Sites like Vipon: The Best Vipon Alternatives

The Best Vipon Alternatives

Vipon is a discount website where sellers advertise their products at discounted prices, and customers purchase from there. Sellers offering their products at a discount get sales velocity which helps them rank their product on Amazon. Now, let’s take a look into the best alternatives for Vipon.


Are you an Amazon seller looking to build a social presence? Snagshout will help you with this. Snagshout not only has a vast audience for promoting your product at a discount, but it also has cashback promotions in which you can ask the customers to perform some social actions for you. You can ask those customers to send a picture, video, or perform some social activity. These cashback promotions make Snagshout really unique.

Website Link:


Snagshout also offers a 7 day free trial; after which you have to choose your plan from these:


Samurai Social has been created by a team of professionals who already have their Ecommerce Brands and wanted a solution for launching new products. They did not keep this solution to themselves; instead started helping friends and other sellers like you, developing the trust of the E-commerce community, which let them officially begin this service for everyone.

Do you want to launch & rank your product on Amazon? And also, build social proof to maximize your sales. These are multiple channels that will require a lot of your time, effort, and money, but here comes Samurai Social; you can use this platform to solve all of your issues in one place, saving your time which you can use to drive other important aspects of your business.

Samurai Social brings together micro-influencers and sellers on one platform. You can use influencers from your specific niche to advertise and promote your product. 

How is this different from other platforms? Usually, you will be asked to distribute coupons, but here you can get sales at full price and refund the amount later after confirming the purchase was made. You can ask the customer to use the Search Find Buy method. By this method, the customers will type the keyword (you want to rank) on Amazon and search your product listing, find it and buy it. This type of order which looks totally organic gives you more ranking juice than the traditional approach of using coupon codes and landing the customer directly on your product listing. You don’t even have to worry about sending each refund; Samurai Social will also handle this for you.


This amazing service comes at the pricing described below:

Website Link:


JumpSend is an Amazon deals site where customers regularly visit to find deals for purchasing discounted products. 

From these promotions, sellers attain an improved product ranking. Not only this, JumpSend even offers an Email Campaign feature; using it, you can send a review request to all the customers who have purchased your product.


The pricing offered is also very economical; you can choose from any of the plans shown below. They also offer a 14 day free trial period to check if you like the service or not.


Testzon is a famous deals website. It is easy to use for both sellers and customers. 

Sellers advertise their products, customers request to purchase them, sellers review the customer requests, and allow some (or all) customers to purchase using the discount coupon or offer refunds to them through PayPal after confirmation of the order.

Website Link:


The fantastic thing about Testzon is that it is totally free.


RebateKey allows you to put your product in front of their audience. You have to advertise your product, add its pictures, description, and link for customers to purchase it. Customers, after purchasing, will send you the order number, and you will have five days to verify it. Then RebateKey will send the rebates (refunds) on your behalf to the customers after 35 days.


Rebatekey charges you only after your product has been sold. It charges $2.95 per sale.

Website Link:

Giveaway Service

Are you looking for influencers to get social media promotions? Giveaway Service will help you in finding those influencers. Check this introductory video from Giveaway Service:

There are thousands of influencers who blog regularly and have an excellent social network. Giveaway Service helps you connect with those influencers, helping to promote your product in their social network.


They have two plans to select from. Check the details in the below picture:

Website Link:


Product Testing Group has more than twenty thousand members who can be used to drive traffic or improve your product ranking. 


This website is free.

Website Link:


Are you looking to get more reviews on your product? Home Product Testing allows you to put your product in front of thousands of product testers. You just have to post your product, and the interested customers who click on it will be directed to you in your inbox, where you can guide them about how to purchase the product. 

Watch this introductory video from their website to get to know more about them:


Their charges are $29 per month, and they offer a 10 day free trial too.

Website Link:

VIP Power Club

VIP Power Club is not your regular discount website; it uses text messages to inform the customers about all the giveaways. This way, you can get maximum sales and reviews by using it.

