Top 7 Unique AI Content Generators

AI content generators produce text that resembles human-written content when provided with proper guidance. While there isn’t a perfect tool that can generate content exactly as desired, these AI tools are valuable in consolidating relevant information into a single platform. This allows users to make adjustments according to their preferred style and presentation, eliminating the need for manual efforts.

After extensive research and experimentation, I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the best tools for AI-generated content that can be seamlessly integrated into your WordPress site. These tools streamline the content creation process, eliminating the need to use multiple tools to achieve desired results. 

Additionally, they simplify keyword research, aiding in developing your website’s content structure and enhancing its topical authority.

#1. GetGenie AI

GetGenie AI is awesome. Because it’s not a standalone tool for generating the content, you get access to tools like keyword analysis, keyword trends, competitor analysis, content intro, and outline, all in one dashboard, before you generate actual content for your target topic. 

GetGenie AI

You have a total hierarchy of toolsets to know your topic’s competition and search volume; preparing the content headline structure based on your competitors which is an important step in preparing for your content production.

Then you get a fully functional editor, just like in WordPress to manually adjust your contents. You can also download the GetGenie WP plugin and configure it within WordPress to bring all these features into your WordPress content production area.

Isn’t that great?

Let’s look into the key features of this awesome tool:

  1. SEO-Optimized Content: GetGenie AI can help you in generating content that is optimized for search engines, enhancing your website’s visibility.
  2. Suitable for Short and Long-Form Content: Whether you require concise snippets or extensive articles, GetGenie AI proves effective for both short and long-form content generation.
  3. Competitor Analysis Feature: GetGenie AI offers a competitor analysis feature, enabling you to gain insights into your competitors’ strategies and create compelling content accordingly.
  4. Live Content SEO Scores: GetGenie AI provides live SEO scores for your generated content, helping you optimize it for better search engine rankings.


GetGenie AI offers a free plan for WordPress users, providing 1500 AI word generation credits and other resources per month. Additionally, premium packages are available with a 14-day money-back guarantee. The payment options include monthly and annual plans.

You can begin utilizing the power of this AI tool starting at $19 per month. The basic plan includes 12,000 words, 40 SEO keyword analyses, and 20 competitor SERP analyses per month. The pricing can be upgraded to $82.50 per month, offering 150,000 words, 600 SEO keyword analyses, and 200 competitor SERP analyses.


Another awesome AI content generator plugin is Bertha AI which is an impressive content generation platform tailored for marketers and writers. Bertha is more like Jasper and Copy AI but brings their abilities into your WordPress site. 

It comes with pre-designed content templates, such as engaging product copies and captivating articles, which you can manipulate according to your content goals. This WP plugin brings is the ability to generate AI images from your WP post editor.

Let’s explore some of the key features:

  1. Expert Web Copies: Bertha excels in creating compelling web copies that engage and captivate readers. Whether you need persuasive sales copy or engaging website content, Bertha can deliver.
  2. Image and Illustration Creation: Bertha goes beyond text generation by offering the ability to create various images and illustrations. This feature allows you to enhance visual elements and make your content more visually appealing.
  3. High-Quality Product Descriptions: Bertha specializes in generating high-quality product descriptions that can significantly enhance your conversions. By providing accurate and enticing details about your products, Bertha helps to capture the interest of potential customers.
  4. Content Idea Generation: Bertha is a valuable tool for generating content ideas. If you’re in need of inspiration or struggling with writer’s block, Bertha can provide creative prompts and suggestions to kickstart your content creation process.


Getting started with Bertha AI is simple, as you can try it for free with a limit of 5,000 words. If you find it suitable for your needs, you can opt for their pro plan, which starts at $45 per month. This plan provides access to features such as usage across three websites, 100,000 words, and 63 image generations, among others. Additionally, Bertha AI offers yearly packages for those seeking long-term usage options, as well as a flexible ‘pay as you go’ system.

Bertha AI provides a 7-day money-back guarantee and excellent user support to assist you along the way and address any queries or concerns you may have.

#3. Copymatic – AI Content Writer & Generator

Copymatic AI is a popular writing tool for WordPress. It is known for its ability to create unique product descriptions and generate in-depth articles on a wide range of topics. The tool is quick, and the outputs are typically engaging, and as usual, you can control the tone of the content the way you want.


Using Copymatic AI was a breeze, and I didn’t need to work through a lot of expert writers to get great results. The tool took care of everything, saving me a lot of time and effort.

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful AI writing tool for your WordPress site, Copymatic AI can be beneficial to you.

