Dux-Soup vs. Octopus Review for LinkedIn Automation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a specialized software that enterprises use to enhance communication with their consumers and potential clients.

The CRM system helps an organization to strengthen its relationships with the customer along with building streamlined processes.

Ultimately this system assists a company in increasing sales and revenue and enhances profitability by providing customer satisfaction.

You may also use this system to generate leads through LinkedIn Automation or any other platform.

LinkedIn is the largest professional community that connects more than 200 countries and territories across the world. Their official records also state that more than 660 million professionals have registered themselves on this platform.

Besides providing several opportunities to job seekers, LinkedIn is valuable for generating new customers and leads.

Approximately 15% of digital marketers are creating content for LinkedIn.

Let us see which CRM software is more efficient in terms of LinkedIn Automation.

For a complete tutorial on B2B Lead Generation checkout our guide here – https://websiteincome.com/b2b-lead-generation/

Dux-Soup vs. Octopus CRM

Here, we will compare two famous CRM software head to head based on their features, pros and cons, pricing, and efficiency. Let us see which is the better option for B2B lead generation.

Both the software are excellent automation tools that are optimized for Chrome only. You can automate the prospecting funnel on LinkedIn. However, Octopus has an additional feature that allows you to check the status of your performance on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, Dux-Soup includes several unique features like customization and personalized messaging that give this software the edge.

Octopus and Dux-Soup CRM seem to be equivalent in developing market funnel, linking campaigns, activity control, and integration. 

Again, Dux-Soup seems to be the better choice based on its main feature, which is automation. Octopus is a great automation tool as well, but when it comes to LinkedIn, Dux-Soup can automate actions more efficiently.

The free version of Octopus has a limit of 10 targets. Whereas the Dux-Soup free version does not have any limit on the targets, but it excludes most of the advanced features.

The premium plans of Octopus start at $99 per month that offers 11 targets. You will need to pay more if you need more targets. They have several premium plans, and its price keeps increasing with the number of targets.

The paid subscription for Dux-Soup is not based on the number of targets. They have only two professional premium plans and turbo. The professional program is priced at $11.25/ month, and the turbo plan costs $41.25/ month. You may like to get the annual subscriptions to save a handsome amount.

Dux-Soup- Our Favorite LinkedIn Automation Tool

You can download Dux-Soup for free, but you will need to pay a monthly or annual fee to use the advanced feature. 

This tool is one of the best performers in the market in terms of lead automation. The Dux-Soup Chrome extension helps you to set lead generation on autopilot.

This mode will automatically perform leads generating tasks such as profile research, inviting candidates, and private messaging to the connected groups.

Please take note that this automation tool is considered a black hat according to LinkedIn terms and policies. If they find you misusing an automation tool or set the parameters too high, you may receive a warning message from their administrator.

However, most people who have used Dux-Soup for leads generation on LinkedIn did not face any problems.

It will take a while for you to get familiar with this software as the learning curve is too steep, especially for the advanced features.

You can quickly download the Dux-Soup extension from their official website. As the plugin is optimized exclusively for Chrome, make sure you are using the Chrome browser and log in with your Google account.

Dux-Soup is enriched with advanced features, unlike other automation tools. The main features of this lead generation software are:

  1. Prospecting

Professionals mostly use Dux-Soup for generating qualified leads and establish strong relations with them. It helps you to blend some personal touch with automation. It will need a certain level of expertise for this, but you can try your best as the extension runs on autopilot.

This CRM is used for enhancing and automating search prospects so that it meets specific criteria.

View Profiles, you can use this feature of Dux-Soup to browse listed profiles automatically and capture the available data. Remember that the people will be able to see who viewed their profiles.

It is an engaging way to start attracting prospects to view your profile, which is also available on its free version.

Visit and Connect. This feature is quite similar to the previous one. It is also used to visit prospects automatically.

Also, it also sends that user a connection request that can be customized so that it may seem personal. 

You might also use the Profile Scanner to scan user profiles without notifying them. This feature is valuable as it efficiently gathers information and export it to your CRM.

  1. Outreach

Once you are ready with your prospects list and sent the connection requests, the next step is to prepare for follow-ups and segmenting lists. 

Generally, follow-ups and list segmentation are done through tagging.

Dux-Soup has automated tagging that will allow you to visualize your leads’ position in terms of interest, follow-up, and outreach.

You are free to decide which tags you want to choose and how to use them. This will offer you or your sales team freedom to act on their will to generate maximum revenue.

  1. Automation

The automation features of Dux-Soup are what make the software stand out. You do not have to waste any time and energy on reaching out to prospects manually.

Besides, this software can effectively group your prospects on the basis of their industry, past engagement, and mutual connections.

You can automate the following tasks with Dux-Soup:

  • InMail
  • Follow Up
  • Invitations
  • Profile Viewing
  • Endorsements
  • Sending 1sr degree connections

Moreover, you may also integrate Dux-Soup free version with other automation tools and APIs. However, you will not need to rely on third-party tools if you are subscribed to the Pro version.