Website Link:


AMZ RC is a discount website that you can use to build social media presence and get reviews on social media. Build the customers’ trust in your brand by getting reviews on Social Media and increasing your sales. AMZ RC has more than one hundred thousand reviewers on social media.


Their pricing is $19.99 per month. Check the below chart for price comparison with other DISCOUNT websites:

Website Link:


Dealgogogo is a discount website with a vast number of users. The most prominent feature is the chrome extension that customers can use to get the discounted products’ coupons. 

It provides the facility of using the chrome extension to the shoppers who do not need to leave the Amazon website to get those coupons.


This website is free.

Website Link:

Uber Zon

Uber Zon is a customer’s club where they get daily deals on their dashboard. You can use this club’s members by advertising your product on Uber Zon. 

You can offer both discount coupons or rebates after purchase. Both the deals are available on the platform. 

Website Link:

Trust Review Network

You can post your product on Trust Review Network. Their customers will click on the product by using the Trust Review Network App. You can use both the discount coupons and rebate after purchase options here.

trust review


This website is free.

Website Link:

Cash Back Base

Cash Back Base has more than seven million Amazon customers regularly visiting their website. This large audience is available for you to attract more traffic to your product, get more reviews, liquidate excessive inventory or increase your sales velocity & keyword ranking. 


Cash Back Base has three plans to choose from, below are their details:

Website Link:

Deals For Review

Deals for Review offers the chance to put your product in front of product testers who will purchase your product, test it and provide an honest review about it. The review rating totally depends on your product’s quality; however, you can set terms about the review’s length and on which platform you want to get it. In exchange, the product testers will get the product at a 50% or 100% discount.


This website is free.

Website Link:

Deal News

Deal News has five million views per month. They love bringing exciting deals for their visitors. This is where you can benefit by promoting your product to their audience and bringing traffic to your product.

For advertising on Deal News, you will have to publish a deal by submitting your ad. The Deal News team will check your ad, and if approved, it will be posted on their website. Customers from their website can click on the deal and go to your Amazon Listing to purchase the product using the coupon code.

Website Link:

Facebook Groups for Product Testers

There are many groups on Facebook which have a large number of active users who seek free products. You can advertise your product on these groups and get sales from there. It is not difficult to do this, just create a post in any such group on Facebook and add a description; the interested customers will reach out to you, and you can guide them to make the purchase. But this method is not much effective and does not give much improvement in the Ranking of your product.


You just need to create a Facebook account which is totally free. No Fee involved in this process.Website Link: Go to and search free products groups or product testers groups.

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How to Find Your Reviews on Amazon

How to Find Your Reviews on Amazon

Amazon makes it super easy to find some of your most coveted products from the latest technological devices to best-selling books to the coolest toys for your little ones.  

Better yet, they provide you with this Prime membership opportunity that has said items on your front step sometimes in a matter of just hours.

So why isn’t everything on Amazon’s site so readily accessible? Why are you possibly left wondering, “just where can I see my Amazon reviews?”

Your Amazon Account is Overflowing

Well, truth be told, your Amazon account has a LOT going on.  They have to make room for you to be able to check out your previous orders, check shipping, browse, erase your browsing history so your wife doesn’t see the golf clubs you were eyeing up, manage your subscriptions, become a seller, and more.  

Arguably, it can be concluded that you won’t want to reference your own published thoughts on a particular product since you already likely remember how you feel about it.  

But what if you want to double-check what you said?  Or what if you’ve changed your mind about a particular product, and you’d like to edit your review?

You could make it incredibly difficult on yourself and go access all of the items you’ve purchased over time individually and hunt for your review in the product review area, or you can find where your reviews are housed for your convenience within your account.  

The latter is a lot easier.

How to See Your Amazon Reviews on a Browser

In order to check out, edit, delete, or find the URL for any one of your Amazon reviews, follow these simple steps:

You’ll want to start on the Amazon homepage.  Make sure you’re logged in first.