The free version allows testing with only 1000 words, which might be insufficient for evaluating tool performance. 


Copymatic’s pro plan starts at $6 per month for 15,000 words, offering access to templates, SEO keyword research, and plagiarism checks. The enterprise plan allows customization and ranges from $6 to $532, providing additional benefits beyond the pro plan.

#4. WP Wand

I discovered WP Wand on, and I found it to be a very useful tool for content creation within the WordPress (WP) editor. 

It offers a range of features such as title generation, blog outlining, and the ability to specify the blog type (such as listicle, tutorial, or generic blog post) before generating AI-driven output. Users can then choose from multiple results and seamlessly insert the selected content into their editors.

WP Wand

The utility has a clean user interface (UI) that is not overly flashy in terms of design but efficiently fulfills its purpose. It operates at a swift pace, and the performance of the default WordPress editor remains unaffected when using this tool.

To get started with WP Wand, users will be prompted to provide an Open AI API key. This is a standard requirement that is expected from most tools in this category.

Overall, WP Wand proves to be a valuable tool for content creation within the WordPress ecosystem, offering essential features and maintaining a smooth user experience without compromising the performance of the WordPress editor.

It does have 40+ templates which can be useful, and unlike other AI services, WP Wand does not limit the amount of content you can generate, so you can generate content without restriction.


WP Wand provides three pricing plans: Basic (free), Single ($49), and Unlimited ($119). Each plan provides a different level of access and capabilities, allowing users to select the most suitable option based on their specific needs and preferences.

#5. AI Content Labs

AICL, the AI Content Labs, is an exceptional AI writing tool that allows users to harness the power of their own OpenAI API. With AICL, you can effortlessly compose pieces by stringing together prompts and even utilize different AI models for each section. 

The user interface is remarkably user-friendly, enabling seamless integration of your OpenAI API and the ability to experiment with various models. Additionally, AICL boasts an extensive library of templates tailored for diverse content types.

AI Content Labs

The platform’s simplicity is one of its standout features. Users can easily navigate the interface and customize outputs according to their preferences. With its vast template library and the ability to leverage your own OpenAI API, it allows users to create captivating content.

AICL is an impressive AI writing tool with a range of standout features. It offers ready-to-use templates, a user-friendly Google Docs style editor, composes and command capabilities, integration with text and image AI providers, custom templates, flows, fine-tuning options, translation, and SEO integration, and ample storage space for AI-generated images (500MB). AICL is a versatile platform that excels in content creation and customization.

One of the most stand-out features for me in this tool is the community AI flows which you can use other people’s templates to generate your content and automate it.


AI Content Labs offers three types of plans monthly, annually, and lifetime, ranging from $12 per month up to $490 per month. The lifetime deal costs around $149 plus local taxes. You can find more about its plans here.

#6. Stability AI [Image Generation Tool]

Stability AI is a leading company in the field of generative AI, specializing in developing and providing powerful tools. Among their popular offerings is Stable Diffusion, an advanced deep-learning model capable of generating images from text descriptions. 

Personally, I have utilized Stability AI to create a diverse range of images, including landscapes, portraits, and abstract art. The tool’s ease of use and ability to consistently produce high-quality results have left a strong impression on me.

Stability AI

Stability AI has really matched my expectations in terms of usability, output quality, and versatility. I wholeheartedly recommend it to those seeking to leverage generative AI for image creation.

Additionally, there are a few noteworthy aspects of Stability AI that deserve recognition. Firstly, the tool is open source, allowing the broader AI community to contribute to its development, making it a valuable collaborative resource. 

Secondly, it demonstrates a strong commitment to responsible AI practices. They have implemented clear guidelines for tool usage and actively work to address potential issues related to AI bias and misuse.

#7. Deep AI [image generation tool] is another remarkable utility that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to empower users in their creative endeavors. With its diverse range of tools, offers a multitude of possibilities across different domains:

Image Generation: Among its notable features, enables users to generate captivating images solely based on text descriptions. Whether one aims to produce concept art, craft compelling marketing materials, or simply explore the realm of visual aesthetics, this tool delivers remarkable results, fostering the creation of beautiful and imaginative visuals.

 Deep AI

Text Generation: also empowers users to generate text by providing prompts. This functionality proves invaluable for various purposes, including crafting engaging blog posts, crafting persuasive marketing copy, or simply inspiring the generation of creative written content. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, assists users in generating high-quality text tailored to their specific needs.

