form.

Drawbacks, though minor and would vary per site, might include the lack of variety of products available and, of course, having to front payment for the product until the rebate has been released. 

Do I Have Any Other Options?

There are plenty of rebate portals with similar concepts. It all depends on how obligated or willing you feel when it comes to reviews, and sites vary by the amount of products available, the type of products available, just how much cash back can be redeemed, and what sort of regulations are in place to support both the buyers’ and sellers’ goals. 

Samurai.Social’s unique spin sprinkles the rebate concept with that of everyone online having the potential to be an influencer. Beyond Amazon, the site puts sellers in touch with consumers who are interested in partnering for more than rebated products. From social media campaigns to blog posts, the platform supports genuine partnership.  Its means of payment via escrow and its lack of pushing reviews make the platform an absolute go-to for promotional and rebate finds.


SnagShout vs Jumpsend

SnagShout vs Vipon

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Snagshout vs Jumpsend – Which is Best for Sales and Reviews?

Are you a new Amazon seller struggling to get sales?  Do you have low reviews and want to improve your review velocity? Are you thinking of using Jumpsend or Snagshout for getting more sales and reviews?

snagshout vs jumpsend

If the answer is yes, then keep reading. This article will explain everything you need to know before using any of these platforms.

You may have noticed that when you list your product on Amazon, its Ranking is not very good, which causes low to zero sales. While searching for a product, Amazon customers don’t bother to check products after the first two pages of search results since your new listing does not show in the top two pages; this is why you don’t get sales. If you manage to improve your product ranking, your product will be viewed by more customers, which will also increase your product’s sales. 

How to get more sales on Amazon?

It is clear now that you have to improve your product ranking to get more sales. Now, the most critical question is how to improve the Ranking? 

To understand this, first, we have to learn how the Amazon A9 Algorithm works and how it decides to improve a product’s Ranking. 

Amazon A9 Algorithm

In the Amazon A9 Algorithm, many factors contribute to the improvement of your product’s Ranking, but Sales Velocity is the primary game player. The logic behind this is quite simple if a product is getting more sales, this means it is a good product and customers like it; hence Amazon will improve its Ranking so that more customers can see this product and purchase it. All of this will give a better customer experience, and Amazon will also make more money. 

How to get sales for better Ranking?

There aren’t any sales already on your new product, and yet you need more sales to improve your Ranking; this may sound confusing and complex, but you don’t have to worry; we got you covered here.  For getting those initial sales, you can advertise your product at a discounted price and drive traffic/sales from other platforms to your listing. This way, your sales velocity will increase, your product’s Ranking will also get better and organic sales on Amazon will also boost.  

These are some ways used to drive the Audience to your listing and getting the initial sales:

  1. Discount Website: There are many discount or rebate websites like Jumpsend, Snagshout or Vipon, RebateKey, ExtremeRebate, FullyRebate etc. which have a large number of customers visiting them regularly to find discounted products. You can advertise your product (at a discounted price) on these websites to drive sales to your listing and improve your Ranking on Amazon. This is a very easy and cost-effective method that you can use to increase your sales velocity.
  2. Influencer Marketing: You can approach influencers related to your niche and ask them to advertise your product in front of their Audience; in exchange, you will have to offer them a commission. This is also an effective method, but it is very expensive and complex until you are using services like Samurai.Social.
  3. Facebook Groups: There are many groups on Facebook on which sellers offer their products for free, and customers visit these groups regularly to find such deals. But this method is not much effective and does not give much improvement in the Ranking of your product.  
  4. PPC: Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is also a good option for attaining more traffic on your list. But it is expensive, and the difficulty level involved in this is also high.

The best approach is using Discount Websites (Influencer Marketing with the help of services like Samurai.Social is also a good approach, but we will discuss it in another article). 

In this article, we will discuss these two discount Websites:
1) Jumpsend (owned by Jungle Scout now)

2) Snagshout


Jumpsend is an Amazon deals site where customers regularly visit to find deals for purchasing discounted products. 

This Audience can be used by Amazon sellers who seek to improve their product ranking. For this, you have to make discount coupons and advertise your product on Jumpsend. Customers from this platform will collect those coupons and purchase your product from Amazon. This, in turn, will increase your sales velocity giving you a better ranking. As your product ranking improves, you will also start getting organic sales. You can stop the coupons whenever you want. 


You can do promotion campaigns in the US & UK markets; Jumpsend has customers for these two marketplaces.