From the homepage, you’ll want to click on “(your), which is located towards the top, and right in the center.


Here, you’ll find your recommended items based on previous purchases, browsing history, and other means of tracking your behavior online (but that’s for another article).

Once you enter your area, you’ll want to click on “Your Profile”.  


Alternatively, you can get to this same area by clicking on “Account & Lists” in the top right corner of the homepage when logged in, followed by “Your Amazon Profile” within the “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” section.

arrow left

Your profile area gives you the opportunity to edit your profile picture, your public information, your location, your interests, and more.  

It’s also where you can review your activity from posts to idea lists to– you guessed it– reviews.  Your profile zone not only provides you with your actual reviews but their stats as well, such as how many were voted as helpful by other shoppers.

To access your reviews, click on “All Activity” and select “Reviews” from the drop-down.

arrow left

Here, you’ll see all of the reviews that you have ever left for any of the products you have purchased within this account on Amazon.

By clicking on the three dots off to the right of any given review, you are given the option to either Edit or Delete each individual review.  This may come in handy if you wrote a rave review for a product that has since suddenly broken, or maybe you’ve come to realize the benefits of the back roller that you thought was a total waste of money.  This is also a great spot to land if your original review prompted a response from the seller who then rectified your situation.  Surely modifying your review to acknowledge how your situation was professionally handled would be extremely helpful and considerate to the seller’s line of business.

arrow left

While the list here only provides snippets of each review, you choose to expand each one by clicking on “See full review”.  

This will open the individual review into its own webpage with its own URL.

arrow left

The URL for the unique review can then be copied and pasted from the URL bar atop the review page. You can share this URL others, or simply save or bookmark it for your reference.

Sharing the URL to a specific review of yours is helpful when making recommendations to friends for useful products. 

How to Access Your Amazon Reviews on a Mobile Device

On Mobile, the process is similar:

Start by opening up the Amazon app.

Click on “Your Account”.

From there, scroll down to Profile (under Personalized Content).

arrow right
arrow left long

This is that same profile area where you can change your profile picture, alter your location, showcase your interests, etc. You can view your profile in private mode, or you can even opt to see it in a public fashion “how others” see it.

From there, scroll down to the Community Activity section.

Use the drop-down to select “Reviews”.

arrow bottom
arrow left

While you can also expand individual reviews on mobile the way you can on your browser, know that you are not able to see the review’s individual URL at this stage in the process.

So, if looking to share a specific review’s URL, this is best performed on a browser.

Final Thoughts

Though they’re not staring right back at you when you log in, there are a handful of different ways you can easily access your existing reviews on Amazon.  You no longer have to ask yourself whether or not there is some easy way to access a condensed version of all of the reviews you’ve ever left.  It exists and is accessible to you at any time. 

Whether you had a change of heart about your experience with a lamp, or you want to share your well-written thoughts with a friend who’s thinking of purchasing an item you already bought, it surely comes in handy to be able to grab one when necessary.

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Jumpsend Vs FeedbackWhiz

Jumpsend Vs FeedbackWhiz

In this article, we will compare Jumpsend and FeedbachWhiz. 


Jumpsend is an Amazon deals site where customers regularly visit to find deals for purchasing discounted products

This Audience can be used by Amazon sellers who seek to improve their product ranking. For this purpose, you have to make discount coupons and advertise your product on Jumpsend. Customers from this platform will collect those coupons and purchase your product from Amazon. This, in turn, will increase your sales velocity giving you a better ranking, you also can boost your influencer with low cost tools such as As your product ranking improves, you will also start getting organic sales. You can stop the coupons whenever you want.

Email Campaigns

Jumpsend has been purchased by Jungle Scout (another company that offers tools/services for Amazon sellers). Since the official merging of Jumpsend in Jungle Scout, there are some new features that you can also use now.  With Jungle Scout Email Campaigns’ help, you can send emails to all of your customers and ask them to write a review. 