  1. Customization

Customization is a mere luxury for most of the software, but Dux-Soup customization will allow you to operate under the watchful parameters of LinkedIn.

You are free to customize several automated actions of this software to improve your sales outreach. It has a unique feature that automatically skips a profile if it matches some specific criteria. It will help you to avoid sending multiple invitations to the same prospect.

The extension includes a throttling tab that allows you to fine-tune the speed and behavior of profile visits. For example, you can use this feature to increase or decrease the number of profiles that it visits per hour.

You may also set a limit to the requests that you can send per day, along with profile viewing and direct messages.

  1. Customer Support

Dux-Soup customer support was not that great till the last few years. You will be pleased to know that the company is making genuine efforts to address and resolve this issue.

They have released a knowledge base to support their customers who are facing some issues with the software.

If you cannot find a solution in the knowledge base, you can talk to their customer care executives.

The company has introduced live chat support for US and EU business hours and an email support system.

Moreover, you may request a support call where an executive will try to resolve your query directly on the phone. These customer support calls have a time limit of 15 minutes.

  1. Pricing

The free version of Dus-Soup can be helpful for you to prepare internal notes and organize LinkedIn profiles.

However, you need to buy the Pro plan of this software to use all the features. The Dux-Soup premium plan offers excellent value for your money. It also includes a turbo plan that offers additional features and tools.

Besides, you may cancel the subscription within 30 days of your purchase. This serves as a warranty for the plan in case you are not satisfied with the service.

The professional plan is priced at $11.25 per user per month. It is suitable for leads generation.

The turbo plan comes at $41.25 per user per month. This plan is the best option to scale up your leads generation system.

Pro User Tip

There are three types of connections on LinkedIn: first, second, and third-degree. People that you have already contacted are considered to be first-degree connections.

Whereas the people on your prospects list, with whom you have not connected yet, are the second-degree connections.

Finally, the potential customers that are not on your network are known as third-degree connections.

This is where Dux-Soup offers you maximum value by automatically sending personalized messages to your second-degree connections.

You will find an option named ‘action’ in the control panel, and you have to click on that to send a connection request. Carefully watch the case-sensitive markers to identify which function they denote to make sure there is no error while sending connection requests.

Octopus – The Trusted LinkedIn Automation Tool

LinkedIn has become a compulsory network for all levels of employees, managers, and business owners. If you are an active user, use this platform for your company’s lead generation.

Octopus is designed to automate the leads generation process that you can efficiently use on LinkedIn.

If you are trying to reach the potential customers manually and send them a dripping message individually, you are probably investing a lot of time into it.

Automation tools are designed to make it easier for you to turn your prospects into warm leads without putting in a lot of effort.

The primary features of the Octopus CRM are:

  1. Automation

Octopus can automatically send personalized connection requests to first and second-degree connections.

It also allows sending personalized messages to hundreds of first-degree connections simultaneously.

This software can be used to automatically endorse up to seven skills on LinkedIn profiles of your contacts.

This software can perform basic automation tasks efficiently, like auto-visit thousands of profiles on LinkedIn.

  1. Develops Marketing Funnel

Once you are ready with your lead generation funnel, the software allows you to add, remove, and merge features.

The marketing funnel will let you save all the prospect details to your dashboard.

  1. Additional Features

Besides the basic automation features, Octopus offers a wide range of additional features to organize your prospects and generate revenue for the business.

The additional features of Octopus include:

  • Import and Export data
  • Activity control and link campaigns
  • Appraising performance and stats
  • Integration to other tools like Zapier and Hubspot.
  1. Customer Support

Octopus is dedicated to serving its customers with anything they need. They have focused on developing and improving their customer support team over the years.

If you face any issue with the Octopus automation tool, you can quickly contact any customer care executives by creating a ticker on their contact us webpage.

  1. Pricing

There is a free version available for Octopus CRM that includes many advanced features. But it has a target limit of 10.

If you want to increase your targets, you will need to buy any of their premium plans starting at $99.00 with 11 targets.

Octopus CRM has several packages with different target limits, and you must choose suitable plans according to your limit.

Pro User Tip

The software has restricted the number of messages and connection requests that you can send daily. 

If you are using a free account on LinkedIn, you are allowed to send up to 100 private messages and 50 connection requests per day.

For premium users, the invitation limit is 100, and you can send up to 200 private messages.


Both Octopus and Dux-Soup are popular automation tools that you can use for leads generation on LinkedIn.

However, considering all the features, prices, and efficiency, Dux-Soup seems to be the better performer.

But you should decide which software is suitable for your needs. 

Checkout our in depth B2B Lead Generation Guide that includes LinkedIn automation – here

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How to Use Cookie-Free Domains with WP Rocket

Have you ever used any online tools to benchmark your website performance? You must have come across tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google page insight, and many more.

These tools analyze web pages and prepare a report on the current page performance and tell you which part of your page is working fine and where you need to put some extra attention. These recommendations are best practices established by Google to help build a website for optimal front-end performance.