Email Campaigns

Jumpsend has been purchased by Jungle Scout (another company that offers tools/services for Amazon sellers). Since the official merging of Jumpsend in Jungle Scout, there are some new features that you can also use now.  Email campaigns are one of the most essential tools you can use to get reviews or save yourself from bad reviews. Before getting into more detail about this tool, let’s explore how many ways are there for getting reviews.

How to get reviews on Amazon?

You can use the following methods:
1) Organic Reviews: Organic way of getting reviews means that you are not doing any type of campaign to obtain reviews on Amazon. The organic review rate is 1% or even less in some cases, which means that if 100 customers purchase your product, only 1 customer will leave a review. 

2) Insert Cards: You can add some inserts in your product to ask your customers to leave a review. Inserts can also be used to give instructions about your product or help the customer to register for any warranty you may offer. 

3) Follow-Up Emails or Email Campaigns: Email campaigns are those follow-up emails that you can send to your customers who purchased your product and ask them to leave a review. You can also use these emails to send instructions for using/assembling the product or simply ask for feedback about their experience.

Insert Cards and Email campaigns are handy to boost your reviews. Email campaigns are much more straightforward and inexpensive. For the insert cards, you will need your supplier’s help to print them and put them in your product packaging, but the supplier will charge you for this service.

With Jungle Scout Email Campaigns’ help, you can send emails to all of your customers and ask them to write a review. Emails will not be sent only to those customers who purchased your product through Jumpsend but all the customers who bought your product from Amazon. Jungle Scout also has some pre-written templates which you can use for those email campaigns.

How to avoid Negative Reviews?

Some products are complex to use or require certain steps to follow, and some require assembling different parts before the customers can use them properly. Due to the complexity involved in this whole process, the customers sometimes are unable to use the product properly, which leads them to think that the product quality is not good, and due to this, they will leave a negative review. In such cases, sending emails to the customers and giving instructions about the proper way to use or assemble the product will save you from getting negative reviews. 

If you are working in such a niche, it is also recommended to use insert cards in order to give clear instructions related to the use or assembly of the product.

Getting reviews & Amazon TOS

While writing the email campaigns or insert cards for asking the customers to leave reviews, make sure to use neutral language and don’t ever ask for a positive review. Asking for positive reviews or offering a free product in exchange for a review is against Amazon TOS, and if you do that, Amazon may suspend your listing. 

If a customer purchases a product at a heavy discount, like 50% – 90% off, and then writes a review: this review will not appear as a verified review. Instead, Amazon shows it as a non-verified review.

Inventory Protection

Some customers who use your discount coupons try to purchase more than one unit from your inventory. In some extreme situations, sellers who created coupons had all of their stock wiped out within a few days, which resulted in a huge loss for them. Jungle Scout has created an inventory protection feature to avoid such a situation, enabling you to restrict the number of units a customer can purchase. 


Some people who purchased your product (at a heavily discounted price) from these discount websites later may try to resell it by attaching to your listing. They are called hijackers. 

Since they are not selling a counterfeit but the original product they purchased from originally you, you will not be able to knock them off from your listing. To avoid such a situation, Jungle Scout will keep track of the customers on Jumpsend, and if anyone tries to do this, they will blacklist that customer. This may not help the seller who got the hijacker issue, but this can protect future sellers from that hijacker. 


The Pricing offered is also very economical; you can choose from any of the plans shown below. They also offer a 14 day free trial period to check if you like the service or not.

These are some great reviews about Jungle Scout & Jumpsend:


Snagshout is similar to Jump send. It allows you to put your product in front of their large Audience, who regularly visits their website to find discounted products.


Snagshout is only available in the US. You can use it only if you are selling on Amazon.com. 


Snagshout offers a 7-day free trial; after which you have to choose your plan from these:

Cash Back Promotion

Cash Back is a promotion in which instead of using a coupon code, the customer purchases your product at full price, and then the discount amount is sent to the customer’s PayPal or Stripe account by Snagshout. Since the customer has purchased at full price, this type of customer order creates a higher impact on your Ranking. You can also ask the customer to perform some actions to obtain the cash back. These actions are listed below:

  1. Lifestyle Photo 

You can ask the customer to send a photo while using the product. 

  1. Video Review 

The customer will have to make a video while using the product or explaining his thoughts about the product in the video.

  1. Social Action

You can ask the customer to perform some social actions.

  1. Survey Action

You ask the customer to perform a survey and provide feedback about the product.

You can use these actions to improve your product and build a social proof of your brand. 

Setting the Coupon Codes

There is no option in Snashout to limit the number of units a customer can purchase using your coupons. You will have to do this setting manually from your Seller Central. 

