My name is Jon Gillham I started building websites while working as an Oil and Gas Engineer. That has grown into my full-time thing.

With content marketing / digital marketing as a core it has morphed over time into a lot of different projects.

  • ECommerce – Growing a portfolio of smaller DTC businesses by flipping affiliate sites into stand-alone ecom brands.
  • FBA – Sold
  • Crypto –
  • Software – Originality.AI,
  • Website Buying / Selling –
  • Marketing Services –
  • Offline Business Buying

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On this site I do my best to share what I am doing that is working when it comes to making websites that attract people, add value and make money.

My Journey until I was able to quit my job…

My Digital Marketing Beliefs (unchanged for a decade)…

  1. Always add value
  2. Google wants to deliver the “best” result so be the “best”
  3. A website visitor is a renewable resource to be cultivated not something to be mined once
  4. Enjoy what you do online

Many people may disagree with my beliefs and suggest there is a faster way to make money online. They may be right and this site is not for them.

The 2 Main Reasons I Originally Created This Site…

  1. Show people(who are also busy – full time job and family) how to create and promote an authority site in a stupidly competitive niche
  2. Hold myself accountable to my goal of $15k/month in reliable online income by the age of 35

I hope you enjoy this website and if it’s not for you thank you for visiting!

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