While testing your site using these tools you might come across the “use cookie-free domains” recommendation. Previously, I have published an article on how to avoid cookies in a domain by setting up a separate subdomain to serve cookie-free contents, using a CDN, and using the WP2Static WordPress plugin. 

However, in this article, you will go through the tutorial on how to set up a cookie-free domain using the WPRockt caching plugin.

What makes page performance optimization important?

Optimizing page performance is important and one of the factors used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages. It’s been an official signal from Google and you definitely want to strictly follow their guidelines to remain on top of the competition.

Not only that there are additional reasons for improving your page load time. 

  1. A slow page means the search engine crawler will cover fewer pages using the allocated crawl memory budget.
  2. Fewer crawls mean your website is getting less indexation.
  3. Slow page negatively impacts user experience and increases page bounce rate.
  4. Most importantly, a longer loading time affects goal conversion too. 

What does this “use cookie-free domain” recommendation refer to? 

An HTTP cookie is a packet of data that holds information about a particular client and can be used repeatedly. But if a page has some static content for example a static image, the browser will include those cookies while requesting for the static image. In such a condition, the web server ignores the cookies and thus they prove to be useless network traffic.

So to avoid sending unnecessary cookie requests performance checker tools recommend you to send cookie-free requests by creating a subdomain and hosting the static components there.

How does a cookie-free domain help in performance improvement?

Typically most of the websites have static information such as images, CSS files, JS files, etc. By configuring a domain that doesn’t set cookies to its content you are reducing the number of incoming requests to the server. 

Technically, reducing the HTTP request count required to render a particular page preserves bandwidth, improves server response time by delimiting extra bytes of data transmission, as well as improves overall page loading time. 

Since almost all performance checking tools recommend you to lower the total request count to render a page, serving cookie-free content is a win-win step towards that. Although you might not notice any performance grade improvement after serving cookie-less contents, it does impact mainly on the total load time and request count of a webpage.

How to set up a cookie-free domain using the WP Rocket plugin

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin, arguably the best caching plugin available for WordPress. This plugin has a wide range of features and automatic optimization that makes it handy for both experienced and beginner WordPress users.

WP Rocket ensures your site load extremely fast, follows the lighthouse guidelines while the configuration is the easiest to set up.

Advantage of WProcket:

  1. Quick configuration.
  2. Powerful caching for better web performance (cache preloading, browser caching, lazy loading).
  3. CDN integration, Database optimization.
  4. Javascript, CSS compression, Easy generation of critical CSS.
  5. Excellent community support.
  6. Ecommerce and multilingual compatibility.

As we have discussed earlier, we are going to set up the WP Rocket plugin in WordPress and use its CDN feature to serve all the URLs of static files that will be rewritten to a particular CNAME of your choice.

The reason for implementing CDN to ignore cookies is that many CDN providers can strip cookies and thus it prevents the browser from receiving cookie response headers as well as including cookies along with HTTP requests.

Note: You can use any CDN you prefer for example RocketCDN, BunnyCDN, KeyCDN, etc. But with Cloudflare, you won’t be able to avoid cookies because Cloudflare injects a cookie called “_cfduid” in HTTP headers since they implement reverse proxy strategy and thus cookies are sent for all types of files.

#1. Install WP Rocket Plugin

Before installing WProcket you would need to purchase it from the official website. It comes with three pricing plans single, plus, and infinite.

  • Single – $49 (One year of support and updates for 1 website)
  • Plus – $99 (One year of support and updates for 3 websites)
  • Infinite – $249 (One year of support and updates for unlimited websites)

Once you purchase the plugin go to your WordPress dashboard and click on add new plugin. You need to upload the zip file to WordPress and complete the installation. Don’t forget to activate the plugin after a complete installation and you will be good to go.

Tip: In case you don’t want to get yourself in these hustles and want everything to be set up I would recommend speedy site service. This service is designed to help people optimize their sites for upcoming core web vital updates and a lot of people already enrolled their sites into it. Along with the service, your site will receive a premium copy of the WP Rocket plugin fully configured to load your site faster. The service’s price point is very friendly plus I will provide you an additional $50 off coupon, which will make things much easier on your side – SPEEDY50.

Now on your WordPress dashboard menu expand settings and click on WP Rocket. 

It will take you to the WP Rocket dashboard. The dashboard contains a menu on the left where you can explore the features and configuration categories. On the right-hand side, you will notice the actual settings for each feature WP Rocket has. 

Check this image below: 

#2. Configure CDN in WP Rocket

On the WP Rocket dashboard click on the CDN option available on the left menu. You will see the option to enable the content delivery network setting and CNAME(s) configuration along with file type control.

For exception, you can exclude URLs of files that should not get served via CDN. You can ask for individual file exclusion or wildcard exclusion by using the (.*) command.

Now that you have the plugin ready to set up CNAME let’s understand what CNAME is and how it works. Next, you can use CNAME from any CDN to serve cookieless contents for the website’s static files.

How CNAME works?