These are some great reviews about Jungle Scout & Jumpsend:


FeedbackWhiz, as the name suggests, helps you to take feedback/reviews for your product. The organic review rate on Amazon is very low. On average, after one hundred orders, you will get only one review. This is because the customers don’t bother to waste their time writing reviews. If the product is good, they will forget about giving a good review and start using it; however, if reminded about writing a review, customers don’t mind doing it. You can remind the customers by sending an email request to write a review about your product and increase the review rate.

On the other hand, if the customers don’t like the product and get angry, they will leave a negative review, mostly without contacting the seller or asking any questions. However, if they contact you, you can help them resolve the problem they might be facing and turn them into happy customers. This way, you can decrease the number of negative reviews you are getting.

What if you could automate the process of asking for reviews and also let the customer know if they are facing any issues, they should contact you to resolve the problem. FeedbackWhiz can help you automate this process by sending emails to ask the customers to write a review. Also, you can contact the customers who left the negative review to resolve the issues they might be facing to convert them into satisfied customers. 

Watch this video from Feedbackwhiz to have a better understanding of how this tool can help you.

Features offered by FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz is not limited to just the review tool, but it comes with a full package to support your Amazon journey. These are all the features they have to offer to you: 

Here is another introduction video to learn more about FeedbackWhiz:

These are some great reviews about FeedbackWhiz:


If you are looking for a tool to boost your sales velocity, then Jumpsend can help you better. But if you want a tool to get more reviews, manage your orders & profits, and get notifications for all the critical events on your product listing, FeedbackWhiz is the best tool for you.

Both these tools offer a free trial which you can use to check which better suits you.

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Testzon Review


Testzon is a discount website where sellers offer their products at a discount or totally free. It has a huge audience who regularly visits to check the products available and to purchase them. 

Why Customers use Testzon?

Customers or the regular visitors of Testzon consist of everyday people looking for discounted products. Usually, products are advertised at a heavy discount or totally free; customers are looking for these deals to save their money and benefit from the offer on testzon.

Why sellers use Testzon?

Amazon sellers who want to get reviews or improve their sales velocity advertise their products on Testzon. The purpose of increasing the sales velocity is to improve their ranking to get more organic orders.

Is it beneficial to use Testzon?

An Amazon seller who just started selling or does not have enough sales looks for ways to increase daily orders. On the other side, customers on Amazon focus on these two major factors for purchasing a product:

  1. Ranking of the Product
  2. Reviews of the Product 

Usually, the sellers with low sales lack in one of the above two or in both. You may ask how the ranking concerns the buyer; well, buyers can only purchase the products they can see. When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, hundreds of sellers offer it, but customers only check the top lists. So, until you have a good product ranking, your product listing is not visited many times, so you are getting low sales. No matter how much excellent quality or low-priced Product you are offering on Amazon, you will not be able to get good sales without a good product ranking. As far as the reviews are concerned, the customers on Amazon read those reviews to check if the previous customers liked or disliked the product. In other terms, the reviews reflect the customer experience and quality of the product. 

To improve your product ranking and get more reviews on Amazon, you need more sales. Since sellers can’t get these essentials sales, they offer their products for free or at heavy discounts on websites like Testzon. You can call sales obtained by this method Assisted sales. More are the assisted sales you get higher will be your sales velocity. Due to this increased sales velocity, Amazon will also improve your product ranking so that more customers can check your Product and purchase it.

How to get reviews from Testzon?

As per Amazon policy, you cannot offer an incentive or give a free Product in exchange for a review. So, it is not possible to ensure that all the buyers who purchased your product from Testzon, will also leave a review. However, you can request the buyers on Testzon to write an honest review about your Product (please note asking for an honest review is not against Amazon policies). 

While requesting the buyers make an emotional appeal, tell them that their review will benefit your business and help the other customers to know about this brand. Usually, the customers don’t want to waste time writing reviews; however, you can persuade them to write a review with an emotional message.