Here are a couple SnagShout reviews:


Both Jumpsend (which is part of Jungle Scout now) and Snagshout are great platforms with a large audience that you can use to improve your product’s Ranking. Now, let’s compare the difference between them:

Price: Jumpsend is much cheaper than Snagshout. 

Marketplace: Jumpsend is available in both US & UK marketplaces, while Snagshout is only available in the US. If you are selling in the UK market, then Jumpsend is more suitable for you.

Email Campaign: Snagshout does not have any feature like the email campaign. You can use another tool like feedbackwhiz.com for sending follow-up emails to your customers; however, you will have to pay separately for this service. 

Inventory Protection: Snagshout does not have an inventory protection feature to limit the number of products a customer can purchase, but you can also set this limit from your seller central account.

Hijackers: Jungle Scout team constantly monitors the customers on Jumpsend and blacklists those who try to resell the product purchased from there. Although this is not much of a help if a hijacker has already attacked you, but they are trying to resolve this issue. On the other hand, Snagshout does not have this feature.

Cash Back Promotion: Jumpsend does not have cash back promotions. The action cash back promotions are only available in Snagshout; their customer quality and cash back promotions are the features that set them apart from the other discount websites. If you want to establish social proof of your brand or create more brand awareness, then Snagshout is the best option for you.

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Vipon vs Snagshout

Are you an Amazon seller looking to drive sales? Considering to Vipon or Snagshout to help? If yes, then you should know that after listing your product on Amazon, the customers will not start purchasing.

Why do I say this?

The answer is that most of the customers, when searching for a product on Amazon, don’t go beyond the first and second page of the search result. On the other side when your product becomes live on Amazon, it is not even close to the first two pages. Due to this, those customers are not able to see your product and hence make a purchase. In short, to get discovered by the customers and sell your product, you have to rank it to the top. The better the ranking, the more your product will be seen by the customers, and the higher are the chances to get more sales.

If you are comparing snagshout and jumpsend I compare these tools here.

How to Rank on Amazon?

The primary goal of Amazon is to provide a fantastic customer experience and to make money. For doing this, they award the products that sell well by giving them a higher product ranking so that more customers can purchase them. In other words, the core factor in obtaining a better ranking on Amazon is having a high sales velocity.

Since you are not getting enough sales organically, you will now have to get sales artificially to improve your sales velocity. To get these artificial sales, you can offer your product on discount websites that have a large customer base who regularly visit those websites and make purchases from them.

How the discount website work?

You create discount coupons for your product and then advertise it at the discounted price on those discount websites. Customers from that particular website will use that coupon to purchase your product from Amazon; this way, you will have a better sales velocity, improving your ranking.

In this article, you will learn about two famous discount websites and the difference between them. These websites (as you may already have guessed from the title) are:

1.       Vipon

2.       Snagshout

There are many similar services like ExtremeRebate, Samurai.Social, FullyRebate etc 


Vipon has a vast audience, and its customer engagement is also good. This audience regularly visits to find new deals and make a purchase.


Vipon has shoppers not only from the United States (amazon.com) but  from these other marketplaces too:

·          UK (amazon.co.uk) 

·          Canada (amazon.ca) 

·          Germany (amazon.de) 

·          France (amazon.fr) 

·          Japan (amazon.co.jp) 

·          Italy (amazon.it) 

·          Spain (amazon.es)

·          India (amazon.in)



Advertising your products on Vipon is not free, and you have to pay their monthly fee. Their monthly plans start from a minimum of $100 & $200, which is ideal for a new seller.

Once subscribed, you will be charged every month. If you don’t want to be charged automatically, you will have to cancel the subscription.

Promotion Code

You have to offer at least a 50% discount promotion for using Vipon. This is because they want more customers to get attracted and purchase your product.

Advertisement types

Apart from the regular deals, Vipon offers two more advertising types for you: Banner and Featured Deals

1.       Banner

The banner advertising type shows on the top of the Vipon Homepage. You don’t have any minimum discount requirement to advertise here and it is not limited to Amazon products only. However, they charge $1000 for 4 days of banner advertisement.

2.       Featured Deals

Featured deals are also pinned to the homepage on Vipon, but the duration is of one day only, and the charges for this are $200 if you are a paid member (US site) and $300 if you are a regular seller (US site).

Here are a couple great Vipon reviews:


Snagshout also gives you the benefit of putting your product in front of their large audience.


Snagshout is only available in the US. You can use it only if you are selling on Amazon.com.