The Canonical Name Record is a type of resource record in the DNS that maps one domain name to another canonical name. This can prove convenient when running multiple services together. 

Technically, while the user’s web browser requests for content to a server, its DNS resolver will forward the request to the server asking for the resources. If it finds a CNAME then the request goes to that canonical address asking for the contents of the website. And according to the request, the contents get served from the canonical address to the visitor’s browser.

The image below explains it properly:

#3. Create your CNAME using a CDN service 

Using RocketCDN:

Now you know what CNAM will do. It’s time to create the address using a CDN service provider. WP Rocket has its content delivery network called RocketCDN. It’s super easy to configure and you don’t need to struggle with complicated settings to initialize the service. 

It’s a premium CDN that costs around $7.99/month. You will notice a banner inside your WP Rocket CDN configuration panel to activate Rocket CDN.

The integration process is cool, all you have to do is enter your domain and it will automatically import files from your WordPress site using the pull zone. 

Next, you need to check the Content Delivery Network setting in WP Rocket and copy the CNAME provided by RocketCDN and enter it into the CDN CNAME textbox in WP Rocket.

Using KeyCDN:

KeyCDN is a great option to serve cookieless domains too. You can deploy KeyCDN to your WordPress site using the CNAME settings of the WP Rocket plugin. But before that, you need to follow the steps below to create a Zone URL in KeyCDN.

Step 1: First, go to the KeyCDN official website and create an account. You can start with a trial account or buy credit to start using the service.

Step 2: Now create a PULL ZONE inside the KeyCDN dashboard and save it.

(I’m using the same image I have used in the previous article to describe how it can be done), check this below;

Step 3: Wait for the zone to be deployed, it can take a couple of minutes to complete the process.

Step 4: Copy the zone URL and paste it on your WP Rocket’s CNAME field. While using the CDN address you can set the type of files to be served. You can set it to all files, CSS & JS, CSS alone, or JS alone. Just make sure you have selected what types of content you want to serve without cookies. Alternatively, you can set it to all files (default setting).

Step 5: Once done, save the setting and you are all set.

It can take a couple of minutes up to an hour to see the improvement but that will help you to stop cookies from being served with browser requests. 

Wrapping up

Manually configuring a subdomain to serve cookie-free contents takes a lot of configuration to be done which can end up causing errors to your site as well. The safest way to do it by using a caching plugin like WP Rocket and let the plugin & CDN handle all the technical works on behalf of you. 

Hope this post helps you, cheers.

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Vipon vs Snagshout

Are you an Amazon seller looking to drive sales? Considering to Vipon or Snagshout to help? If yes, then you should know that after listing your product on Amazon, the customers will not start purchasing.

Why do I say this?

The answer is that most of the customers, when searching for a product on Amazon, don’t go beyond the first and second page of the search result. On the other side when your product becomes live on Amazon, it is not even close to the first two pages. Due to this, those customers are not able to see your product and hence make a purchase. In short, to get discovered by the customers and sell your product, you have to rank it to the top. The better the ranking, the more your product will be seen by the customers, and the higher are the chances to get more sales.

If you are comparing snagshout and jumpsend I compare these tools here.

How to Rank on Amazon?

The primary goal of Amazon is to provide a fantastic customer experience and to make money. For doing this, they award the products that sell well by giving them a higher product ranking so that more customers can purchase them. In other words, the core factor in obtaining a better ranking on Amazon is having a high sales velocity.

Since you are not getting enough sales organically, you will now have to get sales artificially to improve your sales velocity. To get these artificial sales, you can offer your product on discount websites that have a large customer base who regularly visit those websites and make purchases from them.

How the discount website work?

You create discount coupons for your product and then advertise it at the discounted price on those discount websites. Customers from that particular website will use that coupon to purchase your product from Amazon; this way, you will have a better sales velocity, improving your ranking.

In this article, you will learn about two famous discount websites and the difference between them. These websites (as you may already have guessed from the title) are:

1.       Vipon

2.       Snagshout

There are many similar services like ExtremeRebate, Samurai.Social, FullyRebate etc 


Vipon has a vast audience, and its customer engagement is also good. This audience regularly visits to find new deals and make a purchase.


Vipon has shoppers not only from the United States (amazon.com) but  from these other marketplaces too:

·          UK (amazon.co.uk) 

·          Canada (amazon.ca) 

·          Germany (amazon.de) 

·          France (amazon.fr) 

·          Japan (amazon.co.jp) 

·          Italy (amazon.it) 

·          Spain (amazon.es)

·          India (amazon.in)



Advertising your products on Vipon is not free, and you have to pay their monthly fee. Their monthly plans start from a minimum of $100 & $200, which is ideal for a new seller.

Once subscribed, you will be charged every month. If you don’t want to be charged automatically, you will have to cancel the subscription.

Promotion Code

You have to offer at least a 50% discount promotion for using Vipon. This is because they want more customers to get attracted and purchase your product.