How to select the product testers?

Testers or customers interested in purchasing your Product will apply on your advertisement on Testzon, and then you have to decide who you want to allow for purchasing your Product. Check the Amazon profiles of these customers; check if they have left reviews previously or not. 

If it is a new profile or has not left any reviews, chances are that he/she will not write a review for you. If the buyer leaves detailed reviews with images and videos of the products they purchased, this means that the customer often writes reviews and will also leave a review for you. 

However, if a customer is writing reviews on every purchase made from Amazon, then there are high chances that Amazon may find this suspicious and block his/her account from writing more reviews. So, try to avoid such customers.

Offering discount coupons or refunding through PayPal?

Creating a discount coupon and letting your customers use it may seem easier as compared to asking them to purchase your product at full price and then sending them a refund through PayPal. But if we discuss this in terms of impact on ranking, the purchase done at full price has a higher impact than the purchase done with a discount code. Also, if a product is purchased using 50% or higher discount coupon, then the customer’s reviews are shown as non-verified reviews on Amazon.  If you don’t have PayPal, then you can also use Gift Cards or Stripe for refunding.

Don’t give the direct link of your Product

The customers on Testzon will need the link to your Product for purchasing it. Should you give the direct link or not? 

If you give your Product’s direct link, the customer will click on it, visit your product page, and check out immediately. In all of this, you have missed the keyword on which you wanted to improve your ranking. Instead of this direct link, you can use a super URL. 

Super URL

The Super URL has embedded your target keyword and your Product’s ASIN in it. If the customers click on the Super URL and go to your product listing, on the backend, it appears as if they have typed your target keyword on Amazon and then opened your Product. This will also improve your Product’s ranking on that keyword, and this has no difference in the customers’ purchase process.


Some people who purchased your Product (at a heavily discounted price) from these discount websites later may try to resell it by attaching with your listing. They are called hijackers. 

Since they are not selling a counterfeit but the original Product they initially purchased from you, you will not be able to knock them off from your listing. To avoid such a situation, don’t allow the customers from Testzon to purchase more than one unit of your Product. By limiting the number of units a customer can purchase, you will also save yourself from these hijackers.

These are some great reviews about Testzon:

Is Testzon recommended?

This website is legit, and you can use it, but do not allow bulk purchasing of your Product because this will attract hijackers. Follow all the tips shared in this article, and you will not have any problem dealing with customers on Testzon. You can maximize testzon benefit with Samurai.Social by improving your influencer on amazon,.

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WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache – Which One is Better?

WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache are arguably the two best caching plugins available for WordPress. But when you are unsure which caching plugin will do the best caching job for you that’s where a head-to-head comparison article fits properly. 

So, if you are looking for the WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache comparison and test case, then you are on the right page. 

Before diving into the plugin details and comparison part, let’s talk about caching and how it helps to improve your site performance.  

What is caching and how does a caching plugin help?

Caching can be a hardware or software component that stores data for future requests to be served faster than the initial response. Technically, a website cache is a temporary location for copies of website files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. 

Later these files will be served from the browser cache location (typically a cache subdirectory under the directory of your browser) to improve the page loading experience. 

This image explains the caching mechanism thoroughly.


Fortunately, as a WordPress user, you have access to a wide range of caching plugins that can significantly improve your site performance. Nowadays, caching plugins are more than capable of caching website resources. They provide a complete site optimization package starting from code minification, control javascript, CSS execution time, media control, etc.

It’s up to you, how you can analyze the current website performance, find out the bloats, and configure caching plugin settings to improve those areas. Regardless of your preferred plugin, here are the key benefits of using a caching plugin for WordPress.

  1. Provide faster experience to users and search engine crawlers.
  2. Help you to increase the performance and speed of your site.
  3. Reduce caching load on your server.
  4. Saves bandwidth.

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of caching plugins available. WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache stand out among the others and are widely preferred by WordPress users. 1+ million active installations to date speak a lot about the popularity of these two caching plugins.