Snagshout offers a 7-day free trial; after which you have to choose your plan from these:

Promotion Code

The promotion code on Snagshout should be at least 20% off. Apart from the discount coupons, you can also offer cash back.

Cash Back Promotion

Cash Back is a promotion in which instead of using a coupon code, the customer purchases your product at full price, and then the discount amount is sent to the customer’s PayPal or Stripe account by Snagshout. Since the customer has purchased at full price, this type of customer order creates a higher impact on your ranking. You can also ask the customer to perform some actions to obtain the cash back. These actions are listed below:

1.       Lifestyle Photo

You can ask the customer to send a photo while using the product.

2.       Video Review

The customer will have to make a video while using the product or explaining his thoughts about the product in the video.

3.       Social Action

You can ask the customer to perform some social actions.

4.       Survey Action

You ask the customer to perform a survey and provide feedback about the product.

You can use these actions to improve your product and build social proof of your brand.

Setting the Coupon Codes

While creating your coupon codes for any of these platforms, make sure that one code can only be used to make only one purchase. Otherwise, they will be able to purchase your heavily discounted product multiple times, due to which you may run out of stock without making any profit from those sales.

Here are a couple SnagShout reviews:


Both Vipon and Snagshout are legit and great platforms to use for improving your ranking.

Snagshout is only limited to the US, and if you are selling in some other marketplace, then Vipon is the better option for you. Vipon has a very largest customer base that can be used to get sales quickly, but you have to offer your product at a heavily discounted price in order to use Vipon.

If you are a US seller, then why not use the trial period of Snagshout and see if it is beneficial for you or not. Snagshout has better customer quality, and their action cashback promotions can build social proof and create more awareness about your product.

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Is Extreme Rebate Legit or a Scam?

As Amazon has skyrocketed over the years in terms of popularity and capability, so has the number of services that are able to use the platform to get their client’s products into the hands of their target audience.  The organizations in question?  Rebate portals such as ExtremeRebate and Samurai.Social. With the potential profit of selling on Amazon being so high sellers are always looking for opportunities to drive sales/reviews… this is why services like these exist. 

extremerebate legit or scam

Rebate portals are platforms that allow buyers to receive products either for free or at an exceptionally discounted rate.  Hundreds of products are typically added daily.  It’s an attractive gig for buyers for obvious reasons.  They get to purchase products that they want or need for next to nothing.  Sellers are motivated by the opportunity to earn a positive review from buyers who are the most likely to do so, a rating that is earned and then indicated within the portal.  There has been question regarding the legitimacy of such partnerships, but the portals, for the most part, strive to adhere to Amazon’s terms of service.


On ExtremeRebate, you can receive up to 100% cash back when purchasing products on Amazon.  While sellers cannot require that you write a positive review for them, it is anticipated, and procedures are even put in place in order to strongly encourage such.

To qualify as a member, you just sign up on their website and note your Amazon profile within registration.  Sellers create listings with offers (i.e. “100% cash back”).  Once you are a member, you can peruse these listings and express interest where it applies.

Rebates are provided on ExtremeRebate in one of two ways: vouchers or rebates.  

If opting to receive by rebate, you request products that you want or need and await seller approval.  You then purchase the products through Amazon and submit the order ID on ExtremeRebate within two days of order.  Once confirmed, ExtremeRebate will utilize your PayPal account to provide cash back.

If using the voucher method, go ahead and request the preferred product, look out for an Amazon promo code via email within 48 hours of this request, and then purchase the product(s) through Amazon, making sure you enter the promo code at time of order in order to reflect your discount.

The method utilized is up to the buyer’s discretion.  Some prefer the voucher method since this gives the discount up front and at the time of order without having to wait for the rebate to be processed or having to “front” payment. 

It’s important to reflect a good rating to sellers as this will make them more likely to want to work with you.  You will rank as a “best buyer” to interested sellers if you tend to leave positive reviews for the products you typically purchase.  So, to increase your chances of obtaining a product for that maximum 100% cash back, it’s a good idea to begin positively reviewing the items within your Amazon order history.

In an effort to regulate the number of products provided, and to ensure that buyers are providing the anticipated reviews, ExtremeRebate has tiers and limits in place.  Once expected reviews are submitted, the tiers and limits adjust accordingly.


Amazon’s terms of service aim to prohibit any sort of official agreement where buyers write falsified reviews to encourage others to purchase products that may not live up to buyer expectations.  This is understandable as Amazon aims to provide reviews that are helpful and truthful to ensure their customers feel as though they can trust the platform. 

