Paid Traffic to a Content Site. Does Online Arbitrage Still Exist?

Dev can always be relied on to provide some amazing insights and this post is no different.

One of the great parts of the six figure challenge is hearing about all the new ideas that people in the group are using to make their site successful!

Have a look at Deven’s post and enjoy! (more…)

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301 Building Block Strategy – Part 2

Last week I introduced a new strategy I am using to combine powerful expired domains, epic posts and a silo structure on a website to systematically build my six figure challenge authority site.

This strategy has not resulted in explosive growth but what it has done is provided a very systematic way to build out my authority site which has already started making money $150 in Feb.

This post will get into the exact details of how I go about setting up these building blocks.

The strategy is a combination of…

  1. Buying POWERFUL Expired Domains
  2. Creating an Epic/Niche Dominating Post
  3. 301 redirecting the domain to a relevant Silo Structure on Your Authority Site

niche dominating post (more…)

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Forget the Quick Buck & Play the Long Game

Think Big! It is often touted by many business giants.

However, my online business strategy is more of a systematic/grind it out approach.

My approach I believe provides a high probability of reasonable success but I do give up the opportunity to hit the grand slam.

Many of those that did hit a business grand slam credit “thinking big” and swinging for the fences.

Today’s post is great because it provides(with $millions of reasons why is he right) the argument for why thinking bigger is better then hitting the singles/doubles.

3 sports references in the intro – must be a new record!

Alan is a successful online/offline businessman who has sold a company he founded for several million dollars. Clearly someone who knows what he is talking about and shares his thoughts on the question of big thinking vs small thinking.

His approach isn’t for everyone but he has the success to back it up and clearly some…

brass (more…)

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February Income – Worst Month

This monthly report hurt to write…a substantial down month in the services business hits the bottom line!

For 2015 I have set new goals and each months income/goals progress report will reflect my slightly adjusted focus.

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business and the progress towards each goal…

  1. Passive Income Website Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. Expired Domain Services:


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How to Build an Authority Site

Hey everyone, my name’s Dom and I’m thrilled to be talking to you all on AuthorityWebsiteIncome today.

So far, you’ve learned a variety of things from how to come up with content ideas, to how to properly systematize everything. Adam really nailed his post about building his site and his systems. Let me tell you now that he’s stepped it up even more since then. Keep up with him if you can.

Today we’re going to step back and review some of the basics a little bit and talk about how to actually build out an authority site. Josh did a great job talking about Amazon reviews and list posts, and I’m going to talk about building an authority site in general. (more…)

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