So, in this post, we will find out which caching plugin is better with the help of head-to-head feature comparison and based on test results.

#1. Introduction to WP Rocket

WP Rocket is arguably the #1 premium caching plugin for WordPress sites. It is one of the widely used caching plugins and used by over 1,494,000 WordPress sites on the globe. You might be using your favorite caching plugin for now, but you should at least consider testing WP Rocket to realize the ability of this plugin. 

We internally use WP Rocket on clients’ sites and that helped us drastically improve their site performance


#2. Introduction to W3 Total Cache

If you are looking for an easy to configure, user-friendly, and free caching plugin then W3 Total Cache is the right choice for you. This plugin has over 1 million WordPress installations to date. W3 Total Cache comes with a lot of features such as managing high web server performance, CDN configuration, Minification, Inline Js & CSS, and a lot more.

As we proceed through this article, you will know about the features of W3 Total Cache and the impact on optimizing your site performance.


WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache: Which Plugin Does Better Caching Job?

In this section, we are comparing each feature of both plugins based on availability, user-friendliness, and efficiency. This way, you will know what you can achieve with both of these plugins and pick your preferred one.

Features of WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache:

#1. Browser Caching: It will enable the storing of frequently accessed resources into the local memory of the user’s device. By enabling browser caching you are asking the browsers to store commonly used but rarely updated files into their local cache directory. 

You don’t have much to do to active browser caching in WP Rocket. Activating the plugin will automatically enable it and then you can set the cache lifespan under the basic cache option.


W3 Total Cache on the other hand gives you extended control over how you want to configure browser caching for your website. You can set general caching controls, caching for CSS & JavaScript files, HTML and XML files as well as media files.

The caching interface of W3 Total Cache looks like this.


#2. Minification and Concatenation: With minification, you aim to remove unnecessary characters from the source code to lower page size. On WP Rocket, the minification configuration is simple. All you have to enable the minification and the plugin will do the rest of the job for you. 

On WP Rocket the minification configuration is easier because you don’t have to find the best combination that works for your site.


W3 Total Cache gives you separate minification control for HTML & XML, CSS and JavaScript files. Enabling and disabling of minification for each of these modules are independent. You can set minification methods, set the minification engine’s location, enable HTTP/2 push, etc.

#3. Database Optimization: Reducing database response time is important for improving site performance. Fast database response means your server is getting the required address of page resources quickly and that helps in improving overall page loading time.

WP Rocket has an inbuilt database optimization module. You can configure post-cleanup settings, comments cleanup, transients cleanup, and one-click database cleanup to reduce the overhead of the database table.


W3 Total Cache however only provides database object caching, you won’t be able to control database optimization. Additionally, you can install a plugin like WP-Optimize from the WordPress repository. With this plugin, you will be able to do all the jobs you can do with WP Rocket plus delete rows from the database table with safety.

#4. Image Optimization & Lazy Loading:  To improve page performance you need to reduce image size as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of the image. Another important mechanism you can use to improve the page testing tool’s grade is by delaying the loading of an image only when visible. 

WP Rocket has an inbuilt feature to enable lazy loading for images. You don’t have to do anything manually, activating lazy loading will assign loading as “Lazy” tags in the site images. In case you want any image to be excluded then you can provide an image URL to exclude it from lazy loading. 


As for image optimization, WP Rocket doesn’t have an integrated module; instead, you need to subscribe to imagify which is developed by the same company who created WP Rocket. Imagify will optimize all the images on your site, automatically. You can control the quality of the image delivery when it makes more sense.

W3 Total Cache has the option to defer image loading as well but it doesn’t come with a module to compress the images of your site. You will have to use another plugin for image optimization. You will have a couple of good plugins like Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer, etc.


#5. Google Font Optimization: Google fonts are easy to implement, look beautiful on screen but they have a huge impact on page performance. Google fonts are already optimized for delivery, but when you get the configuration wrong, your visitor might need to wait a bit to see them appearing, doesn’t look like a good idea for user impression.