Advertisement types

Apart from the regular deals, Vipon offers two more advertising types for you: Banner and Featured Deals

1.       Banner

The banner advertising type shows on the top of the Vipon Homepage. You don’t have any minimum discount requirement to advertise here and it is not limited to Amazon products only. However, they charge $1000 for 4 days of banner advertisement.

2.       Featured Deals

Featured deals are also pinned to the homepage on Vipon, but the duration is of one day only, and the charges for this are $200 if you are a paid member (US site) and $300 if you are a regular seller (US site).

Here are a couple great Vipon reviews:


Snagshout also gives you the benefit of putting your product in front of their large audience.


Snagshout is only available in the US. You can use it only if you are selling on Amazon.com.


Snagshout offers a 7-day free trial; after which you have to choose your plan from these:

Promotion Code

The promotion code on Snagshout should be at least 20% off. Apart from the discount coupons, you can also offer cash back.

Cash Back Promotion

Cash Back is a promotion in which instead of using a coupon code, the customer purchases your product at full price, and then the discount amount is sent to the customer’s PayPal or Stripe account by Snagshout. Since the customer has purchased at full price, this type of customer order creates a higher impact on your ranking. You can also ask the customer to perform some actions to obtain the cash back. These actions are listed below:

1.       Lifestyle Photo

You can ask the customer to send a photo while using the product.

2.       Video Review

The customer will have to make a video while using the product or explaining his thoughts about the product in the video.

3.       Social Action

You can ask the customer to perform some social actions.

4.       Survey Action

You ask the customer to perform a survey and provide feedback about the product.

You can use these actions to improve your product and build social proof of your brand.

Setting the Coupon Codes

While creating your coupon codes for any of these platforms, make sure that one code can only be used to make only one purchase. Otherwise, they will be able to purchase your heavily discounted product multiple times, due to which you may run out of stock without making any profit from those sales.

Here are a couple SnagShout reviews:


Both Vipon and Snagshout are legit and great platforms to use for improving your ranking.

Snagshout is only limited to the US, and if you are selling in some other marketplace, then Vipon is the better option for you. Vipon has a very largest customer base that can be used to get sales quickly, but you have to offer your product at a heavily discounted price in order to use Vipon.

If you are a US seller, then why not use the trial period of Snagshout and see if it is beneficial for you or not. Snagshout has better customer quality, and their action cashback promotions can build social proof and create more awareness about your product.

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Is Extreme Rebate Legit or a Scam?

As Amazon has skyrocketed over the years in terms of popularity and capability, so has the number of services that are able to use the platform to get their client’s products into the hands of their target audience.  The organizations in question?  Rebate portals such as ExtremeRebate and Samurai.Social. With the potential profit of selling on Amazon being so high sellers are always looking for opportunities to drive sales/reviews… this is why services like these exist. 

extremerebate legit or scam

Rebate portals are platforms that allow buyers to receive products either for free or at an exceptionally discounted rate.  Hundreds of products are typically added daily.  It’s an attractive gig for buyers for obvious reasons.  They get to purchase products that they want or need for next to nothing.  Sellers are motivated by the opportunity to earn a positive review from buyers who are the most likely to do so, a rating that is earned and then indicated within the portal.  There has been question regarding the legitimacy of such partnerships, but the portals, for the most part, strive to adhere to Amazon’s terms of service.


On ExtremeRebate, you can receive up to 100% cash back when purchasing products on Amazon.  While sellers cannot require that you write a positive review for them, it is anticipated, and procedures are even put in place in order to strongly encourage such.

To qualify as a member, you just sign up on their website and note your Amazon profile within registration.  Sellers create listings with offers (i.e. “100% cash back”).  Once you are a member, you can peruse these listings and express interest where it applies.

Rebates are provided on ExtremeRebate in one of two ways: vouchers or rebates.  

If opting to receive by rebate, you request products that you want or need and await seller approval.  You then purchase the products through Amazon and submit the order ID on ExtremeRebate within two days of order.  Once confirmed, ExtremeRebate will utilize your PayPal account to provide cash back.

If using the voucher method, go ahead and request the preferred product, look out for an Amazon promo code via email within 48 hours of this request, and then purchase the product(s) through Amazon, making sure you enter the promo code at time of order in order to reflect your discount.

The method utilized is up to the buyer’s discretion.  Some prefer the voucher method since this gives the discount up front and at the time of order without having to wait for the rebate to be processed or having to “front” payment. 

It’s important to reflect a good rating to sellers as this will make them more likely to want to work with you.  You will rank as a “best buyer” to interested sellers if you tend to leave positive reviews for the products you typically purchase.  So, to increase your chances of obtaining a product for that maximum 100% cash back, it’s a good idea to begin positively reviewing the items within your Amazon order history.

In an effort to regulate the number of products provided, and to ensure that buyers are providing the anticipated reviews, ExtremeRebate has tiers and limits in place.  Once expected reviews are submitted, the tiers and limits adjust accordingly.


