Authority Site Strategy Using Multiple Expired Domains

Below is a strategy to build an authority site using multiple expired domains. I call this strategy both the 301 Building Block Strategy and the second part of the strategy is 1+1 = 3.

This is all about using several niche relevant authority websites built on expired domains, placing quality content on them and through internal link building getting the search engine to recognize the new website owner as an authority.

One of my favourite posts are these detailed advanced tutorials. Below I share the exact details of new strategies I am using including the specific tools, steps and procedures I use is what I enjoy most.

Are you not yet an SEO Expert? If so this will likely be too advanced, checkout – How to Make a Wordress Website

The strategy is a combination of… (more…)

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301 Building Block Strategy – Part 2

Last week I introduced a new strategy I am using to combine powerful expired domains, epic posts and a silo structure on a website to systematically build my six figure challenge authority site.

This strategy has not resulted in explosive growth but what it has done is provided a very systematic way to build out my authority site which has already started making money $150 in Feb.

This post will get into the exact details of how I go about setting up these building blocks.

The strategy is a combination of…

  1. Buying POWERFUL Expired Domains
  2. Creating an Epic/Niche Dominating Post
  3. 301 redirecting the domain to a relevant Silo Structure on Your Authority Site

niche dominating post (more…)

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