With WP Rocket installed, you can improve performance by helping browsers discover fonts in CSS files. You will need to find those fonts which need to be downloaded by the browser as the connection starts and thus the font displaying process will be smoother.

All you need to mention is the Google font (any font) URLs that you want to preload as a browser initiates a connection with your web server.


W3 Total Cache doesn’t have the option to remove or optimize Google fonts. Other plugins such as Asset clean up might do the job for you once you decide to integrate this plugin with W3 Total Cache.

#6. Defer Javascript Loading: It means trying to defer javascript execution until the page loads to help other parts of the page load faster. It is applied by changing the type and src attributes of <script > elements on the HTML page. 

With WP Rocket deferring javascript loading is as simple as checking to defer javascript options and you are all set. Doing so if anything breaks or behaves abnormally on your site you can find those specific javascript and exclude them from applying the defer attribute. 


In W3 Total Cache you get more control over how you intend to load the JavaScript files on your site. You can apply four different strategies to load minified JavaScript into your <head> and <body> section;

  1. Default (Blocking)
  2. Non-blocking (using JS)
  3. Non-blocking (using defer)
  4. Non-blocking (using asynchronous delivery)

This module of W3 Total Cache can be really useful when a lot of javascript gets executed once your page is being loaded. You can delay or asynchronously load javascript to improve site loading time as well as get the green light on the best practices.

#7. CDN Support: CDN doesn’t only improve the delivery speed of website resources, it prevents site crashes in the event of sudden traffic spikes. Applying CDN is a great idea because it reduces the server workload by distributing the bandwidth across multiple servers. Not only that, the nearest server station makes the browsing experience significantly smoother. 

Both WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache come with the CDN configuration module and that only takes you to add the CNAME record from your preferred CDN service. On WP Rocket you serve specific files using CDN and exclude individual files whenever necessary. 


W3 Total Cache provides greater control over the CDN settings. You can choose what kind of resources to be hosted with CDN which is something similar to WP Rocket, but the ability to custom resources such as minified javascript and CSS files is a great advantage. You will be able to add canonical HTTP headers to the asset files as well.

You can exclude all kinds of file types from being served through CDN, you can also exclude users’ roles, disable CDN on SSL active pages, and set cookieless domain with a single click.


Additional Features Comparison:

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are a couple more areas where we can compare these two caching plugins. You will find them below in the table. 

FeatureWP RocketW3 Total Cache
Gzip Compression YesYes
Cache Preloading YesYes
Cloudflare compatibilityYesYes (No quick configuration)
Page CachingYesYes
Disable EmojisYesYes
Sitemap Preloading YesNo
DNS PrefetchingYesNo
HTML & XML MinificationNoYes
Database Caching NoYes
Object CachingNoYes
Lazy Load Google MapNoYes (Extension Required) 
Remove Query StringYesYes
Cache Group ControlNo Yes
E-commerce FriendlyYesYes
Multisite FriendlyYesNo
Multilingual CompatibilityYesNo
AMP SupportYesYes
SSL SupportNoYes
Render Blocking OptimizationYesYes
Server Performance UpgradeNoYes

Now you can see in terms of features there are ups and downs for both plugins, but thanks to WordPress extension capability you can get the job done with other specific task plugins and bring a better version of your website performance with combined power.

That being said, let’s move on to the use case experience of these two plugins and try to figure out who gives you more flexibility but less stress while optimizing site performance.

User Experience – WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache 

In terms of user experience, W3 Total Cache is populated with lots of options to configure however they are organized under specific sections. If you are a beginner, it can be the best plugin given it’s available for free but it asks for an understanding of what’s going on behind the site’s background when you are applying those settings.