I have experienced, explored and utilized the image generation tool, and the outcomes have been truly impressive. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the exceptional results and based on the overall experience, I can recommend you can use this image generation tool to generate relevant images for your content.

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Content At Scale Review [Tool Walkthrough and Test Output]

If an AI makes your job easier as a content writer, it’ll be ridiculous not to use it. There are many AI content-generation tools, and Content At Scale is one of them.

In this review, we aim to find out how Content At Scale differs from the rest of AI content generation tools and does it transmit the DNA of an experienced human writer.

Overall Content at Scale Review

  • Create long-form content within 5 minutes.
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker.
  • Comes with inbuilt content optimizer + editor.
  • Automatic ‘click to tweet’ & TOC insertion.
  • You just need to provide a keyword to the AI.
  • The price point might not be friendly for all.
  • The software is still in BETA (it can only get better)
  • The dashboard interface can improved

What Is Content At Scale?

Content At Scale is an AI copywriting software based on a combination of 3 AI engines, two natural language processing (NLPs), and semantic search technology that understands user intentions and the underlying meaning behind their searches to create long-form content within 5 minutes.

It claims to generate an entire blog post without human intervention, which is fantastic, considering other competitor tools require somebody to control the content flow. However, you will still need to accomplish the reality check and optimize the content before publishing it.

Unlike other popular AI content generation tools, you get access to a comprehensive editor, which I find very similar to Surfer SEO. The editor provides relevant keyword insights and an on-page SEO checklist to ensure you create epic content insured to outrank the competitors.

We were able to generate articles of ~ 2000 words in less than 5 minutes that include a title, meta description, table of contents, headings, a URL slug, and paragraphs.

Top Features of Content At Scale

  1. 3 AI copywriting engines working together.
  2. Inbuilt plagiarism scanner tool.
  3. SEO optimization interface & checklist.
  4. Long-form content creation without a human writer.
  5. Low-cost solution.
content At Scale beta

A Walkthrough to Content At Scale

Not many AI content generators can create long-form content without an editor combining the pieces like Content At Scale. You start by providing the AI with a keyword that generates the entire article, which is plagiarism-free.

That means you don’t have to spend time generating a single or couple of paragraphs and having to make sure the content is plagiarism free on top of that. This is the most attractive feature Content At Scale has that separates it from popular AI copywriter Jasper (previously known as Jarvis) and many others.

It’s not only about the generation of long-form content; it’s more about the quality it brings to the content which we found is close to well-written content. Although, the standard might vary with the types of content you are aiming to create.

1. A look at the dashboard

Content At Scale dashboard

The Content At Scale Dashboard is the first place you arrive after logging in. It displays the projects you are working on. The projects are like folders where folders are the site or project name, and all the test contents remain inside it. It’s a simple but very effective way to have control over multiple projects running at the same time.

You can add your website URL, the number of posts that set monthly post creation goals for the project, and the context of the website and contents. We really like the idea of having content goals that benefit you to push towards meeting the milestone and keep track of your progress so far.

The dashboard is simple. At the initial stage, you might require little help, but once you create a project, you can get the key data of your content creation process under each project, which is really helpful.

Adding an easier navigation interface can be helpful, but our goal is to create quality content which is what Content At Scale is very good at.

2. Project Management

Content At Scale makes it easy to manage projects from the Dashboard. You will notice three dots on the top right corner of project cards, which expands to the menu during the click event.

The menu gives you an access link to view the project, connect it to the actual WordPress site and manage the project.

In addition, you will notice a project overview that includes the number of drafts and published posts scheduled but not published yet, under editing and optimization.

Content At Scale project menu

To adjust project settings, you can go to ‘manage settings’, where you can adjust the project name, details, and goals. You can also set a few settings to ask the AI to automatically point out key takeaways from a longer section of content.

The AI will automatically generate Tweets with helpful info from your blog post too. All you have to do is toggle the ‘click on the Tweet’ and add your Twitter handle for the tool to do the rest. This could be a fantastic way to attract more visitors to your site.

You can also set pre-defined ‘Post Intro CTA’ and ‘Post Conclusion CTA’ in the text. Here’s what the project settings window looks like.

Content At Scale project settings

3. The WordPress Connection

You can connect your WordPress site with Content At Scale within the website’s dedicated project. Doing so will set the AI to publish content on your site automatically. While this sounds too good to be true, you might miss out on setting up post meta, tags, and custom designs inside your post.

Additionally, I don’t think this would be an ideal solution if you are using a page builder like Elementor, Thrive, or Beaver builder to create your pages. Regardless, you can try this feature on your WordPress site to let the AI take care of publishing content.