In this case, these rebate portals cannot outright insist or require buyers to leave positive reviews.  The limits in place, however, strongly encourage this sort of practice.  If buyers do not leave positive reviews, then their opportunity to pursue other fully rebated products is removed.  It is a questionable tactic that ExtremeRebate employs the use of limits to garnish a review from buyers.  While not a scam, the use of a limit to extort a positive review is arguably frowned upon.

That being said, there is not much illegitimacy to the participants or sellers themselves.  The seller utilizes rebate portals at the expense of their actual products, and they risk the chance that the recipient could leave a less than satisfied review.  The buyer legitimately receives the requested products and they do have the opportunity to leave an honest, even negative review using their actual Amazon profile.  Of course, this will impact the buyer’s rating within the portal.

Here is a similar review on FullyRebate to see if it is legit.


Consumers should be aware that Amazon actively seeks out and bans users who perform tactics that go against their terms of service and they also reserve the right to delete reviews in suspicious circumstances.  This sort of protection is put in place for the end consumer who has no knowledge of rebate platforms and buys with heavy investment into the provided reviews.

As a buyer on Amazon outside of the rebate portal process, it is always important to consider the existence of platforms such as these at time of order and when factoring the weight of reviews into your decision. 

It’s vital for buyers to research products above and beyond the Amazon site to ensure the product will live up to their expectations.  Should it not, however, Amazon’s return policy and customer service is unparalleled. 


As can be expected in most third-party transactions, be forewarned that the seller does not cover any applicable Amazon shipping charges, nor do they pay for PayPal fees.  PayPal is the preferred means of providing cash back within ExtremeRebate.

To maximize the benefits for both parties, it is a good idea to pursue products that suit your tastes and purchase those that are likely to satisfy your needs.  This is a moral means of participating in the program as a buyer.  As a seller, ensure that the effort you put into the quality of your product supersedes the effort you put into compensating positive reviewers for said product.

Even in our digital age, nothing beats organic promotion or “word of mouth”, and nothing certainly beats search engines’ ever-changing algorithms when bloggers and news outlets speak their truth about your products and its misleading reviews.


As could be expected for competition in the marketplace, several rebate portals exist, but each carry their own unique benefits.  Sites like topcashback, Rebatekey, Rebaid, Vipon or Snagshout, Jumpsend and Amazon Rebate Club only offer a maximum of 8% cashback, but their requirements and limits may be less strict than ExtremeRebate.

Samurai.Social is a newer platform that encourages the concept that “everyone is an influencer”.  It is rebate-based and their website reiterates that they strive to stay compliant with Amazon’s TOS by not requiring that buyers leave an Amazon review at all, unlike the limits and expectations put in place by its competitor, ExtremeRebate. 

Sellers and buyers alike are enticed by the multitude of promotional offerings available on Samurai.Social beyond Amazon.  Sellers are able to post campaigns requesting promotion across social media channels, for example.  influencers can register accordingly.  The platform truly pairs sellers with ideal promotional influencers and gives buyers the opportunity to enjoy the products they need while aiding in its growth within its targeted audience.  Buyers agree to promote products within their own legitimate social media profiles and they motivate followers by turning them into consumers. 

What’s even more attractive about Samurai.Social is the opportunity for lower-scale partnerships that benefit the buyer, the seller, and the potential follower-turned-consumer.  One live campaign alludes to the promotion of a messy hair bun accessory.  If already a fan of said accessory, and if already sporting said accessory on social media, how much sense it makes to speak to the benefits of that accessory openly to your following and be compensated in the form of a free product by the seller.  If you are already likely to purchase and promote items that you like, it’s simply sensical for sellers to be guided towards those who are most likely to do so.  Platforms such as Samurai.Social simply provide sellers with a narrowed likelihood that they are sharing their products with positive, influential consumers. 

Samurai.Social’s legitimacy is evident to buyers and sellers alike.  Their effort to create genuine, honest partnerships is admirable.  It speaks to the quality of the products themselves when their leaders are outwardly seeking promotional tactics more in line with organic growth than agreeing to compensate strangers for “fake reviews”.  It is undoubtedly a bit more impactful when a social media influencer shares the truth of a product with their own family and friends than it is to have an Amazon username leave five stars with exaggerated language to help sell said product.   

Taken from one actual live campaign currently on the site, a seller describes his project as, “I am looking for a real buyer and blogger who can help me promote my product and provide honest feedback.”

In this digital marketing age, no one could ask for anything more.

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