Can You Build a Website in English as a Non Native Speaker?

Should you start a website in English if it isn’t your native language?

Today we have the only member of the six figure challenge group who doesn’t speak English as a first language share the reasons why he chose to.

When it comes to people who have targetted English when it isn’t their first language and had success the person that comes to mind is Tung Tran.


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Balancing Your Life While Building a Business in Your 20’s

Today’s post on the six figure challenge is an update from the only couple in the group David and Sondra. They have really brought a lot of energy and skills to the group, in a group filled with geeks David has definitely showed his general technology skills.

What I have really enjoyed watching is how they have integrated their work into their daily routine and busy social calendar including some pretty interesting locations for the meeting…

  • Airport
  • Mexico
  • Drive home from Seahawks conference championship game

Today they share how they have been able to balance their demanding jobs, social life and the six figure challenge. (more…)

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Arm wrestling

How to Make $100 per Day Starting From Nothing Within 3 Months Online

What would you do if you were starting from scratch online today?

How can I make $100 per day as soon as possible?

These questions and others like them are ones that I often get asked. A lot of people are looking for the fastest path to $100 per day since it represents in a lot of cases enough to support their families. To me the ability to not be dependant on a job or the size of a bank account represents true freedom…I would take the ability to generate $100/day over having $100k in the bank.  (more…)

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How to Come Up With 1,000+ Content Ideas in One Evening

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation of and the sharing of online material that is used to stimulate interest in a brand and its products and services. Often, you will find the content being delivered in various forms including videos, blog posts, and social media posts.

The content you are distributing to people should be relevant and valuable to a clearly defined audience. The primary goal of creating high-quality content is to drive profitable consumer action. (You want to make a profit and generate more leads!)

Content marketing is simply storytelling, and it is this long-term strategy that allows us to build relationships with our target audience. Content marketing is not about shoving products and services into the faces of people. Rather, it is about showing them the value that can be found and then let them make their own decision.

However, coming up with relevant and attractive, high-quality content for readers is always one of the biggest challenges any content marketer or content creator will face. How do we come up with all these topic ideas and how do we rise above what the competition is doing?

Blog posts, user-generated content, evergreen content, and social media content are all ideas you can branch out on when coming up with topics and great content ideas to use to drive awareness and gain followers. The stories we tell and the type of content we provide are two of the biggest determinants when engaging with our target audience.

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Annual Online Income – 2014 Wrap Up Report

As I talked about a few times the last few months of the year were unreasonably busy and I had to cut several things, one of which was my posting schedule here including my income reports.

Luckily my wife continued to keep immaculate records and I am now able to dig into the data and analyze the last quarter of the year.

Today I post my income and stats for the last 3 months including my annual online income wrap up.

Plus for the first time you can see my gross income (something I have never shared before!).

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business…


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