WP Rocket however is simple, has a clean interface, and easy to apply and test the settings because the modules are packed into single-click control. For example, when you enable the JavaScript minification, all you have to do is check the js minification checkbox, save the setting and that’s it. However, that reduces the flexibility of WP Rocket. You can enable minification but you can’t control where & how you want to serve those minified files. 

Risk Factor – WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache

Apparently, there is a low percentage of risk when using these caching plugins because even if you have broken something in your site (mostly layout), uninstalling the plugin should get your site back to its normal state, unless the plugin has added irrelevant codes into you .htaccess files or any other core files. 

Apart from that, we still consider there might be a risk while configuring a caching plugin. If something is misconfigured and forces you to uninstall the plugin, well then where’s the benefit of having a caching plugin. In the end, for better performance, you will end up installing the same plugin once again. 

In W3 Total Cache, I didn’t find any option to revert the settings automatically to their idle state rather you have to do it manually. WP Rocket has an inbuilt safe mode utility which you can find during the uninstall note. It’s a great module to fix your broken site’s layout and restart your configuration with more care.


Pricing Comparison – WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache

WP Rocket is a premium plugin. That’s not good news if you are looking for a great caching plugin free of cost, but I must admit this plugin proves to provide value to the users and worth the money you pay for it.

On the other hand, W3 Total Cache is a freemium plugin where you will get most of the important features in the free version. For extended features such as CSS Render blocking, Full site delivery via CDN you need to go for the premium version. 

Find the pricing plans for both plugin below: 

WP Rocket is currently offering these 3 pricing plans:

  1. Single ($49, One year support for 1 website)
  2. Plus ($99, One year support for 3 websites)
  3. Infinite ($249, One year support for unlimited websites)

W3 Total Cache is generally free but has 1 plan to add extended features:

  1. Total Cache Pro ($99/year for a single site)

Support – WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache

WP Rocket provides you all the documentation and video guides along with the plugin so that you can learn how to get the best out of this plugin and improve your site performance to the max level. Apart from that their support team is super active and ready to help you whenever you ask for any kind of help whether it be the plugin settings or anything related to it.

Support of W3 Total Cache is not as efficient as WP Rocket. You might have to look for configuration guides elsewhere or purchase their premium support for stuff like plugin configuration, CDN configuration, Hosting environment troubleshooting, etc. I have added a screenshot of their services below.

Performance Comparison – WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache

Performance is not something predictable and we can’t declare which plugin performs better. From our internal experience, we can say it depends on the website structure and the resources it has to serve per request. WP Rocket brings out an immediate performance improvement with the sites that are built with optimized themes such as Astra, Generatepress, etc. 

However, for sites built using page builders such as Elementor, WP Bakery, W3 Total Cache seems to have a better output than WP Rocket, which I believe is because of more control we have on the W3 Total Cache plugin. Again, this is only according to our internal tests and can vary on your side. The key is to find the best combination of settings on each site because there are no idle settings that work on every site. 

Below you will find test outputs of a site hosted on Siteground and using the Generatepress theme. To increase the payload I had a long-form of content, media, and advertisement on the page and tested with both WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache to find out which works better.

The test was performed on a page of and I get the following output for both plugins.

Test result with WP Rocket: 

  1. Page Speed Insight Score: 
    1. 99 for desktop
    2. 94 for mobile

Test result with W3 Total Cache:

  1. Page Speed Insight Score
    1. 91 for desktop
    2. 83 for mobile 

Final thoughts:

As we discussed in the article, if you’re a WordPress user, installing a cache plugin improves your site performance and load time. That being said, choosing one caching plugin between WP Rocket Vs W3 total cache is again, a tough decision. 

The test case and feature explanation should help you find the right one for you. Whichever you choose, I can guarantee your site will significantly do better in terms of performance. If your budget doesn’t help to get WP Rocket, go for the W3 total cache, and if you’re someone who’s looking for quick setup and industry level support then choose WP Rocket instead.

So which one are you going for? Do you have experience with any other plugin that can match these two? Let us know your experience so far in the comment section below.

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