Amazon’s terms of service aim to prohibit any sort of official agreement where buyers write falsified reviews to encourage others to purchase products that may not live up to buyer expectations.  This is understandable as Amazon aims to provide reviews that are helpful and truthful to ensure their customers feel as though they can trust the platform. 

In this case, these rebate portals cannot outright insist or require buyers to leave positive reviews.  The limits in place, however, strongly encourage this sort of practice.  If buyers do not leave positive reviews, then their opportunity to pursue other fully rebated products is removed.  It is a questionable tactic that ExtremeRebate employs the use of limits to garnish a review from buyers.  While not a scam, the use of a limit to extort a positive review is arguably frowned upon.

That being said, there is not much illegitimacy to the participants or sellers themselves.  The seller utilizes rebate portals at the expense of their actual products, and they risk the chance that the recipient could leave a less than satisfied review.  The buyer legitimately receives the requested products and they do have the opportunity to leave an honest, even negative review using their actual Amazon profile.  Of course, this will impact the buyer’s rating within the portal.

Here is a similar review on FullyRebate to see if it is legit.


Consumers should be aware that Amazon actively seeks out and bans users who perform tactics that go against their terms of service and they also reserve the right to delete reviews in suspicious circumstances.  This sort of protection is put in place for the end consumer who has no knowledge of rebate platforms and buys with heavy investment into the provided reviews.

As a buyer on Amazon outside of the rebate portal process, it is always important to consider the existence of platforms such as these at time of order and when factoring the weight of reviews into your decision. 

It’s vital for buyers to research products above and beyond the Amazon site to ensure the product will live up to their expectations.  Should it not, however, Amazon’s return policy and customer service is unparalleled. 


As can be expected in most third-party transactions, be forewarned that the seller does not cover any applicable Amazon shipping charges, nor do they pay for PayPal fees.  PayPal is the preferred means of providing cash back within ExtremeRebate.

To maximize the benefits for both parties, it is a good idea to pursue products that suit your tastes and purchase those that are likely to satisfy your needs.  This is a moral means of participating in the program as a buyer.  As a seller, ensure that the effort you put into the quality of your product supersedes the effort you put into compensating positive reviewers for said product.

Even in our digital age, nothing beats organic promotion or “word of mouth”, and nothing certainly beats search engines’ ever-changing algorithms when bloggers and news outlets speak their truth about your products and its misleading reviews.


As could be expected for competition in the marketplace, several rebate portals exist, but each carry their own unique benefits.  Sites like topcashback, Rebatekey, Rebaid, Vipon or Snagshout, Jumpsend and Amazon Rebate Club only offer a maximum of 8% cashback, but their requirements and limits may be less strict than ExtremeRebate.

Samurai.Social is a newer platform that encourages the concept that “everyone is an influencer”.  It is rebate-based and their website reiterates that they strive to stay compliant with Amazon’s TOS by not requiring that buyers leave an Amazon review at all, unlike the limits and expectations put in place by its competitor, ExtremeRebate. 

Sellers and buyers alike are enticed by the multitude of promotional offerings available on Samurai.Social beyond Amazon.  Sellers are able to post campaigns requesting promotion across social media channels, for example.  influencers can register accordingly.  The platform truly pairs sellers with ideal promotional influencers and gives buyers the opportunity to enjoy the products they need while aiding in its growth within its targeted audience.  Buyers agree to promote products within their own legitimate social media profiles and they motivate followers by turning them into consumers. 

What’s even more attractive about Samurai.Social is the opportunity for lower-scale partnerships that benefit the buyer, the seller, and the potential follower-turned-consumer.  One live campaign alludes to the promotion of a messy hair bun accessory.  If already a fan of said accessory, and if already sporting said accessory on social media, how much sense it makes to speak to the benefits of that accessory openly to your following and be compensated in the form of a free product by the seller.  If you are already likely to purchase and promote items that you like, it’s simply sensical for sellers to be guided towards those who are most likely to do so.  Platforms such as Samurai.Social simply provide sellers with a narrowed likelihood that they are sharing their products with positive, influential consumers. 

Samurai.Social’s legitimacy is evident to buyers and sellers alike.  Their effort to create genuine, honest partnerships is admirable.  It speaks to the quality of the products themselves when their leaders are outwardly seeking promotional tactics more in line with organic growth than agreeing to compensate strangers for “fake reviews”.  It is undoubtedly a bit more impactful when a social media influencer shares the truth of a product with their own family and friends than it is to have an Amazon username leave five stars with exaggerated language to help sell said product.   

Taken from one actual live campaign currently on the site, a seller describes his project as, “I am looking for a real buyer and blogger who can help me promote my product and provide honest feedback.”

In this digital marketing age, no one could ask for anything more.

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Top 8 Paid and Free Alternatives to GMASS For Mail Merging

Most of the data processing applications include mail mergers that allow users to send a similar document or letter to multiple recipients.

If you want to prepare a bunch of personalised documents, mail merge is the feature that serves the purpose. Mail merge saves time and effort that creates mass mailings with complete labels or envelopes.

What is Gmass?