How do you create content with Content At Scale?

Content At Scale has an explicit way of content generation. You must have your content intent ready and explain it to the AI. The AI does the rest for you. Here is how to do it:

  1. First, open the project under which you want to create content.
  2. Click on ‘add content’ at the top right corner to create a new post.
  3. Provide your primary keyword, or you can add multiple keywords with a .csv file.
  4. Then provide an overview of the content for AI to better understand what to cover in the post.
  5. With everything set up, you can either set the generation in a queue or create the content immediately.
Content Target Content At Scale

Once the content generation has started, the AI will take a couple of minutes ( less than 5 minutes usually, as we calculated during our tests). Generating an average of 1500 words per article per 5 minutes is an incredible speed.

What Does Content At Scale Editor Brings?

The content editor is the most exciting part of this AI copywriter tool. The interface is great and provides important data about your content. It has the keyword occurrence counter on the right, similar to Frase, followed by an on-page checklist, which is crucial for SEO.

This is how the editor interface looks like in action:

Content At Scale Editor

The AI has already generated an article and URL slug for the post. Within the editor, you can adjust them according to your SEO needs, including the meta description. The meta description was almost on point for our test and felt natural, so we kept them as they are most of the time.

You have the classic editor on the left side of the editing panel. Above the editor, you will find the word count, paragraph, and headings counts. Then to the right, you will find the optimization panel where you can track the optimization progress and maintain the NLP terms by looking at the counts.

Moreover, you can switch the tab to the “Brief” tab, which gives you additional information relevant to the topics you might consider including. The review tab has the plagiarism checker running behind, which checks the plagiarism stats for the content you have just generated.

How Good is the Content Quality?

It will not matter how fast you generate and publish content if the content does not provide value to the readers. They must provide accurate information, be grammatically correct, and not duplicated.

The tool automatically checks plagiarism, so you could use Grammarly to analyze its grammatical profile. You can verify the plagiarism with Grammarly plagiarism checker as well. We tried to run Grammarly check for one of our test contents and found a decent overall score –


We then tried to compare the output with a human-written copy, which wasn’t nearly as remarkable as this. The comparison with the top-ranking articles for that particular term was closer to our output. However, you might still require to perform a reality check before publishing AI-generated content.

Based on the content generation speed, involvement of humans, free from plagiarism, and overall content quality, it’s safe to say Content At Scale is ahead of other AI copywriter tools like Jasper and Rytr.

… or is it too soon to conclude this tool?

Apart from all the good we find out on Content At Scale, it felt like the AI was slightly struggling to create in-depth content for:

  1. Tech tutorials
  2. Comparison articles
  3. Product reviews

We could also need the creators’ assistance (documentation) to create stunning content in these areas. Having said that, we still believe that this tool generates a solid foundation for such content, and you would require an experienced editor to give the content a proper shape.

Pricing | Content At Scale

Looking at the current price, $500 per month for 20 credits does not sound cheap. Each credit means you can generate one article.

The developer claims that we pay an average of $0.04 per word to experienced writers, whereas the AI costs up to $0.01 per word. This sounds closer to what you are paying to an experienced writer, although the AI rate might vary, considering your article length.

You might be generating shorter content (~ 1000 words), but the post will consume 1 credit regardless of the word count.

Content At Scale also has a Done-For-You service which starts at $2,000 per month for 20 articles. They will do the keyword research for you, run their system, optimize your posts, and have 20 posts per month on the website according to the schedule.

Our Verdict | Does Content At Scale Worth It?

Content At Scale does a great job. The overall output, considering the required time place it above other AI content-generating platform by the look of it. This AI copywriter can be a great choice for you when you have the funds and need the content to keep moving.

Having Content At Scale in your project can be helpful to generate content at a much faster rate than with human writers. Being able to generate epic blog posts in 30 minutes sounds too good to be true yet achievable with Content At Scale.

Again, there’s no guarantee this AI tool can always compete against well-researched technical, complicated content written by human writers. Contents that have lots of examples and share insights with data might not be outranked by AI content.

Still, you can create great quality content with Content At Scale, and having your editors run through the content and optimize it will only improve it further.  

Alternatives to Content At Scale:

Hopefully, this review of Content At Scale has given you what you were looking for. Here are a few other solutions that might be useful for growing online business:

  1. Get a money-making site built, content or managed –
  2. If you are interested in buying links that help in rank –
  3. You can improve your website performance and fix your web vitals issues at – Speedy.Site
  4. Another service that helps to improve your Amazon revenue is –

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