Jon-HaverMy name is Jon Gillham I am a 33 year old, husband, father of 3, engineer, sports fan and huge geek when it to comes to automating and outsourcing any activity.

I am no genius, I HAVE NOT found a loop hole on the internet that lets anyone get rich quick, I have not quit my job but because of my online income I am able to live the way I want to and have a level of security for my family a job today cannot provide.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that making money from websites is easy but with this site I hope to show you that without a doubt it is possible and with hard work most people that commit themselves can do it.

For the last 5 years I have built up over 150 websites and use these to generate passive income, I am not an online guru I am just someone who has tried and tested many different methods. I am willing to test any system as long as it stays aligned with my online business cornerstone beliefs.

My Internet Marketing Beliefs…

  1. Always add value
  2. Google wants to deliver the “best” result so be the “best”
  3. A website visitor is a renewable resource to be cultivated not something to be mined once
  4. Enjoy what you do online

Many people may disagree with my beliefs and suggest there is a faster way to make money online. They may be right and this site is not for them.

The 2 Main Reasons I Created This Site…

  1. Show people(who are also busy – full time job and family) how to create and promote an authority site in a stupidly competitive niche
  2. Hold myself accountable to my goal of $15k/month in reliable online income by the age of 35

I hope you enjoy this website and if it’s not for you thank you for visiting!

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