Gmass is a powerful mail merge and mass email system for Gmail. This software allows you to send mail merge campaigns through Gmail with automatic follow-ups. It is a popular email marketing solution with personalisation and email tracking.

Gmass do not have a free version, and their pricing starts at $12.95 per month. However, you will get a free trial before you buy it.

Many small enterprises may not have the luxury to buy a mail merge application at this rate. A small startup can perform email marketing through any other free alternative to Gmass

Here is a great video from Ron Stefanski at the OneHourProfessor.com

Email Marketing Through Gmass

How is your team collaborating together? You can easily create, send and analyse personalised emails in bulk through Gmass. Add Gmass to your google extensions and list of recipients to your Gmail account. Then you can compose a new message and hit the Gmass button instead of Gmail’s send button.

Team Collaboration Tools on Gmass

After subscribing to the Team Plan of Gmass, you would want to manage your team. Gmass introduced a new feature in November 2020to manage your team members through a dashboard directly. Adding or removing a member from your team is now easier than ever. However, if you cannot access the dashboard due to any reason, you can still manage your team in the old way.

Sync Gmass to Google Chrome

First of all, you need to download the extension either from the Gmass website or the Chrome Web store. Once you have successfully installed the extension, login to your Gmail account to which you want to sync Gmass; when you click on any of the Gmass buttons, you will see a pop up on your screen to link Gmass to Google. Click on that button to add the Gmass extension to Google Chrome.

User Policies of Gmass

Read the terms and conditions carefully before you purchase a Gmass subscription. You can view the terms of use on the Gmass Website. You need to agree to and accept all the user policies to access their services. If you have any query regarding their terms and conditions, you can contact them at their customer support helpdesk.

Click-Through Rate of Gmass

Gmass uses segmented mail campaigns to target recipients. A recent study has shown that segmented campaigns can achieve 100.95% click-through rates than regular campaigns. Click-Through Rate(CTR) is the measurement of the number of clicks on a particular ad or email for this instance.

Time Intervals on Gmass

Gmass can schedule campaigns for you. If your emails are bouncing back, Gmass will analyse the recipients and schedule the emails accordingly. It will divide the emails into batches and select a fixed time to send each batch.

Mail Merge Tool: Gmass

Gmass is one of the most popular mail-merge tools. Connect your spreadsheet to Google Sheets. Then select the Google Sheets that you want to use to choose recipient’s addresses in Gmass.

Pricing of Gmass

There are two separate packages available for Gmass. First is the standard subscription, which comes at $12.95 per month per user. You will get all the features except sequences and follow-ups in the standard subscription. Gmass also have a premium subscription which is priced at $19.95 per month. You will get all the benefits of the standard package along with follow-ups and sequences.

Recipient Lists in Gmass

You can add a recipient list of 50 people for free through Gmass. You will need to subscribe to a paid plan to send more than 50 emails per day. If you are a G Suite user, you can extend your Gmass recipient list up to 10000 people.

Link Building Campaigns on Gmass

You may sometimes need to add a personalised link or URL for the recipients of your email marketing campaigns. Gmass helps to create personalised links either by using a raw URL or an anchor text approach.

Top 8 Gmass Alternative You Must Know

Today, we will look at the top eight alternative mail merge tools you can use as an email marketing solution. In our list, we have some paid and some free tools to be used as an alternative to Gmass.

We will discuss each tool’s pros and cons to get a clear idea of which mail merge tool is best suitable for you.

  1.  Minute Mailer

Minute Mailer is a tool designed to combine email marketing campaigns with social media scheduling. It is an intuitive digital marketing tool that is easy to use and contains responsive templates as standard. Besides, Minute Mailer includes inbuilt content calendars along with click-through tracking and statistics.

Its simple User Interface makes Minute Mailer the perfect mail-merge tool for anybody who does not have enough expertise.

This alternative tool to Gmass is best suitable for small business and startups, content creators and social media managers. Its pricing starts at $10 per month, which is cheaper than Gmass.

Why use it: 

  • User-friendly tool
  • Easy to import contacts
  • Simple follow-ups
  • Easy to work with images and other attachments
  • Able to plan all marketing activities along with emails

What is it lacking:

  • The tool contains some glitches which need to be fixed, nothing major, tools though.
  1. Polymail Sequences

Another popular alternative to Gmass is the Polymail Sequences, a mail merge application with tracking, outreach, and team management tools. The overall customer feedback for Polymail is quite positive. 

Polymail’s subscription is cheaper compared to Gmass, and it is priced at $10 per month. However, there is a free version of this email marketing tool.

This intuitive mail merge tool is best suitable for entrepreneurs, sales teams, client teams, BD teams and other public relations teams.

Why use it:

  • A robust email solution with great features
  • Easy shortcut keys
  • Detailed onboarding process to help you get familiar with the app settings.
  • Let you manage projects from your inbox.

What is it lacking:

  • The User Interface is not intuitive enough.
  • Some mails remain in your inbox even after deletion.
  • You cannot resize an image within a message.
  1. Grade My Email

GradeMyEmail is a free alternative to Gmass that you can use to grade your campaigns against metrics like relevancy, blocklist and authentication.

This free online tool is powered by Nectore’s AI-based algorithms that help capture more than a hundred email metrics to bring insights necessary for improved email delivery.

You can subscribe to a weekly domain that is free of cost. GradeMyEmail has premium memberships as well, starting at $12.55.

This tool is best suited for marketers to analyse and plan email campaigns according to customer response.

Why use it:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Provides actionable results.
  • Free Subscription,
  • Higher conversion rates.

What is it lacking: 

  • The tool does not have a flexible design.
  • Does not allow email scheduling.
  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular mails merge tools that can design and share email campaigns across multiple channels. You can integrate this software with other ones that you may already use. Mailchimp helps you to track the outcomes through a dashboard.

Mailchimp has a free subscription as well that includes all the basic features.

It has a free version that you can use as a trial and send up to 2000 emails per month. However, its paid plans are more expensive than other email marketing tools, starting at $15 per month. This standard plan does not include all the features.

This tool will be useful for any online business. Besides, e-commerce markets can use it to generate leads and turn them into customers. 

Why use it:

  • Can manage up to 2,000 contacts.
  • Has a limit of 10,000 emails per month.
  • Leads segmentation through CRM.
  • Collects consumer insights.
  • Inbuilt Templates.
  • One step custom automation.
  • Easy integration with more than 200 applications.

What is it lacking:

  • Cannot perform A/B testing.
  • Not able to create a buyer’s journey for optimisation.
  • The free version does not include some features.
  1. Omnisend

Omnisend is an exclusive email and SMS marketing tool designed for e-commerce usage. The tool includes all the necessary features for effective email marketing and tracking.

It has four free subscription plans, standard, pro and enterprise. The enterprise is the most expensive plan that comes at $1500 per month with unlimited emails.

Omnisend is best suitable for medium and large scale businesses.

Why use it:

  • Features marketing automation.
  • Good for surveys and feedback.
  • Accurate activity and email tracking.
  • Includes WYSIWYG editor.
  • Generates triggered emails.
  • Can personalise campaigns.

What is it lacking:

  • The interface is not user-friendly.
  • Too costly.
  • The best features are not included in the free version.
  1. Email Octopus

EmailOctopus has a strong resemblance to Gmass in terms of features. Besides creating exclusive email campaigns, you can schedule them too. This mail merge tool can attract leads and convert them into customers at a good rate.

There is a free version of EmailOctopus available on the internet. Moreover, it has a paid subscription as well, which costs $10 per month.

Why use it: 

  • Can manage up to 2500 users.
  • Has a limit of 10,000 emails per month.
  • Develops attractive emails with a user-friendly editor.
  • You can synchronise it with the Amazon SES account.

What is it lacking:

  • Has a smaller email limit than Gmass.
  • Except for its limit, EmailOctopus does not seem to lack any important feature.
  1. Sender

Sender is a great alternative to Gmass that you can get for free. Unlike other email marketing tools, Sender includes all of the features in its free plan. This automated email marketing tool helps e-commerce marketers to generate more revenue at a very low expense. Its one-click integration makes it easy to use that can connect to several webshops. Besides, you can send transaction receipts in bulk through Sender.

This automated tool is of great importance to small business owners, e-commerce managers and marketers.

Why use it:

  • Custom subscription forms help to expand your audience.
  • Helps to segment subscribers and leads.
  • Includes drag and drop features to create newsletters.
  • Lets you attach images and videos in emails.
  • Allows you to work with HTML codes.
  • Ensures that emails are delivered to each of the recipients.

What is it lacking:

  • It has a limit of subscribers up to 2500 and 15000 emails per month.
  1. SendPulse

SendPulse is another intuitive email marketing tool that you can use as an alternative to Gmass. It has an additional feature to send social media messages and push notifications. This tool includes a drag-and-drop editor that is easy to use. Besides, you can also set autoresponders on SendPulse. The best part is that SendPulse offers you unlimited emails for any subscription.

This automated email marketing tool is best suited for bloggers, e-commerce retailers, bankers and small and medium business owners.

You can get this tool for free with a limit of 500 subscribers. You can get any of the premium plans according to your needs.

Why use it:

  • It offers free subscription forms, templates and email scheduler.
  • Includes fundamental automation features from the Automation 360 suite.
  • You can test your copies with the inbuilt A/B testing.
  • It lets you segment your subscribers.
  • Free storage for additional files.

What is it lacking:

  • Limited emails of 1500.
  • Limited subscribers of 500.
  • You cannot use all the automation features.


We have come up with these eight best alternatives to Gmass. All these tools are popular and effective. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the best of them.

Everybody has different requirements and should choose their mail merge tool accordingly. Almost all of these tools offer a free trial. You can try any of the tools you like, and if you are satisfied, you can buy its premium subscription.

While there are other mail merge tools available as well,  we have handpicked eight best-performing alternatives to Gmass.

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